Odelia Nechama Bat Michal Assouline: May Her Memory Always Be Blessed

4 Kislev 5778

22 November 2017


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

More “rock” and Molotov attacks were carried out by Palestinian terrorists at Beit Anun, Budrus, Sinjil, Jilazon, Azzun, on Road 55, Budrus, Hevron Hills, Shechem, Ma’aleh Levona, Binyamina, on the road between Har Homa and Tekoa, Qalqilya, Qalandiya, Nabi Saleh, Beitin, Hizma, El Moyer, El-Arub, Beit Ummar, on the road between Hevron and Gush Etzion, and a myriad of other places.

In sum, more than 40 attacks took place yesterday.

Did you read about any of these attacks anywhere yesterday? Or see a report about them on television?

Of course not.

All information about the above is taken from rotter, hakolhayehudi, and Rescue Samaria and Judea.

Still no Israeli embassy reopening in Jordan . . .

Let’s remember what happened. Back in July, a terrorist stabbed an Israeli security guard assigned to the Israeli Embassy in Amman and continued to stab him until the security guard shot and killed him. In the melee, another Jordanian was accidentally killed by the guard with an errant shot.

Subsequently, in order to get the security guard back to Israel, Israel kowtowed to the Jordanians on issues related to the Temple Mount. Once the security guard was back in Israel, the Jordanians demanded that the security guard be arrested and put on trial.

That hasn’t happened.

And so the Jordanians, like the moderate Arabs and good friends that they are (NOT), have closed the Israeli Embassy in Amman.

Next door in Iran (oops, we mean Syria) . . .

It was a bad day for Iran in Syria with the loss of three more senior commanders. The fighting was supposed to have been easy because they were in Al-Bukhmal where Islamic State is supposedly fighting a rear guard action as Iranian troops mop up the area.

However, it must be said that Iranian senior commanders are a dime a dozen, and in a situation in which the Iranians don’t mind losing hundreds of men, the three commanders were expendable.

Talking out of both sides of his mouth as always . . .

Mahmoud Abbas spoke to the Spanish Parliament yesterday and proclaimed that “Palestine” was “ready for a historic peace with Israel.” He went on to say that he envisioned two states living side by side in peace and security, and a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as it capital.

It was about a week ago that Abbas stood before a cheering crowd of Palestinians in Ramallah on the occasion of “Palestine liberation day” and proclaimed that the Palestinians would never agree to anything less than a state with Jerusalem (not east Jerusalem) as its capital. What’s more, he proclaimed that foremost among the Palestinian demands is the “return” of some 5,000,000+ “refugees” to Israel.

But nobody cares what Abbas says to the Palestinians–least of all the Spanish who have announced that they will recognize the state of “Palestine” in the coming months.

It’s perversely ironic how the Spanish can recognize “Palestine” but not Catalonia.




Odelia Nechama Bat Michal Assouline

May Her Memory Always Be Blessed


Happier days. Odelia’s picture from six years ago.

It was about 3 pm on March 23, 2011 in downtown Jerusalem. Egged bus 74 was making its usual rounds near the Jerusalem International Convention Center. As it stopped at a bus stop and passengers began to board, a Palestinian terrorist remotely detonated a bomb which was hidden in a bag.

The bomb contained two kilograms of explosives and was loaded with shrapnel. Bus 74 absorbed the full force of the blast. 68 people were wounded and one woman was killed: 56-year-old Mary Jean Gardner, a resident of Scotland. Gardner was a student at Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School where she was fulfilling her dream to be a Christian Bible translator. An amazing linguist, for the previous 20 years, she had been translating the Bible into Ife, a language spoken in Togo.

Apparently when the bomb detonated, Gardner somehow managed to throw her body over three nearby children–thereby saving their lives but sacrificing her own. 

So why is your humble servant telling you this story today?

Because one of the 68 wounded was 14-year-old Israeli Odelia Assouline.

This morning, November 22 2017, Odelia Assouline died, having never regained consciousness. For the last six years and a half years, she has lain in a coma.

In the meantime, the terrorist was eventually captured and sentenced to life in prison in 2013.

Odelia’s mother Michal has asked for the public to pray for her daughter using her Hebrew name: Odelia Nechama Bat Michal.

Please do so right now, and as you do so remember how terrorist acts continue to inflict horrible suffering and rip families apart years after they take place. 





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