The Middle East Legacy of Barack Obama, John Kerry, and the E.U.

19 Cheshvan 5778

8 November 2017


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

More than 40 attacks took place yesterday against Israeli civilians with Palestinian terrorists attempting to kill with “rocks” and Molotovs at Beit El, Binyamin, Ateret, Tekoa, Luban al-Sharqiya, Qassem, Naala, Silwan, the Ofer Crossing, Road 443, Hermela, Pisgat Ze’ev, Sinjil, Aida, Beit Awa, Modi’in Illit, Bil’in, Fawwar, Oranit, Kaft Qasem, Neve Daniel, Negohot, Adorim, and Mt Hevron. More than one attack took place at many of these locations.

Our IDF soldiers, Border Guards, and police were also attacked at Al Khader (Molotovs), Abu Dis (IEDs), Jenin, A-Tur, El Arub, Gush Etzion, Issawiya, and Hevron (pipe bombs).

How many Israelis were physically and emotionally wounded in the above attacks is unknown.

Did you read about any of these attacks in the Israeli mainstream news? or the international news?

Of course not.

All of the above information is taken from citizens on the ground who report directly to rescue samaria,, and hakolhayehudi.

Do you remember the story about the cameras on the Temple Mount? . . .

Back in July and August when the Temple Mount murders and subsequent fiasco over the magnetometers took place, the Israel police promised that within six months, new sophisticated heat-detecting cameras would be placed all over the Old City to detect and deter would be Muslim terrorists.

Yesterday, without revealing their location, police placed new cameras at various access points to the Temple Mount.

As of yet, no hue and cry has arisen from the Islamic Wakfbut the day isn’t over yet.

Speaking of no hue and cry . . .

Yesterday, the Jerusalem Municipality approved a master plan that will add 13,000 housing units to the Sur Baher neighborhood in the eastern part of the city.

13,000 housing units–all designated for the Arab/Muslim/Palestinian population.

Can you even begin to imagine what would have happened if the Jerusalem Municipality had approved even 3 housing units in Jerusalem for the Jewish population?

There would have been a hue and cry from the entire world led by the United Nations which would have accused Israel of trying to Judaize our capital.

As it was, not one single peep was heard anywhere. The world applauds when steps are taken to support Arabs in Jerusalem, but will not countenance a single new home for Jews.



The Middle East Legacy of Barack Obama, John Kerry, and the E.U.

The last few days have seen John Kerry making the rounds blasting the Trump Administration’s decision to not recertify the Nuclear Weapons Appeasement Deal with Iran that he and Obama engineered–and which the Democrats in the U.S. Congress signed onto.

As we have written before, Kerry’s criticism is intensely self-serving. If he is going to win the Nobel Peace Prize one day (he, Iranian FM Javad, and EU FM Mogherini almost won it this year), he can’t let Trump or the Congress sink the “Deal.”

Still, Kerry’s blathering was so malevolently noxious yesterday that it deserves comment:

“I heard Mr Trump say there’s a violation of the spirit of the Iran deal. There is no spirit of the deal. What we have is a deal focused on the nuclear questions. And it is delivering. The idea of violation has simply been pulled out of the sky, there is no scientific bases, no evidence that would demerit certification.”

Inasmuch as Iran never agreed to have its military installations observed (the locations where most believe that Iran is proceeding apace with nuclear weapons development), Kerry is being deceptive in the extreme when he talks about the deal “delivering.”

But more than this, his comments about the spirit of the deal are particularly disgusting.

Just think about the statement that the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister made in an interview with CNN two days ago:

“Large-scale ballistic missiles manufactured in Iran were dismantled, smuggled into Yemen, reconfigured, prepared for firing, and fired by Hezbollah members from an area occupied by the [Houthis]. This is actually an Iranian declaration of war against Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia is not going to pass this firing in silence.”

The simple facts are that not only did the Deal give the Iranians the ability to continue working on their nuclear weapons program, it also provided them with billions of dollars to invest in spreading Iranian hegemony over the entire region.

They have taken the money and done just that.

What is their ultimate goal? They tell us what it is everyday: the destruction of Israel.

In this context, what was the point of Hezbollah and Iran firing that ballistic missile over Riyadh the other day? 

It was nothing more than combat training in preparation for firing the same missiles out of Syria and Lebanon at Israeli cities.

This is the legacy of John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Federica Mogherini. They made it possible for Iran to surround Israel with the means to destroy us.  



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