When Is A Poll A Fake Poll?

13 Kislev 5778

1 December 2017


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The News On the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Let’s begin with the most tragic.

*Ron Yitzhak Kukia, a 19-year-old IDF soldier, was brutally stabbed to death while standing near a bus stop in Arad.

Ron Yitzhak Kukia. May his memory be forever blessed.

Ron Yitzhak Kukia. May his memory be forever blessed.

The terrorist escaped with Kukia’s weapon, and a search for him is continuing. This is the first time there has ever been a terror attack in Arad.

*Another incident could have been tragic. A group of 20 schoolboys celebrating one of their group’s bar mitzvah was attacked by a group of terrorists near Kusra. The Palestinians threw “rocks” at the group causing them to find cover in a nearby cave.

The Palestinians then attacked the cave with one terrorist brandishing a gun. The terrorists then began yelling that they were going to kill the teenagers.

Fortunately, the youth were accompanied by two armed fathers; one of whom shot a terrorist dead. Shortly thereafter, the IDF arrived on the scene and took the boys to safety.

*Talk about convoluted.

Residents along the Gaza border were sent running to their bomb shelters yesterday afternoon by incoming missile sirens. Shortly thereafter an explosion was heard.

This was followed by the IDF spokesman ludicrously claiming again that it was just a false alarm. But then, the IDF closed down the rail line between Ashkelon and Sderot.

At that point, at least 15 mortars were fired out of Gaza at IDF engineering troops working along the border and an IDF observation post.

After that happened, the IDF bombed targets in Gaza.

Smoke rising after two bombs hit terror targets in Gaza late yesterday afternoon.

Smoke rising after two bombs hit terror targets in Gaza late yesterday afternoon.


When Is A Poll A Fake Poll?

The question of whether President Trump will move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has become a speculative farce. The latest so-called “reporting” is that he is likely to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel but not move the Embassy. 

The fact is that no one has the slightest idea what he will do. 

But that doesn’t stop everyone from trying to influence the decision. Yesterday, we had King Abdullah of Jordan declaring that such a move would “blow up” the Middle East. And today, we had another fake poll courtesy of Brookings Institution. 

As we reported several days ago, the Brookings Institution, once a respected think tank, has become nothing more than a shill for Qatar–which funds its operations extensively to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

This poll “authored” by Shibley Telhami, a senior fellow at Brookings, was just another in a series of polls “authored by Telhami in recent years which do their best to demean and delegitimize Israel.

Back on December 5, 2015, your humble servant wrote a blog in which I discussed another poll “authored” by Telhami. In that poll, Telhami “found” that American support for Israel was eroding–and even that a significant number of Americans want sanctions against Israel.

At that time, I wrote this (click here for link):

“As with any “survey” or “poll”, one has to ask such questions as: Who commissioned the survey? Who wrote the questions? Who compiled the results?and numerous others. Only by answering these questions can we ascertain if any bias was involved.

In this case, the survey’s reliability is called into question immediately. 

The survey was conducted on behalf of the Brookings Institute by “nonresident Senior Fellow” Shibley Telhami. In fact, the survey is specifically entitled “American Attitudes Toward the Middle East and Israel: A public opinion poll by Shibley Telhami.”

Listing Telhami as the author of the poll is somewhat unprecedented. When was the last time you heard of an individual authoring a poll? It begs the question “who is Shibley Telhami?”

TelhamiTelhami was born an Israeli-Arab in a village about fifteen minutes from Haifa, but has for at least the past decade occasionally described himself as “a moderate Palestinian-American.” Would it surprise you to learn that Telhami is the Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland? Would it surprise you to learn that Telhami serves on the board of “Human Rights Watch” and is the Chair of “Human Rights Watch/Middle East?”–an organization that never misses an opportunity to castigate Israel.”

So, dear reader, when you see headlines today and tomorrow about how 63% of Americans are against moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, remember Shibley Telhami “authored” the poll.

When is a poll not a poll?

When it comes from the Brookings Institution and is “authored” by Shibley Telhami.





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