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The Temple Mount: A Microcosm Of The Mistreatment of Israelis in Israel

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Posted in News | Tagged 30000 palestinians, al-aksa, and an extreme group of Jews is going there to provoke them, and elsewhere in Jerusalem, ascending, Assad senior advisor and conduit for Hezbollah (2008), assassination, bad week, basic freedoms, battles in syria, beirut, beset by political correctness, buried, control, deny, deny Israelis basic rights, disastrous replay, dome of the rock, expose israelis to injury and even death, Gen. Hassan Tehrani, Gen. Mohammed Suleiman, Hamas smuggler working with Hezbollah, hassan al laqis, Hezbollah, high on the list, Imad Mughniyeh, in our own country, international friends, iran hezbollah hamas terrorist pipeline, Israel, israelis in israel, isreal, It is absurd for the Jerusalem Police to label Jews who want to pray at Judaism's holiest site as "extreme", It is absurd for the Jerusalem Police to think that the only reason that Jews want to pray on the Temple Mount is to "provoke" Arabs, It is absurd that Arabs have virtually unfettered access to Judaism's holiest place, It is absurd that hundreds of Palestinians can riot for hours and attack the Jerusalem Police with "rocks", It is absurd that Jerusalem Police are so invested in protecting Arab rights, it is absurd that the Jerusalem Police have totally bought into the Islamic narrative of the "Muslim Temple Mount", Jerusalem, jerusalem police, judaisms holiest place, key figure in the Iranian missile program (2011), melee, microcosm, mistreatment, Mohammed al-Mabhouh, moshe feiglin, mosques, Not until Israel accords Jewish Israelis basic human rights and protections on the Temple Mount, oslo accords, Palestinians, parked his car, peace plan, pictures, President obama, prohibited, reaction, religious jews, right of religious freedom, Samaria, self-serving, senior commander, Shmuel Ben-Ruby, shot to death, so afraid, sovereign control, stages, stun grenades, supreme military commander of Hezbollah (2008), temple mount, The Arabs don't like the Jews coming there to pray, throwing rocks, what caused, will Israel provide Israelis with basic human rights and protections in Judea, worshiped | Comments Off on The Temple Mount: A Microcosm Of The Mistreatment of Israelis in Israel