A Bouquet Of Flowers For “Peace Now”

21 Cheshvan 5778

10 November 2017


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

*A potential stabbing was averted at Kochav Ya’akov; alert Border Guards saw a terrorist moving suspiciously, detained him, and found these in his backpack:

Tools of a Palestinian terrorist's trade: a Koran, a kitchen knife, and a cleaver.

Tools of a Palestinian terrorist’s trade: a Koran, a kitchen knife, and a cleaver.

*Hamas fired two more “experimental missiles” into the Mediterranean.

*Molotov and “rock” attacks occurred at Qalqilya, El-Arub, Luban al-Sharqiya, on the Gush Etzion Road to Hevron, near the Tapuach junction, at Migdalot, Tekoa, Hatamar, Givonim, Anan, Beituniya, Nabi Saleh, Bil’in, Karmi Tzur, Bethelehem, Horon, A-Tur, Khadaf, Tufu, and Hawara.

All told, 32 terror incidents occurred yesterday. All of the above information was reported on rescue samaria and rotter. None of it was reported anywhere else.

The situation in Lebanon devolves . . .

Following Saudi Arabia’s labeling of Hezbollah/Iran as the terrorists that fired a ballistic missile at Riyadh earlier this week and the subsequent statement that the missile firing was a declaration of war by Lebanon and Iran, a number of events took place today:

*Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the U.A.E. ordered all of their citizens to leave Lebanon immediately.

*Hezbollah raised its alert level to the highest point possible.

*Hezbollah announced that it is pulling its “special forces” out of Syria and returning them to southern Lebanon.

*The Lebanese government called on international entities to “free” former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri whom it says is being held against his will in Saudi Arabia (Hariri denies this: remember he resigned because he said that Hezbollah and Iran are trying to kill him).

*Hezbollah released a videotape of soldiers yelling the battle cry “Khaybar” against Saudi Arabia; the tape also declares that Saudi Arabia is collaborating with Israel.

*In the midst of all of this, UNIFIL lodged a complaint yesterday against Israel for its flights over southern Lebanon. UNIFIL went on to describe southern Lebanon as “calm and stable.”

Calm and stable.

What a joke.

UNIFIL is nothing more than an arm of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

Two new Board Members for UNESCO . . .

Guess which countries, dear reader, have been elected to Board positions at UNESCO–perhaps the most anti-Israel institution on the planet?

Jordan and Turkey. 

However horrible UNESCO has been before now, we can expect it to become immeasurably worse.



A Bouquet Of Flowers For “Peace Now”

As regular readers of israelstreet may remember, your humble servant spent a considerable portion of September and October traveling in Judea and Samaria. Two of the places that we visited were the Jewish communities of Kochav Yaakov and Rechelim.

Yesterday, both communities received excellent news.

At Kochav Yaakov, it was announced that the Civil Administration has completed plans for a new neighborhood in the community–a new neighborhood that is specifically being built to house all of the “refugees” from Migron who were thrown out of their homes (which were subsequently destroyed) back in 2012.

Can you imagine living in limbo for 5 years, shuffling back and forth between guest houses and caravans?

The Migron refugees issued this statement: “After five years of repeated promises and unfulfilled government decisions, we can finally see a significant step by the State of Israel to redress the injustice caused to the Migron evacuees.”

Your humble servant could not agree more.

Meanwhile at Rechelim, the Civil Administration announced that in 15 days the community would cease to be an unregistered outpost and would receive status as a permanent community.

The wonderful pr person at Rechelim (on left) that we met in Octoberr.

The wonderful pr person at Rechelim (on left) that we met in October. Temporary buildings like the one behind her can now be made permanent.

All construction that has taken place in the community will be legally registered and permanent homes may now be built where caravans now stand.

Of course, Rechelim has been a permanent community for 26 years, located in an extremely vulnerable location with no security fence. Ironically, it might never have received its upgraded status had not the abominable Peace Now organization petitioned to have the community razed back in 2009.

Instead of razing it, the Supreme Court, it a highly unusual ruling, decided to legalize it.

Yigal Dimoni, deputy director general of the Yesha Council, tweeted this yesterday: A bouquet of flowers to Peace Now which brought the Rachelim case and caused the proceedings to be accelerated.”

Israelstreet offers its heartfelt congratulations to our friends at Rachelim, Kochav Yaakov, and Migron!



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