Egregious Religious Discrimination on the Temple Mount Continues

24 Av 5777

16 August 2017


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terrorism in the last 24 hours . . .

26 terror incidents have been reported in the last 24 hours.

Palestinian terrorists threw “rocks” and Molotovs  in Gush Etzion near El Khader, between Kiryat Arba and Beit Anun, at Hizma, between the Horseshoe Junction and Ras Karkar, between Beit Ummar and El Arub, one and a half kilometers east of the Maccabim Checkpoint, and at numerous other places.

Palestinian terrorists attacked security personnel at Kiryat Arba, Abu Dis, Rachel’s Tomb, Hawara, Hevron, and at numerous other places.

Israel’s “partner for peace” (LOL) issues a declaration . . . 

Praising North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Say what?

Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, the Chairman of the PLO and the self-appointed dictator of the so-called “Palestinian Authority”, issued a statement yesterday praising fellow dictator Kim Jong-un of North Korea. He particularly praised Kim and the North Korean people for their “many sacrifices for their freedom and honor.”

What wonderful logic spews forth from the Israel judiciary . . .

The head of the Islamic Movement’s Northern Branch, Raed Salah, was arrested for the umpteenth time yesterday (Salah is regularly arrested, imprisoned, and released).

But yesterday, the arrest ran afoul of a judge in the Rishon LeZion Magistrate’s Court who said that Salah cannot be accused of “incitement” because he was merely “reciting words from the Koran.”

Say what?

Never mind that Salah’s words regularly lead to terror attacks, the judge would have us believe that his speeches urging his followers to kill Jews are acceptable as long as they are taken from the Koran.


The Labor Party transforms itself . . .

The “new” Labor Party under new leader Avi Gabbay began to transform itself yesterday. A few items of note:

*First, the Labor Party decided that the recent party election was valid. Amir Peretz’s challenge was ruled invalid.

*Second, it was revealed that Avi Gabbay has been engaged in talks to bring former PM Ehud Barak back into the party, and to add former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon as well.

*Third, when Tzipi Livni showed up to her office, she found that she no longer had one. Gabbay is apparently on the verge of tearing up the Party’s “contract” with Livni. It looks like the end of the ridiculously named “Zionist Camp.”

The sorry state of education in Israel . . .

A new report from the Shoresh Foundation paints an intriguing picture of Israeli education. Some statistics:

–Israeli students rank near the bottom of all students in OECD countries: 24 of 25.

–The number of pupils per teacher in Israeli elementary schools is 15.5 (OECD average 15.1), in secondary schools 11.2 (OECD average 13.4).

–The number of students per class in elementary school is 26.7, in secondary school 28.1–both numbers are among the worst in the OECD.

So what is wrong?

Obviously based on the above statistics, one can blame overcrowding, but your humble servant suggests that would miss the point.

In my opinion:

1. There is a dynamic breakdown at the point of instruction. Israelis teachers are not doing the job.

2. There is a dynamic breakdown in the education of children at home. During the past week, your humble servant has been vacationing in a hotel in Eilat and had occasion to take a family member to a doctor’s office. In both locations, children were running around wreaking havoc without any parental supervision whatsoever. One can only imagine what they do in their own homes.



Egregious Religious Discrimination on the Temple Mount Continues

Let’s begin with two interesting pictures from yesterday.

First, we have your humble servant’s friend Yehuda Glick in his new office:

Knesset Member and Temple Mount Activist Yehuda Glick with his security guard yesterday.

Knesset Member and Temple Mount Activist Yehuda Glick with his security guard yesterday.

In protest against the Netanyahu government’s continuing prohibition against Knesset legislators ascending the Mount, Rabbi Glick set up shop yesterday at the Lion’s Gate–one of 9 Muslim access gates to the Mount and the place where the two Israeli Druze policemen were murdered last month.

Glick is particularly upset that he and other Jewish legislators are not allowed on the Mount while Muslim legislators come and go at will.

Talk about egregious religious discrimination.

Do you remember this picture from back in June?

This screen shot from a Facebook posting went viral.

This screen shot from a Facebook video posting went viral. It shows Tom Nisani putting the marriage ring on Sara Lurcat–on the Temple Mount beside the Kipat HaSela (Dome of the Rock).

The Nisani-Lurcat wedding was done furtively and lasted less than 5 seconds. Nevertheless, when the Israel Police found out what happened, both Nisani and Lurcat were summoned to a police station for interrogation. An administrative order was then issued that forbids the couple from going to the Mount again until January, 2019.

Compare that with what happened yesterday:

Another couple on the Mount--this time a Muslim couple.

Another couple on the Mount–this time a Muslim couple.

Guess what? No police interference, no police summons, no restraining orders, “no nothing.”

Just a happy Muslim couple with no need for secrecy–standing in front of the holiest place in Judaism–the Foundation Stone which is under the Kipat HaSela.

Talk about egregious religious discrimination.

One final note about the Mount. There was a curious report making the rounds yesterday that talks are underway between the Palestinians and Jordan (note how Israel is excluded) to return the status quo on the Mount to the way it was before the year 2000.

As you probably do not remember, Jews and Christians were allowed at that time to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Rock, and the Wakf Museum after buying a ticket to do so. What your humble servant remembers is that the first time he went into the Kipat HaSela, he simply walked through the door; no ticket was required. But that was back in 1983.

But again, note how Israel is being excluded from the decision making regarding the administration of the Temple Mount–the holiest site in Judaism–and the site of our First and Second Temples.

Talk about egregious religious discrimination.






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