Israel Draws A Line In The Sand?

29 Cheshvan 5778

18 November 2017


Absurd Quote of the Day

“I lack enough humility to point out that as far as record, experience, international recognizability, intimate knowledge of security issues, statesmanship, economy and so on, I’m more fit and qualified to lead Israel than any other candidate, including Netanyahu, who’s experienced but lacks decision making capabilities.”

Ehud Barak, former prime minister of Israel.

An older picture of Barak, the ultimate narcissist.

An older picture of Barak, the ultimate narcissist.

At the moment, Barak is the darling of the Israeli media, appearing nightly in interviews on every television channel. The media has suddenly latched on to him as the best bet to defeat Netanyahu in what the media hopes is an “upcoming election.”

What the media seems to have forgotten are: Barak’s ignominious withdrawal of IDF forces from Lebanon in the middle of the night; Barak’s moronic peace plan with the Palestinians; and Barak’s disastrous 2012 attempt to become prime minister in which he eventually had to withdraw his “Independence Party” from the election process because of lack of support.

The above quote is especially absurd because of the way it begins “I lack enough humility.” All of Israel knows that Barak has no humility. The fact that he now sports a beard does not change the fact that he is a person of overweening hubris in total love with himself.

New beard, same condescension.

New beard, same condescension.


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror yesterday . . .

The 70-year-old man who was run over by a Palestinian terrorist yesterday. Still hospitalized this morning in "moderate condition", he was tough enough yesterday to flash the victory sign.

The 70-year-old man who was run over by a Palestinian terrorist yesterday. Still hospitalized this morning in “moderate condition”, he was tough enough yesterday to flash the victory sign.

As reported yesterday, a Palestinian terrorist ran over two Israelis and then tried to stab an IDF soldier. The terrorist was shot by the soldier, but unfortunately, remains alive this morning in critical condition.

Another attempted stabbing occurred at the Pharmacy Checkpoint to the Cave of the Patriarchs where Border police captured a terrorist armed with a butcher knife.

“Rock” and Molotov attacks took place at Silwan, Gush Etzion, Amos, Beitar Illit, Tekoa, Al-Khader, the Tapuach Junction, Migdalim, Beita, El Arub, Nabi Saleh, Azzun, Beit El, Rantis, and a host of other places.

The above reports are taken from citizens’ reports at Rescue Judea and Samaria, rotter, and hakolhayehudi.

The ridiculous Breaking the Silence case becomes even more so . . .

As we blogged yesterday, the leading spokesman of Breaking the Silence, Dean Issacharoff, had been investigated for his own statement of having beaten up a Palestinian detainee in Hevron some years ago. Issacharoff uses that statement regularly as part of his spiel against soldiers of the IDF.

The investigation was dropped because the State Attorney discovered that Issacharoff was lying–the “beating up of the Palestinian detainee” never happened. In particular, the Palestinian involved, along with all of Issacharoff’s fellow soldiers who were present, denied that that anything that Issacharoff described ever took place.

Yesterday, if you can believe this, Issacharoff demanded that the State Attorney reopen the investigation against him, indict him, and put him on trial.

Issacharoff  ranted: “No political allegation can obscure the truth . . .  the state attorney acts as Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s servant at my expense and is attempting to silence criticism against the occupation.”

Say what?

Political allegation? Attempting to silence criticism? Against the occupation?Absurdity on top of absurdity on top of absurdity.



Israel Draws A Line In The Sand?

Israel continues to be engaged with Russia and the United States over the Iranian presence in Syria once a ceasefire is declared. According to Israeli sources, the following map is Israel’s so-called line in the sand:

On this map

On this map, Israel is of course in green, and the Israeli Golan Heights are in red.

What Israel is demanding is a 40 km exclusion zone in which no Iranian militias and no Iranian or Hezbollah troops are positioned.

But the simple fact is that neither Russia nor the United States has the motivation to stop Iran from doing whatever it wants. Wherever it wants to put troops, it will put troops. General Suleimani is already running roughshod over Russian and U.S. (particularly U.S.) restrictions over Iranian troop movements in western Iraq and eastern Syria as Iran continues to build its Shi’ite land bridge from Tehran to Beirut. 

What is the bottom line?

If Israel wants to have an exclusion zone in Syria, it is up to Israel to create it and enforce it. 

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