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A Sea of Blood in Halamish 7/22/17

From the Obama to the Trump State Department 7/21/17

Cowed by the Threat of Palestinian Violence Again 7/20/17

The “True Friends, Partners, and Brothers” of the Chinese 7/19/17

The Iranian Problem in Syria 7/18/17

Just How Craven Is Our Israeli Government 7/17/17

The Shocking Reality of the Temple Mount 7/16/17

The Terror Attack in Jerusalem Yesterday 7/15/17

The Terror Attack in Jerusalem This Morning 7/14/17

Israel’s Gas Pipeline Takes A Dangerous Turn Through Turkey 7/13/17

How Could This Happen? 7/12/17

Another PLO “Begging Junket” Pays Off 7/11/2017

Our Messages to the Netanyahu Security Cabinet and to Hamas 8/13/14

Palestinian Homes Bulldozed–Poor Families Left To Sleep In Rubble 7/12/12

Beware Of What You Ask For: The PLO Condemns “Western ‘Human Rights’ And ‘Peace’ Activists” 7/11/12

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