“I knew that here we would be helped and feel safe.”

27 Cheshvan 5778

16 November 2017


Quotes of the Day

1. “The term ‘moderate Islam’ is an invention of the West. There is no moderate Islam; there is only Islam.”

Turkish PM Erdogan, speaking at a women’s empowerment conference in Turkey yesterday.

Thank you to PM Erdogan for pointing out the idiotic folly of Westerners who like to employ such phrases as “moderate Islam” and “radical Islam.”

2. “The Palestinian people will never relinquish their national rights, which are based on decisions of international institutions: foremost among them the right of return, self-determination, and the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Chairman of the PLO and unelected Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas speaking yesterday on the anniversary of the “Palestinian Declaration of Independence.”

Thank you to Mahmoud Abbas for once again pointing out why there can never be peace with the Palestinians: 5,000,000+ so-called “Palestinian refugees” have no right of return and will never be settled in Israel. 


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror yesterday . . .

Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli motorists at Turmas’aya, El Arub, Beit Aryeh, Rantis, Turmus’iya, Nabi Salih, Azzun, Beit El, Hevron, Hizma, Luban al-Sharqiya, Hawara, and Tekoa among numerous other places.

Several Israelis were lightly wounded, and several more had to be treated for trauma.

The above information comes from citizens’ reports to Rescue Judea and Samaria, rotter, and hakolhayehudi.

Wonderful news on decreasing Palestinian terror . . .

As we pointed out recently on israelstreet, the camp-out in front of PM Netanyahu’s residence by leaders from Judea and Samaria and Bereaved Families has paid off. Just how much it has paid off began to be announced yesterday.

Here is a list of Samarian bypass roads that will soon be built (think about the above list of terror attacks yesterday as you read these):

1. a Luban al-Sharqiya Bypass Road which will serve residents of the Jewish communities of Leshem, Bruchin, Alei Zahav, Peduel and Beit Aryeh.

2. a Huwara Bypass Road

3. a El Arub Bypass Road

4. a Shikua-Qalandiya Bypass Road near Adam Junction

In addition to these roads, work will begin on improving road lighting, cellular reception, and bus protection on existing roads.

As one leader noted yesterday: “This is a historic agreement; the new roads will upgrade security and will change the face of community development in Samaria in particular and Judea and Samaria in general.”

It is now OK not to murder Jews . . .

In a ruling yesterday, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia issued a ruling forbidding war against and murder of Jews. What’s more, his ruling specified that Saudi Arabia can cooperate with Israel against Hezbollah.

Thank you Mr. Grand Mufti for this moral clarification. It’s good to know that Muslims will not be looking for us behind every tree and under every bush.

Some more good news . . .

The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously approved the Taylor Force Act yesterday there by sending the measure to the full House for a vote in the coming weeks. Named for the U.S. Army veteran who was brutally stabbed to death in Yaffo last year (March 8, 2016).

The new law will supposedly limit the amount of money the PLO receives from the U.S. as long as the PLO pays “salaries” to terrorists in prison. Mahmoud Abbas has already announced that those salaries will never be reduced, and because the Act has numerous “humanitarian exclusions” built into it, you can be sure that the PLO will disguise salaries to terrorists as “hospital beds” and “new elementary schools.”

Nevertheless, the law is a step in the right direction.

Bad economic news for Israel from Egypt . . .

The Egyptians announced yesterday that they will no longer import liquid gas from Israel during the coming year as more Egyptian gas reserves come online. 

This means that Israel will have to scramble to find more buyers, a prospect which does not look promising at the moment.

The announcement has severe budgetary consequences for Israel because current spending has been based on the sale of gas.



“I knew that here we would be helped and feel safe.”

It is one of those stories that you will never read about in the international press and will probably never see in the mainline Israeli media–both of which delight in disseminating false stories about what happens at Israeli checkpoints.

Yesterday, Border Police saw a mother with three children approaching the Qalandiya checkpoint. They were in obvious distress. The weather has become colder here, and none of the four were wearing warm clothes, and the children were wearing slippers and sandals.

The Police asked the woman if she wanted to bring her children into the police station, and she readily agreed saying: “I knew that here we would be helped and feel safe.” 

Let me repeat that.

A Palestinian woman from Qalandiya told the Israel Border Police: “I knew that here we would be helped and feel safe.”

This comment was made to the same Border Police so often falsely portrayed by the media as inhuman monsters who brutalize the “poor Palestinians” at the checkpoints.

Ask yourself: how could the Palestinian woman have known that she would be helped and feel safe at the Israeli checkpoint?

Could it be because she had seen or knew of other people who had been helped?

In any case, the Police gave the family warm food, something warm to drink, and warm clothes and shoes. You might wonder where the police got the clothes and shoes. The police took up a collection among themselves and bought the clothes and shoes from a stand near the checkpoint.

In the process of having her family clothed, the sobbing mother revealed that her husband has been abusing her and her children, and she said that this moment was the first time she had felt safe and seen a smile on her children’s faces.

The police then gave the children bags of sweets and more drinks and passed them through the checkpoint. The mother thanked them again and was on her way.

A Border Policeman summed up the event like this: “in addition to our duty to maintain security and public order, we see a great duty to help even a small family whose distress we have identified.”

Remember this incident, dear reader, the next time you read or hear a false report of  how Israelis mistreat Palestinians at checkpoints.

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