Adar 18, 5777

March 16, 2017


Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Aside from more than 20 efforts of Palestinians to incinerate Israelis in their cars by hitting them with Molotovs and to cause them to crash their cars by striking them with “rocks”, it was a fairly normal day in Israel.

Part of that “normal” was a bulldozer attack at the Gush Etzion Junction in which a female terrorist suddenly rammed her car into a bus stop attempting to run over a group of Israelis who were standing there. None of them were physically wounded; however, a young, pregnant woman was traumatized and had to be treated by MADA and hospitalized.

Another part of the “normal” was a missile attack launched by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza against the Sdot Negev area near the Gaza Border. No Israelis were wounded. In what has become a disturbing trend, no sirens warned Israelis of the incoming rockets.

Later in the day, the IAF absurdly bombed the curbside of an empty road in Gaza in response.

A waste of a bomb. What's new?

A waste of a bomb. What’s new?

A big day for the Temple Mount . . .

After tireless efforts, Knesset members Yehuda Glick and Shuli Muallem have established the first ever Temple Mount Lobby in the Knesset.

According to the Lobby, its purpose is to promote the implementation of practical suggestions for encouraging visits of Jews to the Temple Mount and strengthening the Jewish connection to the holy site [including] the expansion of the entrance and opening hours on the mountain, and changing police restrictions for Jews.”

This Lobby has long been needed, and we on here on israelstreet wish it great success in tackling a problem that has festered and grown worse since 1967.


Multiculturalism Run Amok in Caesarea

Just when you thought you had seen everything comes this picture:

Picture source: Channel 20.

Picture source: Channel 20. Note that one boy was not going along with the crowd.

So what are you looking at?

Every year, in its infinite politically incorrect lack of wisdom, the Caesarea school district arranges “coexistence field trips” of Jewish elementary school children in the town to the nearby Israeli-Arab town of Jisr az Zarqa.

This year the field trip went to the Jisr az Zarqa Mosque where the Jewish children were ordered to pray in the mosque with Muslims. What you see in the picture are the Jewish children praying behind a group of Muslim women. 

Needless to say, when this picture was shown on Israel’s new Channel 20 yesterday, the parents of the children were outraged.

After the barrage of anger, the local PTA chairman said that the mosque prayer event was made without the knowledge of the parents and “probably went too far.”

You think?

Yad L’Achim, an organization that fights against assimilation had this to say:

“The core of Jewish identity is being injured over and over again, here in Israel, out of a desire for tolerance towards other religions. It starts at multiculturalism and  . . . ends with baptism and conversion. The Ministry of Education must act to make sure that the events such as the Mosque prayer do not recur.”

Your humble servant could not agree more.


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