Southern Israel Goes On Lockdown

26 Cheshvan 5778

15 November 2017


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terrorists run amok . . .

Palestinian terrorists were hard “at work” yesterday throughout the length and breadth of Judea and Samaria.

“Rocks” and Molotovs were thrown at Israeli children, women, and men in the Jordan Valley, at Rahat, Hawara, Tekoa, Gush Etzion, Hevron Hills, A-Ram,  Ma’ale Amos, Yatta, Shuafat, Al Khader, Nebi Saleh, Jenin, Kedem, Beit Ummar, Mezad, Sinjil, El Arub, Hevron, Deir Nizam, Karmela, Yehuda Farm, the Tapuach Junction, the Auja Junction, Qalqilya, Jabal Rahma, Al Rum, Kafr Malik, Beit El, and Hermala.

In many of the above places more than one attack occurred at different times of the day. All told, more than 50 attacks were reported by Israeli citizens on the ground to rotter, kolheyahudi, and Rescue Judea and Samaria.

If you can believe this . . .

The Israel Prison Service revealed yesterday that imprisoned terrorists are among the largest recipients of “psychological” services. One psychiatrist who was interviewed said that “improving the quality of life” of terrorists was one of the psychiatric corps’ most important missions.

He went on to say that many terrorists “suffer” from nightmares about the terrorist acts that they committed, and that Israeli psychiatrists work with them to ease their pain.

Pardon me dear reader, but your humble servant is about to lose his breakfast.

A new map shows Iranian bases in Syria . . .

A map was leaked yesterday which shows Iranian bases in Syria–and in particular shows how the Iranians have taken over southwestern Syria in areas close to the Israel border:

The map is self explanatory.

The map is self explanatory. Obviously, the largest Iranian base is in Damascus–marked with the largest flag.

What this map does not show are the positions of various Iranian militias which are virtually on the Israel-Syrian border.

How long do you think she will keep her crown?

Miss Iraq (right) posing for a selfie with Miss Israel at the most recent Miss Universe contest.

Miss Iraq (right) posing for a selfie with Miss Israel at the Miss Universe contest which will end in about two weeks. This picture was an Instagram.

How long will Miss Iraq remain Miss Iraq? Unfortunately, not long.



Southern Israel Goes On Lockdown

The closed military zone around Gaza became even more closed yesterday. Numerous sites were closed down such as farms, hiking and bicycle trails, the Black Arrow Memorial, Givat HaPa’amonim, and Zikim Beach. They were closed down because of the fear that locals and tourists could be killed by sniper fire from Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

Sniper fire or anti-tank missiles.

Stop and think about that for a moment. Just by issuing a threat, Islamic Jihad can now bring a whole section of Israel to a halt. And remember, as previously reported here, the IDF has already announced that should another war erupt with Palestinian Gaza, there will be an attempt to evacuate more than a hundred thousand citizens to points further north.

Already many of those citizens are sleeping in their bomb shelters. As one resident of the “Gaza Envelope” put it yesterday, “We understand that something is happening under the surface. This is the first time that part of the perimeter has been defined as a closed military zone; it is better for my children to sleep in our bomb shelter.”

In one of the more absurd aspects of the current situation, there seems to have been a battle between the IDF General Command and the Netanyahu Security Cabinet about the deployment of Iron Dome Batteries (remember yesterday’s blog about deployment and un-deployment).

The idiotic IDF staff, led by Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, argued that it was not necessary to deploy Iron Domes all over the South. The Security Cabinet disagreed, and they were deployed, in a move the IDF then called “hysterical.”

What was the basis of the IDF position? Simply that we don’t need so many Iron Domes anymore because “new technologies were integrated into the air force” that enable one Iron Dome to cover a much larger area than before.

In your humble servant’s opinion, this is just absurd. In the last war, 3 years ago, two Iron Dome batteries could not even stop all the missiles fired from Gaza at Ashdod from hitting Ashdod. By the end of the war, Hamas and Islamic Jihad were defeating the Iron Dome by firing multiple volleys at one time. If you recall, during the last days of that war the successful interception rate of the Iron Dome dropped significantly.

Finally, we should ask this morning: “how did we get to this sorry situation of locking down southern Israel and people sleeping in bomb shelters?”

The answer is simple: we were so afraid of international reaction back in 2014 that we let Hamas and Islamic Jihad off the hook.

We should have utterly destroyed them.

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