Once again, IsraAID to the rescue!

24 Av 5776

Sunday, August 28 2016


UPDATES  8 am Israel time:

…Once again, Israel to the rescue…

IsraAid team members are easy to spot with their orange shirts and helmets.

IsraAID team members are easy to spot with their orange shirts and helmets (picture: tower).

It might come as interest to you, dear reader, to discover that the only foreign aid organization on the ground in the Italian towns struck by the earthquake last Wednesday and aftershocks is IsraAID.

If you look very closely at the man's T-shirt, you will see the Israeli flag (picture IsraAID).

If you look very closely at the man’s T-shirt, you will see the Israeli flag (picture IsraAID).

20 IsraAID members who specialize in trauma, search, and rescue have been helping local rescuers to save those buried in the rubble and treat those still suffering from shock.

Other countries talk about helping out when disasters occur; Israel actually acts.

…Palestinian terror unreported in the mainstream media…

Missiles fired at southern Israel, stabbings, attempted stabbings, “rocks”, riots–all these were part of Saturday in Israel, and none of them were likely covered by the media wherever you happen to be in the world.

Let’s begin with the missiles. Two rockets were fired at the residents of southern Israel just before midnight last night. No alarms were sounded because the rockets exploded in “open areas” (this means they did not score a direct hit on a building). Residents heard the impact explosions, but where they exploded, near Nirot or just across the Gaza border fence in Gaza remains unknown at this hour.

Also, just before midnight a man was stabbed in Jerusalem and was treated for “moderate” wounds at Ein Kerem hospital. This incident followed thwarted stabbing attacks at the Cave of the Patriarchs and at the Qalandiya checkpoint in the middle of the afternoon.

A border policeman was wounded in the eye by terrorist “rock” throwers just outside of Jerusalem; other cases of “rock” throwing occurred at Ma’ale, Rantisi, Silwan, the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, Tuba Al Gharbia, and Kiryat Arba.

At Mevo Dotan last night, 5 Palestinian terrorists were captured with a rifle and bullets during check at a roadblock.

…The U.N. and E.U. plan to empower Palestinian terrorism…

As reported in the Jerusalem Post this morning, there is a new $2.1 million dollar initiative plan, devised under the cover of the U.N. Security Council, to “empower Palestinian women.”

Except that the budget for the plan reveals that little if any empowerment of women will take place.

    From the $2,100,000 Budget

$1,300,000 is to be skimmed right off the top by the PLO. Supposedly to be used to fight “the occupation” and further Palestinian claims at the International Criminal Court, the money will undoubtedly flow straight into the pockets of Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies.

$202,500 is to be used by the PLO to build “international coalitions against the Israeli occupation.

$118,000 is to be used by the PLO to encourage countries who have pledged financial commitments to the PLO to honor those commitments. (Can you believe this?)

$81,600 is to be used by the PLO for “presenting written and oral reports” to the U.N. Human Rights Council. 

$54,000 is to be set aside for preparing U.N. resolutions against Israel.

So that accounts for $1,756,100.  How much is left for “women’s empowerment”?

You can do the math: $343,900.

And how will this money be used to empower women? By helping them through education? By helping them build businesses? By helping them escape the shackles of their patriarchal-driven society that encourages wife-beating and honor killings?


The money will be used to “document crimes against women by Israelis”, prepare files of complaint against Israelis, and develop monitoring mechanisms against Israelis (whatever that means).

All in all, “the empowerment of Palestinian women” is just another in a long list of scams put forward by the United Nations and the European Union to demean and delegitimize Israel.  



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