426,400: An All-Time Record

20 Cheshvan 5778

9 November 2017


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Palestinian terrorism, completely unreported in the Western media and barely reported in the Israeli mainline media, continued unabated yesterday.

It was another day of more than 40 Palestinian terror attacks.

“Rock” and Molotov attacks took place at Negohot, Mt. Hevron, Beit Ummar, Gush Etzion, Tekoa, Fawwar, Hebron Hills, Bil’in, Modi’in Ilit, on Road 375 (the Husan Bypass Road), Shaked Farm, Hevron, Adorim, Silwan, Psagot, Beit Awa, Rachel’s Tomb, Abu Dis, Beit Sahur, Faridis, El Arub, Nahlilel, Beit El, Beit Amra, Safa, and on and on.

What the Priti Patel situation says about Britain . . .

Priti Patel.

Priti Patel.

As you may or may not know, Priti Patel, the British International Development Secretary has been forced to resign from the British government because of the “scandal” she was involved in.

And what was that scandal?

In August, while Patel was on a private vacation, she visited Israel and met with PM Netanyahu, Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid, and other government officials. After the meeting with Lapid, he tweeted this:

Note the caption..."A true friend of Israel."

Note the caption…”A true friend of Israel.”

The tweet went viral. Every slimy British hater of Israel suddenly crawled out of the woodwork and demanded Patel’s resignation on the grounds that she had not coordinated her trip to Israel with the government. Even supposed friend of Israel, PM Theresa May, eventually climbed on board the Patel resignation bandwagon.

And last night Patel resigned in what can only be described as a travesty. 

What this says about Britain is that the country, led by the media, is bursting at the seams with anti-Semitism. Its willingness to destroy a good person’s reputation is appalling.

Chayei Sarah Shabbat is this weekend . . .

Thousands of celebrants at a previous Sarah celebration in Hevron.

Thousands of celebrants at a previous Sarah celebration in Hevron.

Tens of thousands of Jews will pour into Hevron this weekend to celebrate the parashah of Chayei Sarah and our Jewish connection to the city of Hevron. The reading of the parashah is accompanied by a festival with music and food which remembers “our mother Sarah” (Sarah Emenu) who is of course buried in the Machpelah (Cave of the Patriarchs). Many of those who come will bring tents and camp out in the Jewish part of the city.

Your humble servant has always felt a certain kindred with this festival in Hevron–not the least of which reasons is because we live on Sara Emenu Street here in Ashdod.


 426,400: An All-Time Record

It never ceases to amaze your humble servant how the world comes to Israel. In the face of hostile governments, an even more hostile United Nations, a worldwide BDS movement, and the dangerous neighborhood that we live in, tourists continue pouring into this country at an unprecedented rate.

Last month 426,400 tourists entered Israel.


In October alone.

This is the all-time record for one month, and eclipses the old record set last May by more than 80,000. 

By the way, the 426,400 people spent an estimated $584,000,000 or about $1370 per person.

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