Great Pro-Israel Links (Israel Supporters Are Never Alone!)

Posted on October 21, 2010 by admin

America’s pro-Israel lobby: working to strengthen the relationship between the U.S. and Israel.
Blue Truth
Feeling the truth…exposing the lies.
The excellent website of the Committee for Accuracy in ME reporting in America.
Caroline Glick
The remarkable columnist for the Jerusalem Post.
Chai Wire
Israel related news and views.
Christians for Fair Witness
Advocating for fairness in North American Protestant and Catholic churches on Israel issues.
Christians United For Israel (CUFI)
Gives Christians an opportunity to speak with one voice in support of Israel.
CIF Watch
Monitoring and exposing anti-Semitism.
Daled Amos
Daniel Gordis: Dispatches from an Anxious State
Few people say it as well as Gordis.
Daniel Pipes
Analysis and comment on radical Islam.
A unique perspective on military events involving and affecting Israel.
Dennis Prager
Articulate commentary from a passionate Zionist.
Dr. Ginosar Recalls
A member of Lechi during the war for Independence gives blogs about Zionism.
Dry Bones
Yaakov Kirschen’s funny and pointed cartoons!
Elder of Ziyon
One of the best Zionist blogs on the net–linked to on this site above.
Emet m’Tsiyon
A philosophical approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Ettinger Report
From the pen of Yoram Ettinger
Facts and logic about the Middle East
Former Muslims United
The website of Nonie Darwish, Walid Shoebat, and Wafa Sultan.
Friends of the IDF
“Their job is to look after Israel. Ours is to look after them.”
Honest Reporting
One of the best: monitoring media bias.
IDF Spokesperson Blog
The latest from the Israel Defense Forces.
Isi Liebler–Candidly Speaking
The veteran Israeli Jewish leader with his always interesting comments.
Israel Defender
Jock Falkson tells it like it is on all things related to Israel.
Israel Muse
News and information related to Israel.
Down under punditry about the Middle East.
Created to keep Israel proud.
Israel news and commentary.
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Israel security, regional diplomacy, and international law
As the name implies, first-rate punditry.
Love of the Land
The always excellent  Middle East Media Research Institute.
Mere Rhetoric
Omri Ceren’s blog focuses on the global war between the West and political Islam.
Meryl Yourish
Home of Israel Double Standard Time.
Michael Savage
Home of the intrepid pro-Israeli radio announcer and his Savage Nation.
Middle East Analysis
Comment and analysis about the Middle East.
Middle East Forum
Promoting American interests in the Middle East.
Middle East Piece
Fascinating facts. 
One Jerusalem
I think you can guess the thrust of this excellent blog.
Peace With Realism
Working for a just peace
Ron Mossad
“The whole world is against us; never mind, we’ll overcome.”
Sderot Media Center
What’s happening on the front line with Gaza.
Stand With Us
Tirelessly fighting for Israel in many venues.
Zionism on the Web
Combatting hate, antisemitism, and racism.
Zionist Organization of America
Still there. Still fighting as hard as ever!

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