What The Palestinians Really Want Is . . .

20 Kislev 5778

8 December 2017



The News On the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

More than 200 terror attacks have taken place.

Last night, a mini-war broke out along the Gaza border.

Palestinian terrorists fired at least 7 missile and mortars from all parts of Gaza (2 from southern Gaza, 2 from central Gaza, and 3 from northern Gaza). In one instance, warning sirens were sounded; in all others, there were none. 

In response, the IDF fired tank and artillery shells at Hamas positions between 6 pm and 10 pm. Residents of Sderot reported hearing many explosions.

Here is a short list of where Palestinian terrorists attacked in Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem:

Prigat Junction, Beit El, Beit Anun, Hebron Hills, Anatot, Efrat, Gush Etzion, Modi’in Illit, Abu Dis, Tekoa, the Maccabim Checkpoint, Beit Ummar, El Aruv, Atarot, Givat Assaf, Nahliel, Neve Tzuf, Hizma, Jamayn, Hizma, Yitzhar, Carmela, Shechem, the Eyal crossing, Vered Jericho, Itamar, Azzun, Beit Furik, Qalil, Qalqilya, Beit Ilu, Bil’in, Halhul, Madama, Deir Sharag, Sde Kalev, Bani Na’im, Zif Junction, Mt. Hevron, Jalameh Junction, Ofra, Karmei Tzur, Kiryat Arba, Al Bireh, Ma’ale Shomron, A-Ram, Qalandiya, Al Mu’ayyir, Anata, Road 90, Qaddum, Kedumim, El Khader, Ma’ale Michmash, Tel Rumeida in Hevron, Shuafat, Qalqis, Rantiss, Ariel, Norei Nehemia, Deir Istiya, Sha’ar Ohad, Jilazon, Hevron, Salfit, Nabi Saleh, Na’alin, Bil’in, Issawiya, Eliahu Crossing, Tulkarm, Rachel’s Tomb, Bethlehem, Har Homa, Eyal Crossing, outside Ramallah, Deir Ibzia, Gush Talmonim, Farsa Junction, Beit Iksa, Dura, Hermesh, Dotan, Tubas, Nebi Elias, and Hawara.

In virtually all of the above locations, multiple attacks took place all day long. Numerous Israelis were wounded and traumatized; there is no overall report from MADA this morning.

The above reports are taken from Rescue Judea and Samaria, rotter, and hakolhayehudi.

Palestinian terrorism to come . . .

All of Jerusalem is on highest alert for possible terrorism today. A specific warning has been given of a possible suicide bomber.

Hamas is calling on all of its members to fill the streets today in “a day of rage for the liberation of Jerusalem.” Fatah, the military wing of Mahmoud Abbas’ PLO, has called on its policemen “to confront” IDF soldiers.

The U.S. evacuated American citizens from Areas A and B of Judea and Samaria last night and continues to do so today. The U.S. State Department warned its diplomats to stay away from Jerusalem and Ramallah in the coming days.

The revenge of US Secretary of State Tillerson and his State Department bureaucrats . . .

It is no secret that Secretary of State Tillerson opposed President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration and moving the Embassy to Jerusalem. And it is no secret that the US State Department is peopled largely by a group of bureaucrats who loathe Israel.

This morning, the State Department rushed out a statement that despite what President Trump said, Israeli citizens born in Jerusalem will still NOT be able to list their birthplace as “Jerusalem, Israel”. Instead, the State Department will only accept “Jerusalem”.


Vice President Pence is persona non grata . . .

The office of Mahmoud Abbas informed the White House yesterday that Abbas will not meet with Pence in Ramallah on December 19. The office issued a press statement that it was cutting off all diplomatic ties with the U.S. adding that “Pence is not wanted in Palestine.”

Immediately thereafter, the White House responded that refusing to meet with VP Pence would result in serious repercussions for the Palestinians.

Intrigue within the European Union diplomatic corps . . .

It turns out that the European Union had wanted to issue a statement denouncing Trump’s declaration which included the names of all of its countries.

However, Hungary and the Czech Republic strenuously objected, so in the end, abominable EU FM Mogherini signed the statement alone.

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), the EU filed suit today against Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland because each of those countries has refused to take in any more Muslim “immigrants”.

Speaking of the European Union . . .

If you can believe this, a group of leftists has purchased an ad which is running in the Israeli uber-leftist Haaretz newspaper today.

It is in the form of an “invoice” from the EU which demands that Netanyahu pay 1.2 million Euros for the more than 400 EU-built buildings and infrastructure items that Israel has destroyed since 2009.

Of course, the ludicrous ad leaves out that each one of those 400 was illegally built in an attempt to move Palestinians out of Areas A and B and into Area C in order to “establish new facts” on the ground.

The U.S. continues to withdraw . . .

In case you missed it yesterday amidst all of the Jerusalem excitement, the U.S. announced the end of its war in Syria and Iraq.

Declaring that 97% of the area originally occupied by Islamic State has been retaken, the Pentagon revealed that it will be drawing down the 5,200 American soldiers in Iraq and 2000 in Syria. “Advisers” (read “special forces”) will remain for the time being, but the U.S. will basically “vacate the premises.”

Which unfortunately will further clear the playing field for Iran.

Congratulations to . . . 

Gal Gadot. The most popular actress in the world according to IMBD.

Gal Gadot. The most popular actress in the world according to IMBD.

To get away from all the more pressing news for a moment, the movie website IMDB, has named the most popular actress of the year–based on the number of times surfers to the website sought information about that person.

And this year’s winner is Gal Gadot! Gal (aka Wonder Woman) has to be one of the best representatives Israel has ever had).

A new Chanukah at the White House . . .

The annual Chanukah celebration was held a few days early at the White House last night (the Christmas celebration was earlier this week) in an event that featured President Trump’s grandchildren lighting the first candle. Two historical Chanukiahs were used: one from the first American Jewish congregation, and the second from the Tarnow Ghetto in Southern Poland.

The food included the usual  fried latkes and kosher lamb chops.

There were a few new wrinkles. The Chanukiah usually placed on the White House lawn was replaced with a dreidel.

But the most important feature of the celebration was who was not invited.

The uninvited list included representatives from J Street, the US Reform Jewish movement, and Jewish Democrat congresspeople and senators–all of whom have been critics of Trump’s Jerusalem declaration and Israel.



What the Palestinians Really Want Is . . .

Today’s blog will be short and to the point.

Apparently unfettered by President Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration, the Palestinian leadership yesterday published a map of the “Palestine” they really want:

Taken from a screen shot on the Fatah website.

Taken from a screen shot on the Fatah website.

What the Palestinians really want is not “the West Bank”, not a state with “East Jerusalem” as its capital, not “two states living side by side in security”—

What the Palestinians really want is our state of Israel.

This has been their goal from back in 1964 when the PLO was formed through the malevolent tragedy of Oslo and all of the other ridiculous “peace processes” with the likes of Peres, Barak, and Olmert.

Nothing has changed. 

And yet leaders around the world refuse to understand this . . . or do they?

More on this subject tomorrow.

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