The Deal of the Century

14 Kislev 5778

2 December 2017


A Special Thank You! 

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The stats for November are in, and israelstreet had more hits than in any other month in our seven year history: 323,832. Our readers came from all over the world, and your humble servant would like to thank each and every one of you for helping get the message out about Israel!


The News On the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Another Friday, another 30+ terror attacks throughout Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem. Of course this many attacks occur every day, not just on Fridays.

Palestinian terrorists attacked with “rocks” and Molotovs at Migdalim (IDF soldier wounded), Qabatiya, Qusra (IDF soldier wounded by Molotov), Jilazon, Al-Bireh, Beit Amra, the Hevron Hills, Husan, Beit Anun, Argaman, Auja, Beit Ummar, Beit Fajjar, Psagot, Halhul Bridge, Mt. Hevron, Beit El, Kochav Hashahar, Hizma, the Bell Checkpoint on Road 443, Nabi Saleh, Sebastia, Shuafat, the Gideon Junction, Migdal Oz,  and other places.*

It is important to note that multiple attacks occurred at some of the above locations during the day and overnight.

Did you see or have you heard any mention of any of these attacks anywhere? What about the brutal stabbing death of IDF soldier Ron Yitzhak Kukia in Arad two days ago? Was that covered in your source of news?

*This information was taken from Rescue Judea and Samaria, rotter, and hakolhayehudi– to which Israelis call in reports of terror activity.

Not only can IDF soldiers NOT fire in self-defense . . .

Apparently the same holds true for civilians. Following the incident in Kusra in which a group of Palestinians tried to attack 20 boys who were on a bar-mitzvah hike and one of the Palestinians was shot and killed, the police have announced that they are investigating the father who fired the shot.

We have reached an absurd situation in which no one can act to defend themselves against Palestinian terrorists anymore. 

Talk about reaching an absurd situation . . .

Where do you think the following (blurry) picture was taken on Thursday?

The scene at Tel Aviv University the other day as a new "Palestinian" club sang the Palestinian national anthem and waved the Palestinian flag (with apologies for the blurry picture).

Note the Palestinian flag (with apologies for the blurry picture) and 12 people standing on a stage with their hands over their hearts.

The 12 people standing on stage were students; the reason their hands were over their hearts is that they were singing the “Palestinian national anthem.”

Where were they? At Tel Aviv University.

Let me repeat that. The above scene took place at Tel Aviv University.

In a room that was paid for by my tax money.


What happened in Syria last night? . . .

It is not completely clear, but it appears that the IAF bombed an Iranian base near Damascus. Arab reports indicated that “many” were killed.

Whether this is true or not is anyone’s guess. A permanent fog of war has descended over Syria.

Netanyahu reverts to the truth . . . behind closed doors . . .

Just days after excoriating Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely for speaking the truth about American Jews, it was reported that PM Netanyahu commented yesterday (behind closed doors with no reporters) that within a generation or two all non-orthodox Judaism in the U.S. will disappear.

There will surely be an outcry from Reform and Conservative Jewish leaders in the U.S., but  the simple fact is that Netanyahu is exactly correct.

Speaking of being exactly correct . . .

For reasons that will be revealed shortly, your humble servant was interested to see in a study by the Deutsche Bank that Israel has some of the highest priced beer in the world.

Here were the findings about the cost of 1 pint of beer:

Prague: $1.30

Lisbon: $1.70

London: $6.40

Zurich: $6.70

Paris: $7

New York: $7.40

Hong Kong: $7.70

Singapore: $9

Tel Aviv: $9.70

Oslo: $9.90

To put it a different way, the price of beer is outrageous here–as is the price of virtually everything else.

Now, back to why I was interested in this. Your humble servant is an avid beer drinker and has actually had a pint or two in all of the cities on the list. Unfortunately, I can attest to the fact that virtually all of the beer offered in these places is lousy (the selection here in Israel is especially poor).

For my money, the best beer can be had at the tiny Berryessa Brewing Company in Winters, California (Double Tap) and at the Russian River Brewery in Santa Rosa, California (Pliny the Elder). Both of these fantastic beers will run you about $5.



The Deal of the Century

In case you have missed them, there have been numerous reports out of Egypt in the last week concerning a possible deal involving Israel, the Palestinians, and Egypt.

Up until now the reports have been vague, but yesterday the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masri Al-Youm began to flesh out an idea that is apparently under discussion. Whether anything will ever come of it is anyone’s guess, but the idea is intriguing.

According to the newspaper, Israel will buy 720 square kilometers of land from Egypt in the northern Sinai adjacent to Gaza.

This land will then be turned over to the Palestinians for a Palestinian state.

In exchange, the Palestinians will concede that 12% of Judea and Samaria belong to Israel.

It would be easy to dismiss a Palestinian state in the Sinai, and in fact the Palestinians have done so on numerous occasions as has the government of President Sisi. However, PM Netanyahu’s office refuses to comment on the story, and President Sisi has been surprisingly flexible in dealing with land issues (think about the two Red Sea islands that Egypt is turning over to Saudi Arabia).

However, we can be sure that the Egyptian public would erupt in frenzy at the thought of a section of the Sinai being purchased by Israel, but on the other hand they might be assuaged by the fact that they would probably be hailed as heroes in the Muslim world for providing land for a Palestinian state.

We could continue with endless speculation which would be fruitless. But the point is that were such an arrangement to be transacted, it might really be the Deal of the Century.




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