A Critical Update On The Border Situation With Syria

15 Cheshvan 5778

4 November 2017


Absurd Quote of the Day:

“The Israeli siege is the reason for the increased number of sexual assaults on children in Gaza.”

Sarit Michaeli, International Advocacy Officer, B’Tselem 

Can you even begin to wrap your mind about this absurdity from Michaeli? On the one hand, it is not surprising that such idiocy would come from B’Tselem which never stops doing all it can to undermine the state of Israel.

But just think about the fraud within the fraud. In the first place, there is no siege of Gaza. Hundreds of trucks with hundreds of thousands of tons of food and other supplies enter Gaza everyday from Israel. No country on the planet does as much for the Palestinians in Gaza as Israel.

And then to state that the reason that Palestinians are sexually assaulting Palestinian children is because of a siege that doesn’t exist is mind-blowing. Sexual predation is rampant in most Islamic countries, and it has nothing to do with Israel. What it has to do with is Islamic culture which barely punishes such predators if at all, and even encourages marriages with children.


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Palestinian terrorists have been busy on Shabbat with an attempted bulldozer attack at Beit Anun in which a terrorist tried to run down a group of soldiers, and rock and Molotov attacks at such places as Beit Daku, Sair, Hevron Hills, Hevron, A-Ram, Issawiya, and Hizma (a wounded Israeli had to be evacuated to Shaare Zedek Hospital).

Earlier in the day, terrorists throwing Molotovs started a fire on Mt. Scopus near the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Back to the bulldozer attack for a moment: the terrorist amazingly managed to escape because the rules of engagement stopped the soldiers from trying to kill the driver of the car. Instead they tried to disable the oncoming vehicle–but couldn’t manage to do it.

The 5:45 am alarm at Kerem Shalom this morning . . .

Of course, immediately after the alarm was sounded, the IDF claimed it was a false alarm as it does for every siren alarm in southern Israel. The IDF went on to claim, ludicrously, that the alarm was triggered by “small arms fire from the Sinai.” Whether the alarm was false will only be revealed later today when local residents go out looking for the missile.

As for the “small arms fire from the Sinai”: if all it takes to trigger an alarm that sends a million people in southern Israel running to their bomb shelter is some terrorist pointing his rifle skyward and firing, then the alarm system here is a disaster. But of course we know that a bullet is not capable of producting the high trajectory necessary to trigger the alarm.

Which is another way of saying that the IDF explanation is once again a canard.

Israel threatens to enter Syria . . .

The IDF issued a warning yesterday that it was prepared to intervene in the Syrian Civil War to protect the Druze village of Khader on the Syrian Golan Heights just across the border.

Apparently the “rebels” attacking the village heeded the warning; shortly after it was issued, the attacks on Khader stopped.

Who knows what today will bring?


A Critical Update On The Border Situation With Syria

The purple area is the Israeli Golan Heights; the green area is Sunni-Rebel controlled, the black area is Islamic State controlled; the red area is controlled by Assad and Hezbollah. (Map is taken from G-planet).

The purple area is the Israeli Golan Heights; the green area is Sunni-Rebel controlled, the black area is Islamic State controlled; the red area is controlled by Assad and Hezbollah. (Map is taken from G-planet).

An extremely significant (at least for the time being) event happened yesterday when Sunni-Rebel forces managed to connect their two enclaves so that they now control virtually the entire border with Israel. Remember that the Druze village of Khader is located just outside the green area in the northern part of the map.

In other words, the Sunnis now control almost all of the Syrian Golan Heights–the high ground that looks down on central Syria. Considering the forces arrayed against them, namely the Iranians, Russians, Hezbollah, and Syrians, this is no small achievement.

And considering the fact that almost all forces are now hunkering down in place as winter approaches, we can expect that there will be no major changes until Spring. Already the fighting has begun to wind down as temperatures have dropped.

So how does all of this affect Israel?

As we saw yesterday when Israel stepped in to stop the Sunni-Rebels from taking Khader, Israel’s relationship with the Sunnis is tenuous at best. However, in your humble servant’s opinion, it is better to have the Sunnis along our border than the Shi’ites led by Iran. Nevertheless, the Sunnis are, in word, as committed to the elimination of Israel as the Shi’ites.

Islamic State remains a threat as always, but as you can see from the map, its forces are bottled up–and it is being attacked by all sides. Nevertheless, within its enclave, it is as potent as ever, carrying out beheadings of “infidels” on a daily basis.

In sum, the situation along the border took a turn for the better yesterday and is about as good as we can hope for in the chaos that is Syria, but as we all know, the situation could change overnight. 

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