How Do You Spell “Fake News”? CNN

5 Tevet 5778

23 December 2017


The News on the Israel Street

The Turkish invasion of Israel . . .

It is simply amazing how the Israel government has permitted Turkish citizens to swamp Jerusalem in the last few days. Turkish flags are suddenly everywhere in Arab neighborhoods of eastern Jerusalem–and even on the Temple Mount.

The Turkish flag and Palestinian flags on the Temple Mount. It is simply nauseating that the police do nothing to prevent displays like this--but quickly arrest anyone who dares to wave an Israeli flag on the Mount.

The Turkish flag and Palestinian flags on the Temple Mount  yesterday. It is nauseating that the police do nothing to prevent displays like this–but quickly arrest anyone who dares to show or wave an Israeli flag on the Mount.

In fact, according to various reports, around 45,000 Muslims prayed at the Al-Aksa Mosque yesterday. Of these 45,000, some 2,500 were Turks. 

Your humble servant wonders who is minding the store? How could so many Turks have been idiotically permitted entry into Israel much less the Temple Mount? 

It is mind-numbing that at precisely the moment that Turkish PM Erdogan is leading a worldwide Muslim movement calling for “the liberation of Jerusalem”, Israel is letting thousands of Turks come into the country and go straight to the Temple Mount–where they are engaging in violent pro-Erdogan demonstrations.

It is all just too much to believe.

The ultra-leftists were out in force in Tel Aviv last night . . .

And if the sight of Turkish flags on the Temple Mount aren’t enough to sicken you today, how about these signs at a ultra-left rally in Tel Aviv last night?

Small in number, this group was sickening nonetheless.

Small in number, this group was sickening nonetheless.



How Do You Spell “Fake News”? CNN

As we all know, CNN has long record of attacking Israel that dates back to the founding of the network.

In the last two weeks, however, this attack has reached new levels.

In the last two days, CNN has been touting its poll which supposedly shows that Americans do not support the decision to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Let’s explore the poll for a few moments today:

In fact, the CNN poll is not produced by CNN at all, but instead by SSRS, a polling company which has long been known for using skewed demographics in its polls.

Here’s how SSRS describes the study:

The study was conducted for CNN via telephone by SSRS, an independent research company. Interviews were conducted from December 14, 2017 – December 17, 2017 among a sample of 1,001 respondents. The landline total respondents were 401 and there were 600 of cell phone respondents. The margin of sampling error for total respondents is +/-3.6 at the 95% confidence level. The design effect is 1.4.

So 1001 Americans were interviewed by phone.

Note that there is no mention of the demographic, geographic, or political breakdown; in other words, we don’t know what percentage of the 1001 were men, women, whites, non-whites, Democrats, or Republicans. We don’t know if they lived in California, Wyoming, New Jersey, or who knows which states–or if they all lived in New York.

This fact alone should undermine any confidence that we have in the poll.

The “interview” contained 32 questions (actually more if you count the subquestions). It begins with begins with a series of questions related to President Trump’s performance.

By question 28, we are down to:

28. Do you approve or disapprove of the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

Then comes these results:



Obviously, according to statistics, 44% approve and 45% disapprove–just enough so that CNN can trumpet the headline “Most Americans disagree with Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem.”

Then this is further broken down into age groups, educational levels, and political parties.

Here are the political party results:


But these percentages don’t tell us how many Democrats, Republicans, and Independents were interviewed, and therefore beg the question: “How disproportionate was the interview sample?

In other words, given the fact that 79% of Republicans interviewed approved of the move, and only 11% disapproved–and that a slight majority of independents also approved–and that the gap between approving and disapproving Democrats was less than that of Republicans–how in the world could the poll have come up with a majority disapproving?

Only one way.

By interviewing a highly disproportionate number of Democrats.

Of course this is the problem with all polls commissioned by left wing organizations in the United States and Israel. All of these polls interview more people on the left than on the right until they get the results they want.

How do you spell fake news? One way is “CNN“.


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