No To Gaza, No To Lebanon; I’ll Sacrifice My Life For Iran!

17 Tevet 5778

4 January 2018


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

*Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired three missiles (one missile at three separate times) at the Eshkol Region yesterday. There were no incoming missile alarms for any of the attacks. In response, the IAF blew up empty buildings, sand dunes, and a tunnel 200 meters inside of Gaza.

*Palestinian terrorists placed an IED on the Gaza Border fence near Kissufim. IDF sappers successfully detonated it with no casualties.

*Palestinian terrorists attacked Israelis with “rocks” and Molotovs at such places as Deiheisheh, Bruchin, the Hevron Hills, Itamar, El Aruv, different locations in Gush Etzion, Beit Ummar, Qalqilya, Yatta, Ateret, Rama, Elon Moreh, Eli Zahav, Turmus’aya, Ras Karkar, Jayyus, Beit Dajan, the Hatti Junction, Yitav, Hawara, Hizma, and Hevron.

Israel undercuts Trump . . .

In the wake of the announcement by the Trump Administration that it is on the verge of cutting off funding to the PLO, a senior Israeli official proclaimed yesterday that Israel does not support a cut in funding because “that is what keeps the PLO alive.”

Can you believe this?

It is the same rationale used for not bombing Hamas in Gaza: Israel wants to keep Hamas alive. 

Ever more cars on the road . . .

A Tel Aviv intersection at 7 am. The situation does not get any better all day (photo: Haaretz).

A Tel Aviv intersection at 7 am. The situation does not get any better all day (photo: Haaretz).

Another 281,563 cars were sold in Israel in 2017. Despite the fact that this is a 1.8% decrease from 2016, the simple fact is that the never ending increase in cars has produced a never ending increase in massive traffic jams throughout the country.

What were the top 5 car companies in terms of sales? Hyundai (39,781), KIA (35,663), Toyota (31,103), Skoda (21,742), and Suzuki (16,619).

What was the best-selling car? 11,765 Israelis purchased a KIA Picanto. 

The KIA Picanto (picture source on picture: car company "Centro").

The KIA Picanto (picture source on picture: car company “Centro”).



No To Gaza, No To Lebanon,

I’ll Sacrifice My Life For Iran!

It’s the 8th day of protests in Iran, and they are beginning to wind down as we all knew they would. Not only are the brutal Basij police now roaming the streets in force, but also Revolutionary Guard elite units that were deployed in Syria have been returned to Iran and sent to the main places of unrest.

Not surprisingly, Turkish PM Erdogan has rushed to the Ayatollah’s defense–after all, they did the same for him when a popular movement threatened to oust him in Turkey. For his part, President Trump is at least mouthing the words of support for the protesters that President Obama should have uttered when the last Iranian protests took place.

As we all know by now, what began as protests against the economic situation quickly morphed into a statement against government leaders and government policy. One of the main chants heard in many different cities in Iran has been:

No To Gaza, No To Lebanon,

I’ll Sacrifice My Life For Iran!

No to Gaza? No to Lebanon?

It is fascinating but unsurprising that while the Iranian leadership is blaming “the Zionists” for fomenting the unrest, the public is saying no to the Palestinians and no to Hezbollah. Iran’s military adventures abroad have bled money from the economy that have left many Iranians in dire straits.

Perhaps because of this, there seems to be an increasing fatigue on the Muslim street for the constant infantile whining of the Palestinians. Countries which should be spending money on their own local populations are being bled to death by indolent Palestinians who largely live on the backs of poor people throughout the Middle East.

Obviously, the Iranian public’s argument against the Palestinians is not an ideological one, it is an economic one. It is an argument that is likely to continue to resonate no matter how the current wave of protests ends.

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