Look At The Pictures: “A Cold-Blooded Execution”?

28 Kislev 5778

16 December 2017



Happy 4th day of Chanukah . . . (image courtesy of rotter.net).

Happy 4th day of Chanukah . . . (image courtesy of rotter.net).


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Your humble servant will be traveling between Israel and California for the next two days.  Israelstreet will be updated as possible, but our next blog will not appear until Tuesday morning, PST. We thank you for your patience.

The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

*For the 9th straight day, Palestinian terrorists fired at least one missile from Gaza in an effort to kill Israeli men, women, and children in southern Israel. Fortunately, the missile did not make it out of Gaza yesterday and hit a Palestinian house in Beit Hanoun (northern Gaza). The resulting explosion blew up the house killing its inhabitants.

*Palestinian terrorists shot at IDF soldiers at the Jalemeh Crossing near Jenin. No Israelis were wounded; the terrorists escaped.

*A Palestinian terrorist attempted to stab an IDF soldier near Beit El. The soldier was unwounded; the terrorist was shot.

*”Rock” and Molotov attacks were carried out by Palestinian terrorists south of Karmei Tzur, on the Gush Etzion-Hevron Road, in Maf’at, Budrus, Halhul, Silwad, Wadi Goz, Zarzir, Lavakia, the Mount of Olives, Sheikh Jarrah, Ramat Gilad, Deir Abu Mash’al, between Burian and Yitzhar, Hizma, Shechem, Qalandiya, Madama, El Aruv, Bani Na’im, Bil’in, Qalqilya, Har Manoa, the Kevis Junction, Nili, Beit Anun, Kiryat Arba, Yehuda Farm, the Horseshoe Junction, Hevron, Psagot, Hawara, Abu Dis, Abu Tor, A-Ram, Silwan, and a myriad of other places.

All told, there were at least 100 terror attacks. Numerous Israelis were wounded and treated by MADA. Four terrorists were killed.

Expect a hero’s welcome . . .

For U.S. Vice President Mike Pence when he arrives in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

It is widely known that he was one of the driving forces behind President’s Trump’s remarkable Jerusalem Declaration, and he has already made it clear that his first stop will be at the Kotel (Western Wall).

More than this, his office has already issued a statement that he will visit and pray at the Kotel as the Vice President, not as “a private individual” as so many pusillanimous foreign leaders do. Afterwards, he will speak at the Knesset.

Speaking of Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration . . .

Turkish PM Erdogan let it be known yesterday that he is starting an initiative at the United Nations to annul the Jerusalem Declaration.

How Erdogan or any other foreign leader can annul a declaration made by an American President is beyond your humble servant’s understanding. Of course, the U.N. can pass another resolution condemning the U.S. and Israel, and proclaiming that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, but so what?

Jerusalem is our eternal capital. Period.

Another dastardly ruling from the Israel High Court of Justice . . .

The Israel Supreme Court, acting in its capacity as the High Court of Justice, issued a ruling yesterday that Israel may not hold the bodies of dead Hamas terrorists pending the return of the bodies of our dead soldiers (or their body parts) by Hamas.

By tomorrow, a law will be introduced in the Knesset to circumvent the High Court–a Court which to any sane observer has gone completely off its rocker.


Today’s Blog:

Look At The Pictures: “A Cold-Blooded Execution”?

There was one other terror attack yesterday that was not included in the litany of terror attacks listed above. This one took place near Ramallah.

A Palestinian terrorist infiltrated a secure area near Judea and Samaria Square near Ramallah by posing as a journalist. He then took out a knife, rushed toward a Border Guard, began to stab him in the chest.

Other Border Guards some distance away saw what was happening and shot the terrorist. But following the ridiculous rules of engagement handed down after the Elor Azariya incident in Hevron, they did not shoot to kill him.

The terrorist then turned, rushed toward them, and revealed he was wearing an explosive vest. He was then shot again.

A Palestinian Red Crescent medical ambulance was nearby (as they always seem to be at planned terror events), and two Palestinian paramedics removed the terrorist and took him to Ramallah where he later died.

Almost immediately, the PLO leadership in Ramallah accused Israel of carrying out “a cold-blooded execution” and said that the “innocent man” was not wearing an explosive vest.

That all took place yesterday.

Today, the PLO isn’t saying anything because the following picture, taken by an Arab photographer (isn’t it amazing how these photographers also happen to be on hand for terror events?) released, perhaps unwittingly, this picture:


Take a good look; what does the terrorist have around his waist? (Picture source on photograph).

What did the terrorist have around his waist?

An explosive vest.

Oddly, CNN has also released the following picture of the terrorist today, but with the lead-in: “Police also say [the terrorist’s name] was wearing what appeared to be an explosives belt.” 

Picture source: CNN.

Picture source: CNN.

Police also say? Appeared to be?

Despite these pictures, the theme of international reportage about this incident will be precisely what the PLO fed to “journalists” at the outset: a “cold blooded execution” of an innocent man who was falsely accused of wearing an explosive vest.



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