From Worse To Even Worse: From the Ridiculous to the Absurd


7:55 pm Thursday: Palestinian terrorist in Afula stabs IDF soldier at least twice in the chest. Soldier seriously wounded. Terrorist captured by civilians.

3:44 pm Thursday: Palestinian terrorist stabs 25 year-old Israeli in Kiryat Arba beside Hebron. Victim is in “critical” condition with wounds to his back. Terrorist escapes.

3:04 pm Thursday: Palestinian terrorist stabs female IDF soldier in the neck with a screwdriver, grabs her weapon, and stabs three other people before being shot dead in Tel Aviv. The attack occurred at the corner of Moses St and Menachem Begin Boulevard near the IDF’s Kirya Military Headquarters.

12:24 pm Thursday: Arab terrorist stabs 20-year-old yeshiva student near Jerusalem Light Rail station at Ammunition Hill. Terrorist captured, victim in critical condition.

10:00 am Thursday: Following an outcry from Israelis, Netanyahu flip-flops and also bans Muslim Knesset members from the Temple Mount.

25 Tishrei 5776


8 am Thursday, October 8 2015

***The Palestinian terror report: what happened yesterday . . .

Dear reader, if you thought the 100+ Palestinian terror attacks that targeted Israelis on Tuesday were bad, what will you say about the 150+ Palestinian terror attacks that targeted Israeli men, women, and children yesterday?

The worst attacks of yesterday (if you can call them “the worst” since every attack results in Israelis being physically wounded or psychologically traumatized) were:

Abulldozer attack” at Ma’ale Adumim at 8:39 pm: a Palestinian terrorist in a van broke through the A-Zaim checkpoint near entrance to Ma’ale Adumim beside Jerusalem and tried to run over a Border Guard. The Guard shot and wounded the terrorist. MADA treated two people nearby for shock before transporting them to Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

A stabbing attempt in Abu Tor at 6:59 pm: a Palestinian terrorist was seen acting suspiciously near a roadblock in the Abu Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem. When confronted by Border Guards, he pulled out a knife and attempted to stab  them. He was quickly subdued and captured.

A stabbing in Petah Tikva at 6:31 pm: a Palestinian, in the country illegally, stabbed an orthodox Jew repeatedly near a shopping mall in the city. Civilians on the scene chased down the terrorist and disarmed him.

A stabbing in Kiryat Gat at 1:32 pm:  an illegal Palestinian worker attacked a soldier on a bus with pepper spray, stabbed him in the head with a pair of scissors seriously wounding him,  and managed to wrestle his gun away from him as the bus stopped. The terrorist escaped to the 4th floor of a nearby building where he broke into an apartment and tried grab a mother and daughter who fled to a nearby apartment. A police SWAT team shot and killed the terrorist.

A stabbing at the Lions Gate at 10:45 am: a Palestinian woman terrorist stabbed a Jewish man in the back near where the murderous stabbings took place on Saturday night. The man–who was “moderately wounded”–shot the terrorist.

Attempted kidnappings near Tekoa at 10:06 am: Two women drivers in separate cars were attacked by Palestinian terrorists. After pelting the cars with “rocks” and wounding the women, the masked terrorists unsuccessfully attempted to drag the women out of the cars. The women, however, fought off their attackers and made it to a police checkpoint. The terrorists escaped.

Riki Hayun, one of the women attacked yesterday. Her bloodied face has  been blurred for privacy.

Riki Hayun, one of the women attacked yesterday. Her bloodied face has been blurred for privacy.

Here are some of the other places where Palestinians struck  yesterday:

Iksa, Tulkarem, Bil’in, the Governor’s Palace, A-Ram, Migdalim, Budrus, Mount of Olives, Mount Hebron, Luban al-Sharqiya, Anun, Turmusayya, Kiryat Arba, Beit El, Abu Dis, Al Gibb, Silwan, Massengill, Husan, Azariah, Umm al-Fahm, Bethlehem, Al Bireh, Hebron, Beqa’ot, Qalqilya, Beit Ummar, Qalandiya, Rachel’s Tomb, Neve Tzuf, Umm Tuba, Hizma, Beit Shemesh, Ras al-Amud, At Tur, Issawya, Tura al Gharbiya, Jericho, Al Khader, Elazar, Nazareth, Anatot, Jaffa, Bidu, Sinjil, Jit, Shavei Shomron, Lod, Nabi Saleh, Al Fawwar, Yatta, Psagot, Abigail, Old City, Elon Moreh, Ma’on, Beit Horon, Akko, Azzun, Yitzhar, Halhul, and the Kotel (Western Wall).

***You remember that Adel Bennett, with a knife in her neck, was laughed at and spit on by Muslim women on Saturday night when she sought safety for her children . . .

. . . and that nearby Arab vendors yelled that they wished she would die when she asked them for help. Yesterday, the six vendors that refused to help her had their shops closed by order of Israel Security Minister Gilad Erdan.

***On the Gaza front . . .

Four more missiles were fired out of Gaza yesterday toward the Mediterranean. At the same time, the government announced that it is spending $30 million to build 12 “smart fences” around Israeli communities along the Gaza border.

Try to wrap your mind around this. Because the IDF cannot defend the actual border fence against infiltrations by Palestinian terrorists, it is now creating fences within the fence. Of course the real reason for the “smart fences” is so the IDF will not need to station troops in any of the 12 communities.

***Another item that the neither the IDF nor our government can defend is our Jewish heritage.

Yesterday it was discovered by officials at Kfar Etzion that a cave uncovered by archaeologists and used during the Bar Kochba rebellion against the Romans in 131-3 CE has been completely destroyed by the Palestinians. On the right below, you see what the site looked like a few weeks ago; on the left you see what it looks like today:

barkochba caves

***In the midst of all the violence yesterday, the Fall-Winter rainy season began.

Many areas of Israel, including here in Ashdod, saw brief, torrential (for Israel), downpours. Ashdod recorded 50 ml of rain in some parts of the city–including where your humble servant lives. 

Many roads were impassable–and flooding occurred in everywhere. Here’s a picture from a street corner here in Ashdod:

Picture courtesy of ashdodnet.

Picture courtesy of ashdodnet.



As our situation here devolves from from worse to even worse, it simultaneously goes from the ridiculous to the absurd.

From the ridiculous to the absurd (1):

As a reward to all of the Palestinian terrorists attacking all over the country and especially on the Temple Mount, PM Netanyahu announced last night that Jewish members of the Knesset are forbidden to go to the Temple Mount until further notice.

On the other hand, Netanyahu said that  Muslim members–including the ones who attacked Jews on the Mount last week–will be permitted to go to the Mount whenever they want.

By the way, Hamas has declared this morning that Netanyahu’s announcement is unacceptable because it did not include “all Jews.” 

Don’t worry Hamas, Netanyahu will soon accede to your demand.

From the ridiculous to the absurd (2):

The IDF General Command put out the word yesterday that PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas–who has done nothing but fiercely incite attacks against Jews–is, believe it or not, doing all he can to stop the violence. The Israeli left-wing media quickly picked up the story, and last night, Channels 1, 2, and 10 all blustered about the “wonderful” Abbas.

At around 8:30 pm–at roughly the same time that these TV news items were airing, Abbas began a meeting of the PLO Executive Committee in Ramallah by praising each and every Palestinian who is attacking Israelis everywhere, and especially what he called “the shihads who have given their lives for their country” (aka the terrorists who have been killed while attacking Jews).

From the ridiculous to the absurd (3):

Despite the fact that two of the stabbings yesterday were carried out by illegal Palestinian workers in Israel, and that 4 of the stabbings in the Old City in the past few days have been carried out by Arabs coming into the Old City from outside, the IDF General Command announced last night that “there are no current plans to limit the movements of the Palestinian population.”

What is more, the IDF General Command Intelligence Division said that its goal is to “separate terrorism from the local population” and that “continuing the easing of restrictions on movement and working in Israel will be a restraining factor that can prevent a larger conflagration.”

From the ridiculous to the absurd (4):

Remember the 537 apartments that PM Netanyahu approved for the Itamar community last year following the destruction of homes there–that he subsequently froze construction of? And remember how this year, following a terror attack, Netanyahu unfroze the construction?

Well guess what? Our beloved Prime Minister–who can never be taken at his word–announced this morning that he has frozen construction again.

Finally, the only person in the country with any sense may be the Chief of Police here in Ashdod. Yesterday, Superintendent Noam declared that because of the increased risk of terror, anyone in Ashdod who has a license to carry a gun should carry one.

About an hour ago, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Birkat followed Noam’s example and called on Jerusalem residents to carry their weapons at all times.

Let’s all hope today is a better day than yesterday. 


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