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A Morally Bankrupt Government Making Morally Bankrupt Decisions

UPDATES 10 am Israel time, Monday, October 28 2013: **Southern Israel has been hit by 7 missiles and mortars over the last 12 hours with explosions taking place in the Chof Ashkelon and Eshkol regions. There are unconfirmed reports of … Continue reading

Posted in News | Tagged a 29 year old IDF corporal who was gunned down while on guard duty in Ramallah in 1985, a 67 year old Holocaust survivor who was axed to death, acknowledgement that there will be no more claims, Aharon Avidar, akiva shaltiel, amnon pomernatz, and the release of 26 Palestinian murderers who murdered 27 Israelis between 1984 and 1994, anti government, avi osher, bayit yehudi, black day for Israel, blown to pieces, bludgeoned to death, burned alive, chof ashkelon, david kaspi, david reuven, demonstration, disastrous, economic situation, election, eshkol, explosions, fraud, genia friedman, gideon saar, gilad erdan, gilboa forest, grads, guy friedman, hanegbi, Hassan Katavia and Lutfi Saadi, hatcheted to death, hatnua, idf soldier, iron dome intercepts, Isaac Rotenburg, Jerusalem, jordan, leah elmakias, lieberman, likud, Limor Livnat, list of victims, mahane yehuda market, michal cohen, missiles, mohammad atwana, mohammed hassouna, morally bankrupt government, mortars, moshe leon, moti biton, Muslim Brotherhood, mycera khalifa, Netanyahu, Netanyahu's decision to rejoin the so-called U.N. "Human Rights" Council, Our demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people is not meant to obtain Palestinian ratification, point blank range, qassams, ravital sari, religious extremism, reserve, ron levy, rope, shimon cohen, shot in the head, shot to death, southern israel, stabbed to death, stabbing attack here and there, strangled to death, syrian refugees, the backing off of the Israeli demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, the release of murderers, the vote to stymie legislation to stop the release of more Palestinian murderers, This is a sad day for the fight against terror in Israel, turmoil, tzipi livni, tzvi klein, united nations human rights council, will be released by Benjamin Netanyahu today, Yaakov Peri, Yael German, yair lapid, yakov shalom, yesh atid, yield to the pressure, Yigal Vachnin, yosef eliyahu, yosef shirazi, Yuval Steintiz | Comments Off on A Morally Bankrupt Government Making Morally Bankrupt Decisions