Caught In Another Lie: The Abominable “Breaking the Silence”

28 Cheshvan 5778

17 November 2017


Disgusting Quote of the Day

“. . . applying the label of ‘anti-Semite’ to all those who oppose the existence of the State of Israel is unfair and unhelpful overreach that ignores the nuances and sensitivities of a complicated political debate.”

Zoe Goldblum, senior at Stanford University, Head of the National Student Board of J Street U

Here at israelstreet, we have been opposing J Street for years; now we have this  self-proclaimed “pro-Israel” group openly declaring that it is unfair to describe those who want to eliminate Israel as anti-Semitic.  


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror this morning . . .

Three attacks have taken place this morning–all carried out by the same terrorist.

In the first two, the terrorist ran down two people, one at the southern entrance to Efrat and the other at the Gush Etzion Junction. They were rushed by MADA to Sha’are Zedek hospital in Jerusalem. One of them was a 70-year-old man who is in moderate condition; the other victim, 35-years-old, is in serious condition.

In the third attack, the terrorist jumped from his car and attempted to stab an IDF soldier. The soldier was not wounded; the terrorist was shot and apparently killed.

The terrorist being checked for nonexistent signs of life this morning.

The terrorist being checked for signs of life this morning.

The Israeli economy is booming . . .

Israel’s high economic growth rate is continuing with another quarter of growth exceeding 3%. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the economy grew at a rate of 4.1%.

The IDF then and now . . .

What were the top five men’s names of IDF recruits in 1948? Moshe, Yaakov, Avraham, Yitzhak, Yosef, and Mordechai.

What were the top five men’s names of IDF recruits in 2017 (during the last recruitment cycle)? Daniel, Yuval, Ro’i, David, Omer, and Amit.

More interesting statistics from the IDF . . .

In the November cycle:

*63% of the recruits are men; 37% are women.

*The average age of an IDF recruit is 18.9 years old.

*10% of all recruits were not born in Israel. The top 5 countries supplying recruits not born here were the United States (393), Ukraine (305), Ethiopia (259), Russia (239), and France (153).

*At least one recruit was born in each of the following countries: Australia, Armenia, Germany, Denmark, South Korea, China (Hong Kong), Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Iraq, Finland, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Switzerland.

A mishmash of reports coming out of Saudi Arabia . . .

And whether any of them are true is debatable:

Did Saudi Arabia tell Sa’ad Hariri that if he didn’t resign, it would bomb the Dahiya section of Beirut which is home to Hezbollah?

Has Saudi Arabia offered to fund an Israel war against Hezbollah (to the tune of billions of dollars)?

Has Saudi Arabia conditioned any future peace agreement with Israel on Israel getting rid of our nuclear weapons?

One thing that is undeniably true:

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot gave an interview yesterday to a Saudi newspaper in which he said that Israel is ready to share intelligence information with Saudi Arabia about Iran.



Caught In Another Lie: The Abominable “Breaking the Silence”

Anyone who is regular reader of israelstreet knows the degree to which your humble servant loathes the group Breaking the Silence. We have always described them as “a small group of disgruntled IDF veterans who are paid to travel around the world and trash the IDF at every possible venue.”

You may remember that last year, your humble servant even went so far to travel undercover out into Judea and Samaria with this abominable group in order to document the lies they tell visitors to this country about the IDF.

Yesterday, the depth of their lying was revealed once and for all by the State Attorney’s Office. Here is the somewhat convoluted sequence of events:

1. Dean Issacharoff is the primary spokesman of Breaking the Silence. Part of his spiel has always been that when he served as an IDF soldier in Judea and Samaria his military group regularly brutalized Palestinians.

Dean Issacharoff, the lying spokesman of the abominable "Breaking the Silence."

Dean Issacharoff, the lying spokesman of the abominable “Breaking the Silence.”

2. He has regularly included in this spiel how he personally beat up a Palestinian detainee by repeatedly kicking him in the face and chest thereby knocking him unconscious and causing him to bleed.

3. In the last year, Issacharoff starred in a Breaking the Silence video in which he repeated the same spiel and the same personal story.

4. When the video went viral, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and a host of others demanded that Issacharoff be prosecuted for his treatment of the Palestinian detainee. The State Attorney decided to investigate the case.

5. After an investigation that has gone on for months, here’s what the State Attorney’s said yesterday: “There was no indication of the use of force, and the Palestinian claimed he was not beaten, not bruised, did not bleed, did not feel dizzy and did not pass out.” It should be pointed out that the Palestinian’s version of events is exactly the same as that of Issacharoff’s Company Commander at the time.

6. In conclusion, the State Attorney decided to stop his investigation of Issacharoff because “the incident did not happen at all.”

To put it a different way, Issacharoff lied.

Just like the other former “soldiers” who traffic fraudulent stories for money.

This morning, Education Minister Naftali Bennett has announced that “Breaking the Silence” will no longer be permitted to give presentations in Israeli schools (why this did not happen before now is incomprehensible).

What’s more, the other soldiers who were in Issacharoff’s group are putting together a lawsuit against him for defaming their outfit.

Do you think any of this will stop Breaking the Silence? Of course not. But at least they have been more fully exposed for what they are.


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