Islamic State Is Knocking On Our Door: The Mosque Attack

8 Kislev 5778

26 November 2017


Quote of the Day:

“Our goal is to erase Israel from the map.” 

Yahya Sinwar, Hamas leader in Gaza, speaking at a meeting of Gaza youth


The News on the Israeli Street 

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

As always, the Israeli citizens of Judea and Samaria were on the front lines against Palestinian terrorism on Shabbat.

Palestinian terrorists attacked Israelis at Deir Nizam, Jenin, Beit Hagai, the Hebron Hills, Silwan, the Nokdim Junction, Aqbat Jaber, Nabi Saleh, Hizma, Janniya, Psagot, Hevron, Kiryat Arba, Midiya, near the Maccabim Checkpoint, Qasr al-Yahud, Rafida, Beit Hanun, Talmonim, Nebi Elias, and many other places.

The above reports come from citizens via rotter, hakolhayehudi, and Rescue Judea and Samaria. It should be noted that numerous attacks each day are unreported.

Iranian, Syrian, and Hezbollah losses mount . . .

As we reported several day ago, mopping up operations in Syria have not been going smoothly for the coalition forces of Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah. Gradually, pockets of resistance are being overrun and eliminated, but not without significant numbers of militants killed.

Remarkably, Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah have begun publishing photographs each week of those who were killed during that week (it is suspected that more are actually killed). Here are the photographs for the last 7 days.

First, the Hezbollah dead:

Hezbollah fighters killed in the last week.

12 Hezbollah fighters killed in the last week.

Second, the Syrian dead:

Syrian Army soldiers killed in the last week.

22 Syrian Army soldiers killed in the last week.

Third, the Iranian dead:

Iranian dead from the Revolutionary Guards.

63 Iranian Revolutionary Guards killed last week.

Meanwhile, various organizations reported yesterday that 340,000 civilians have been killed in Syria since the war began.



Islamic State Is Knocking On Our Door: The Mosque Attack


The proximity of the mosque attack to the Israeli border.

The proximity of the mosque attack to the Israeli border.

As you may or may not know, Bir al-Abed, where the horrific mosque attack took place in the northern Egyptian Sinai, is only 144 km (89 miles) from the Israeli border.

That at least 305 people were killed and that about 40 Beduins affiliated with Islamic State carried out the slaughter is well-known as is the reason that particular Mosque in Bir al-Abed was chosen.

The al-Rawda mosque is known as the birthplace of the founder of taṣawwuf (Sufism) in the Sinai. From Libya to Pakistan (80 Sufis were murdered in February), Islamic State fundamentalists have been murdering Sufis wherever they can find them. Even though they are fellow Muslims, they are as reviled by IS as are Christians and Jews (the reasons are complex but suffice it to say that because the Sufis have “saints”, Islamic State views them as idolaters).

Last night, Egyptian television (which was shown on Israeli television) broadcast pictures of Egyptian missiles fired from aircraft destroying targets in the Sinai. Of course, the Egyptian Army claimed that these targets belonged to Islamic State, but they looked like nothing more than houses and empty buildings.

A somber President Sisi also appeared on Egyptian television and pledged that the terror groups of Al-Qaeda and Islamic State would be completely destroyed in the Sinai. However, this effort has apparently been going on for at least a year now in conjunction with Israel which from time to time has flown missions over the border area.

Judging from the mosque massacre, this effort has been unsuccessful, and there is little reason to believe it will be now. The Bedouins are adept at disappearing into the desert and at fighting a guerrilla war. Every time the Egyptian Army starts a new offensive, ambushes take place, scores of Egyptian soldiers are killed, and the offensive stops. There seems to be no real taste among the Egyptian military for actually rooting out the terrorists.

However, something must be done.

Israel’s Negev Desert is mainly populated by Beduins of course, and radicalization has been taking place there for many years.

It won’t be long until Islamic State carries out a similar attack here.


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