Oops . .We’re Sorry . .Don’t Shoot . .We Didn’t Mean To Kill Your Terrorists!

11 Cheshvan 5778

31 October 2017


Absurd Quote of the Day:

“Israel is betraying American Jewry.”

This ludicrous comment was made by the Director of the American Conservative Movement, Steve Warnack, while he was taking a tour of the Kotel (Western Wall) yesterday. His words referred to the freeze that the Israeli government has placed on the so-called “Western Wall Compromise.”

Sorry Steve, but what goes on at the Kotel should not and must not be decided by people who do not live in Israel.



The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

The main news in Palestinian terrorism occurred on the Gaza Border yesterday and is covered in detail in Today’s Blog.

But Palestinian terrorists were busy all over Judea and Samaria. 

They attacked motorists with “rocks” and Molotovs at Bruchin, Peduel, Hizma, Migdalot, Akraba, Tapuach, Hevron, Beit Ummar, Karmei Tzur, Road 443, Tekoa, Yitzhar, Al Arub, Kiryat Arba, Halhul, Ariel, Kochav Hashahar, and A-Ram among other locations.

Palestinian terrorists threw IEDs at IDF forces in Jenin, and blew up an IED on the security perimeter fence of Giv’on.



Oops . .We’re Sorry . .Don’t Shoot . .We Didn’t Mean To Kill Your Terrorists!

A photo of the tunnel explosion taken (obviously) from an Arabic source.

A photo of the tunnel explosion taken (obviously) from an Arabic source. The explosion was in Israel beside Kibbutz Kissufim but the buildings in the foreground are in Gaza near Khan Younis.

Talk about a theater of the absurd.

Just think about the sequence of events yesterday.

First, the IDF announced that it had discovered a tunnel running from the Khan Younis area into Israel near Kibbutz Kissufim. [Note that the tunnel was under Israel].

Then, the IDF announced that it had blown up the tunnel. [Wasn’t this the IDF’s responsibility?]

Next, it was announced that 4 terrorists were killed in the explosion (this number was later raised to 13). [Shouldn’t we be happy?]

Afterwards, it was announced that the senior Islamic Jihad commander for the area and his assistant along with a Hamas field commander had been killed in the explosion. [Shouldn’t we be doubly happy?]

Then, the IDF announced that even though the tunnel ran into Israel, it did not have an exit door into Israel and therefore was not intended for “immediate attack.”  [Was this announcement supposed to mean that the tunnel was not so bad after all?]

Then, the IDF announced that killing the terrorists in the tunnel was just a colossal accident. The IDF wanted everyone to know that it had no idea that terrorists were in the tunnel, and that, in fact, the senior terrorists were not really killed in the explosion but in the rescue attempt made from the Gaza side of the border afterwards by Islamic Jihad and Hamas. “We are not escalating; we are not escalating!” cried the IDF spokesman. [You can be sure that the next time the IDF blows up a tunnel it will send evacuation notices to terrorists beforehand].

Then, the Israel announced that it was seeking Egypt’s help to prevent an escalation with the terror groups in Gaza. [Let’s give the Egyptians another card to use against us in the future.]

How pathetic is all of this?

Are we now supposed to feel sorry that we killed a group of bloodthirsty murderers–murderers who had every intention of using a tunnel to kill Israeli men, women, and children?

Can you imagine any other military in any other country in the world expressing regret that it had killed terrorists in such a situation?

Can you imagine any other military command in the world groveling to a third country and imploring them to tell the terrorists not to shoot?

It is a sad commentary on the IDF General Command that we have gotten to this point. Beset by political correctness (as we have endlessly pointed out), the General Command expresses sorrow at the demise of our enemies and pleads with them not to attack us. It is set in a purely defensive military mode–and refuses at all costs to be perceived as going on the offensive.




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