A Thrilling Discovery At The Western Wall From The First Temple Period!

14 Tevet 5778

1 January 2018



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Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Halat Al-Amud (soldier wounded), Hawara, Abu Dis, Binyamin, Asira Ashmaliah, Itamar, Wadi Siman, the Hevron Hills, Idna, Bil’in, Shechem, the Jit Junction, Beit Ummar, Levona, throughout Gush Etzion , Jiftlik, Al-Fawwar, Hevron, Beit Haggai, Al Bireh, Beit Anun, Mt. Hevron, Neve Tzuf, along Route 465, Sinjil, Al-Khader, El Aruv, Janiya, Gush Talmonim, Al Mu’ayyir, Nebi Saleh, Beit El, Psagot, Havat Gilad, Deir Qadis, Shuafat, Gilad, Beitar, and Neria: these were just a few of many locations where Palestinian terrorists tried to kill Israelis yesterday.

MADA has not reported on how many were wounded in the above attacks that were reported to kolhayehudi, Rescue Judea and Samaria, and rotter.

Your prayers have helped . . .

Asher Elmaliach, the security guard stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, has “significantly improved”;  he is now breathing on his own and is communicating with those around him.

The first baby born in Hadassah in Jerusalem in 2018 . . .



Lishar and Idan Farhi are the proud parents of a new daughter!

The Likud votes to annex? . . .

The decision of the Likud Central Committee to extend Israeli sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria certainly marks a turning point in the fight to recover parts of our ancestral homeland.

However, the vote was, unfortunately, more limited than is being reported. It was not a vote to annex all of Judea and Samaria, and it is non-binding on the Likud leadership. In  tomorrow’s blog, we will discuss this in more detail.


A Thrilling Discovery At The Western Wall

From The First Temple Period! 

Photo from the Israel Antiquities Authority.

This seal is tiny, but its impact is enormous. Photo from the Israel Antiquities Authority.

In the ongoing archaeological excavation which has been taking place for years in the Kotel Plaza in front of the Western Wall, an incredible find was announced yesterday.

A seal from the time of the First Temple was unearthed.

The First Temple!

Dated to the 7th century BCE (about 2700 years ago), the seal was described by Prof. Tali Ornan of Hebrew University: 

“On a double standing line, two men stand facing one another, almost a mirror image of the other. And the hands facing up are raised, as if they were holding something together . . . each wearing a striped garment that reaches the point of the knees . . . In the section below the line [in ancient Hebrew] ‘to the city minister’ . . .

Jerusalem Antiquities Authority archaeologist Dr. Yuval Baruch added this: “The exceptional importance of the finds led the Antiquities Authority to conclude that the special structure from the First Temple period, which was exposed in the Western Wall plaza, should be preserved and developed as a site for the public.”

Your humble servant cannot wait until the site is opened.

When shown the seal, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat remarked that “It is very moving to see a seal from Jerusalem during the First Temple period, which shows that 2700 years ago Jerusalem was the capital of Israel and is one of the oldest cities in the world. We have been privileged to live in a city with a glorious past and it is our responsibility to develop and strengthen Jerusalem for future generations, and this is what we do every day.”

The capital of Israel 2700 years ago. A city with a glorious past and with a glorious future!



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