Law 76 Passes: Palestinians Denied Rights To Education, Health Care, Work, and Travel

18 Tevet 5778

5 January 2018


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

The last 24 hours have seen numerous terror attacks. Some of the worst took place at Sha’are Tikva Square in Samaria, Gilad, Shechem, Beit ur A-Tahta, Road 443, Karmei Tzur, Al Fawwar, Hevron, Havat Yehuda, Itamar, Elon Moreh, and on the Mt. of Olives.

No Israelis were physically wounded, but many were treated for trauma.

Palestinian crime in Israel in 2017 . . .

According to police data, Palestinians from Areas A and B carried out massive crime in Israel: 

*37% of all apartment burglaries were carried out by Palestinians

*49% of all vehicle theft was carried out by Palestinians

One might think that with checkpoints and the separation fence, it would be difficult for Palestinians to get into Israel to steal anything. But remember, dear reader, that at any one time there are some 150,000 Palestinians in Israel–either legally with work permits or illegally having sneaked across the fence.

Fake Israeli news . . . 

The leftist Israeli news media loves to report that construction is about to resume in Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem. They do this in order to galvanize opposition to construction. 

The news today is that:

*Our so-called “Defense” Minister Lieberman has ordered that the process for offering apartments for sale and approval for construction be speeded up.

*4813 new housing units are on the verge of being approved.

Of course, neither of these stories is true. Lieberman is about as likely to speed up construction and sale as your humble servant is to swim the Pacific Ocean this morning. And as for 4813 new apartments? 




Law 76 Passes: Palestinians Denied Rights To Education, Health Care, Work, and Travel

Earlier this week, the legislature passed a new law, approved by President Fuad Maatoum, that:

*changes the status of Palestinians from citizens to foreigners

*denies Palestinians the right to free education

*denies Palestinians free health services

*denies Palestinians the ability to travel outside the country

*prohibits Palestinians from working in any governmental institution

Knowing the intellectual prowess of my readers, I’m sure you have all figured out by now that none of this has anything to do with Israel. Fuad Maatoum is the President of Iraq and the legislature is the Iraq legislature.

It would be easy to feel sorry for the poor Palestinians based on Law 76, but your humble servant has a hard time doing so.

Today there are about 7,000 “Palestinians” still living in Iraq, down from some 40,000 in 2003. What we in Israel remember is how they all worshiped Saddam Hussein, and danced in the street when he attacked Israel with 39 SCUD missiles back during the Gulf War.

We all remember celebrations like this with Iraqi and PLO flags--and pictures of Saddam Hussein.

We all remember celebrations like this with Iraqi and PLO flags–and pictures of Saddam Hussein.

One might well ask the question of where is the United Nations in all of this? Where is a resolution condemning Iraq for its treatment of the Palestinians? Why aren’t the Palestinians in Ramallah jumping up and down with anger and indignation?

Obviously, there is no resolution in the U.N. because all of the Arab countries treat the Palestinians the same way.

And why are the Palestinians in Ramallah quiet? Because they don’t want the “Iraqi Palestinians” either. It is worthwhile remembering that the Palestinian Authority (aka the PLO) has already declared that so-called “Palestinian refugees” would not be welcome in “Palestine” should a peace agreement ever be reached. 






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