“Today is the day that the Oslo Accords end!”

29 Tevet 5778

16 January 2018



The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Look closely at this picture from last night. Note the hole in the windshield just over the bus driver's head, and the driver ducking to avoid the "rock". This is exactly how Palestinian terrorists cause crashes.

Look closely at this scratchy picture from last night. Note the hole in the windshield just over the bus driver’s head, and the driver ducking to avoid the “rock”. This is exactly how Palestinian terrorists cause crashes in an attempt to murder Israeli men, women, and children.

More than 40 Palestinian terror attacks were reported by residents to the Rescue Judea and Samaria hotline, hakolhayehudi, and rotter. Here are a few of the sites where terrorists attacked:

Nazareth, Erez, Umm Safa, Nebi Elias, Road 443, Beit Safa, Hizma, Husan, Qalqilya, Burqin, Azzun, Joseph’s Tomb, Shechem, Beitar Illit, Um Tzuba, Ofra, Al Fawwar, all along the Gush Etzion-Hevron Road, Hevron, Beit Ummar, Tekoa, the Lieberman Bridge, throughout Gush Etzion, Silwad, and Jayyus.

The most absurd news of the day . . .

Try to wrap your minds around this, dear readers.

Spurred by the gruesome machine-gun murder of Rabbi Raziel Shevach last week, the Ministry of Defense has accelerated the installation of security cameras at all junctions in Judea and Samaria.

Guess who the IDF has hired to install the cameras?

A Jewish contractor who exclusively uses Palestinian workers from Hevron.

Yes, you read that correctly. Palestinians from Hevron, one of the hottest sources of Palestinian terrorism, are in charge of installing cameras supposedly designed to stop Palestinian terrorism.

Such is the bizarre mindset of our Ministry of Defense.

Good news from Jordan this morning . . .

It is expected that the Trump Administration will be making some announcement about UNRWA today. The question is whether the U.S. contribution to the abominable organization be reduced or not?

However, in advance of that announcement, UNRWA operations in Jordan announced today that 200 UNRWA employees were being terminated because of the financial difficulties caused by the “lack of money transfer.”

To paraphrase an old joke, what do you call the termination of 200 UNRWA employees? A good start.

Speaking of a good start . . .

There was another trial run of the new Tel Aviv-Jerusalem railway today at which it was announced by Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz that the rail line would be named: “The Tracks of King David”.

Riding on the tracks of King David.

Riding on the tracks of King David.




“Today is the day that the Oslo Accords end!”

As more of the unedited version of Mahmoud’s shouting rant at the PLO Central Council on Sunday dribbles out, the more strident it becomes.

For example, Abbas did not utter the Arab curse “May your house be destroyed!” in a vacuum. It came after Abbas blasted the United States and Donald Trump and threatened “we will retaliate.”

One can take that comment in a number of ways, but at the very least declaring “We will retaliate. May your house be destroyed!” has a very definite terrorist implication for a country whose president sits in the White House.

Before that came Abbas’ declaration that “Today is the day that the Oslo Accords end.” Of course, many of us thought that the Oslo Accords ended during the months after they were signed on August 20, 1993 when Israel idiotically agreed to bringing 2000 Palestinian terrorists into Judea and Samaria from Tunisia.

During the remainder of 1993 and in 1994, six Palestinian suicide bombers blew themselves up in six attacks that killed nearly 40 Israelis and wounded hundreds more. Between that point and 2007, more than 160 more suicide bombers blew more than 1200 Israelis to pieces.

Have there been any positive effects of Oslo?

Yes, if you consider that Judea and Samaria were divided up into Areas A, B, and C with 97% of the Palestinian population in Areas A and B–and all of the Jewish communities in C. It was a clean divorce. It is long past time for Israel to act on that divorce by annexing C to Israel.

On the other hand, a so-called positive effect of Oslo was “security cooperation” between Palestinians and Israelis. Yet, that security cooperation did not stop all the suicide bombers between 1994-2007, nor does it stop all the terrorism that we report in this blog everyday.

In fact, what the security cooperation mainly accomplishes is just one thing: the propping up of the PLO in general and Mahmoud Abbas in particular. Without Israeli support, Abbas would have disappeared long ago.

All of which explains the announcement out of Ramallah this morning that despite the fact that “the Oslo Accords are ended”, security cooperation has not.


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