The Death Toll in Gaza Continues To Mount


UPDATES 8:00 am Israel time, Thursday, August 28 2014:

**The death toll continues to mount in Gaza. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, a 20 year old woman was accidentally shot to death during the Hamas victory celebrations on Tuesday night (numerous others were wounded).

Let’s see:

1 woman killed by celebratory gunfire

25 killed (at least) by Hamas execution squads who accused them of being collaborators

30 killed (at least) by Hamas execution squads who worried that because they had helped build tunnels, they would reveal the location of the tunnels–those killed were mostly children

126 killed (at least) by Hamas before the war started in the process of building the tunnels–mostly children

20 killed (at least) while attempting to protest against Hamas during the war

numerous (who knows how many) killed by errant Hamas mortars and missiles that hit Palestinian homes, shelters, and random people in the street

numerous (who knows how many) killed by Hamas during the war in the process of using them as human shields

numerous (who knows how many) killed by Hamas because Hamas refused to let the wounded people in Gaza receive medical care in Israel. More than this, Hamas repeatedly attacked the Israeli crossings through which the wounded and medical supplies were being transported

But who cares about any of these Palestinian deaths? Certainly not the international media. Far be it for anyone to criticize Palestinians killing Palestinians.


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