“‘Rock’ throwing is terror in every sense.”

25 Av 5776

Monday, August 29 2016


UPDATES  9 am Israel time:

 . . . Achva Halva returns to Brussels Airlines . . .

The dessert package of Ahva halva that has been returned to Brussels Airlines.

The dessert package of Achva halva that has been returned to Brussels Airlines.

Only days after announcing a boycott of Achva Halva as a dessert snack on its aircraft, Brussel Airlines announced yesterday that it is canceling its boycott.

Why? Brussels disingenuously claimed it was because it did not realize that the Achva plant employed Palestinians and Israeli Arabs among others–and it did not want to boycott such a “positive” role model.

More likely, it had something to do with Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin’s threat that “a company such as this has no place in the skies of the State of Israel, and its name should be taken off the flight board of Ben Gurion Airport.”

. . . Not only do the Palestinians want to ethnically cleanse Jews from Israel, they also want to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from “Palestine.”

The new city of Rawabi between Bir Zeit and Ramallah has two messages for prospective buyer: no Jews allowed, and no Palestinian "refugees" allowed.

The new city of Rawabi between Bir Zeit and Ramallah has two messages for prospective buyers: no Jews allowed, and no Palestinian “refugees” allowed.

If you can believe this, the new Palestinian city of Rawabi that is going up near Ramallah has declared that no Palestinian “refugee” from a UNRWA “refugee camp” under Palestinian control can buy an apartment in the new city.

The “refugees” must stay in their “refugee camps.”

Of course, this really comes as no surprise. After all, the PLO has been saying for years now that if there is a two state solution, no Palestinian living in a “refugee camp” in “Palestine” or outside of “Palestine” will be able to return to “Palestine.” They will only be allowed to “return to their homes” in Israel.

. . . We wonder what Obama thinks about that? . . .

Two days ago, we had more Iranian ships accosting U.S. naval vessels in the Straits of Hormuz.

Yesterday, we had the news that the Iranians had immediately positioned Russian S-300 missile defense systems around its supposedly innocuous Fordo nuclear site.

The hardened underground Iranian nuclear facility. If nothing is happening there why are S-300 missile batteries being place all around it?

The hardened underground Iranian nuclear plutonium facility at Fordo. If nothing is happening there why are S-300 missile batteries being placed all around it?

Today comes the news that the Iranians have arrested one of their own diplomats who helped negotiate the Nuclear Appeasement Agreement with the Obama Administration and charged him with “suspicion of espionage.” 

What will the Iranians do next?

And what does Obama think about all of this? One doubts it bothers him at all.

. . . Administrative detentions continue . . .

You remember the case of Meir Ettinger who was held in an Israeli prison for almost a year without being charged with a crime, without access to lawyers, and without access to family.

When Ettinger was finally released a few months ago under extreme restrictions, the case of Jewish administrative detainees went off of the radar.

However, it is worthwhile noting that Gen. Roni Numa of the IDF Central Command continues issuing detention orders confining Jewish teens to house arrest and worse. At the moment there are 40 “prisoners”, again being restrained without ever being charged with any crime.

. . . Another IDF soldier is on the verge of being charged with manslaughter. . .

Two days ago, we reported here on israelstreet that a Palestinian terrorist had charged an IDF observation post, refused repeated commands to halt, and had been shot dead for fear that he was a suicide attacker.

This morning comes the unbelievable news that the IDF Prosecutor’s Office is thinking about charging the soldier with manslaughter because it turned out that the Palestinian was unarmed.

Meanwhile, the trial of the Hevron soldier charged with manslaughter continues with witness after witness now taking the stand to support the soldier’s account of events. 

“Circus”, “fiasco”, it’s hard to choose the right word to describe what’s going on in the courtroom.

Defense Minister Lieberman weighed in yesterday concerning the new charges that are being contemplated:

“Remember that soldiers fight terrorism every day, and they can’t head out on their missions with an accompanying layer. Sometimes their judgment is correct, and sometimes not, but we can’t reach a situation in which a soldier has to ask for a lawyer before taking action.”


Here are a few of the “rock” terror attacks that occurred yesterday. Terrorists assaulted Israeli motorists at Huwara, on the road beside Rachel’s Tomb, Beit Hanina, in Hevron, beside Kiryat Arba, Efrat, Budrus, Orif, and Al Khader.

In each of the above attacks, the intent of the terrorists was to smash the windshields and windows of cars and cause the cars to crash, or to wound and kill the driver and passengers outright. Luckily, no Israeli men, women, or children were physically wounded yesterday.

But as all readers of this blog know, many times Israelis are not so fortunate.

Three-year-old Adele Biton died as a result of a “rock” that smashed through the windshield of her mother Adva’s car causing her to lose control and crash.

Adele Biton--before the terrorism took her life.

Adele Biton–before the “rock” attack that took her life.

55-year-old Avraham Hossano of Har Hevron was killed when “rock” throwers assaulted his car in October of last year.

Asher Palmer and his one-year-old son were both killed near Kiryat Arba when a “rock” smashed through the windshield of the Palmers’ car fracturing Asher’s skull and causing him to lose control and crash.

Asher Palmer and his son Jonatan: Murdered by Palestinian terrorists last Friday near Hevron.

Asher Palmer and his son Jonatan: Murdered by Palestinian “rock” throwers near Hevron.

The Palmer’s car:

Asher Palmer's car. Barely visible is the shattered windshield.

Asher Palmer’s car. Barely visible is the shattered windshield.

The list goes on and on.

It should be pointed out that most of the time, such in the attacks that happened today, none of the terrorists are captured. And it should also be pointed out that in recent months, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has acted to toughen the sentences handed down to “rock” throwers who are captured and convicted.

Your humble servant mentions all of this because of an outrageous decision by the Israel Supreme Court yesterday.

Context: a year ago, 7 Palestinians were captured by the police after they had committed multiple attacks on Israelis along Road 20 which runs between Route 443 and Pisgat Ze’ev. A number of people were badly wounded including a man who was assaulted while he was changing his tire beside the road. The 7 Palestinians ranged in age from 13.5 (the Court’s numerology) to 17.

They were convicted and variously sentenced from one to three years.

Immediately their case was appealed by various “human rights” NGOs. Yesterday, a 3-person group of Supreme Court justices reduced their sentences, variously, from nine months to two months. 

In reducing the sentences, the judges ruled that the punishments were “too severe for minors”, especially since this was their first offense.

The judges’ convoluted statement:

“We view the actions of the appellants with the utmost severity, especially since we’re not talking about events which developed spontaneously, but which involved on-site planning, in the framework of which the appellants formed a plan for hurting Jews – because they were Jews.

Behavior of this kind, motivated by ideological concerns, meant to disrupt daily life in the state – needs a tough and deterring response in the form of tangible punishments. However, one cannot escape the fact that all the appellants were minors, aged 14 to 17, at the time the crimes were committed.

This court has stood, more than once, by the fact that, even in cases involving crimes committed for nationalistic reasons, a proper balance must be maintained when dealing with the punishment of a minor.”

The absurdity of this ruling–which seems solely based on the terrorists’ ages–can easily be seen in the context of other crimes that take place here on a daily basis. For example, what about the 17-year-old terrorist who murdered Hallel Yaffa Ariel as she slept several months ago? Did the fact that he was “a minor” stop him from gruesomely stabbing her dozens of times while she slept? Does his age somehow mitigate his actions?

But back to the “rock” throwing aspect of this story.

Always eloquent Adva Biton was aghast at the Court’s ruling:

“[The justices on the Court] need to understand that a rock is a killing tool in every sense . . . a rock can cause death – just like what happened to my daughter. . . The courts need to understand that rock throwing is terror in every sense, and these things should not be taken lightly.

The Jewish nation has a lot of compassion, morals, and a love of mankind. I’m sorry to say it, but sometimes, this hurts us. This is how we sometimes fall to the wayside… instead of responding with determination, we are always on the defensive, and our enemies view this as weakness.

It’s time we understood that if the other side’s power and daring increase, the red line gets blurred as well. What was once a red line – is being crossed. I call on the government and for legal officials to be more harsh with these terrorists. I know that people in the high ranks of government and the legal system are afraid of what the world will think about us, but they need to understand that this policy of light sentencing is signaling weakness.

We, the residents of Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem, and Israel in general, absorb this stone-throwing terrorism – which has already cost lives – every day. We need to give these terrorists the maximum punishment . . .”

As usual, what Adva Biton says is absolutely true.






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