J Street’s “New Zionism”: No Jewish State


9 am Israel time, Sunday, March 29 2015

**Your humble servant believes that you would be amazed, dear reader, by the vicious attacks by some on the Israeli left against those who voted for PM Netanyahu–especially Sephardic Jews–that have continued in the wake of Israel’s historic election 12 days ago.

To give you some “flavor” of what we have been seeing here, here are two examples. The first is from a teacher in Tel Aviv who posted this on Facebook:

“[I wish] to all right-wing male and female voters that your loved ones get killed. I don’t care it it’s in a terror attack or a war . . . I wish that you get brutally raped in synagogues of the orthodox Sephardic people . . . I wish this to you with all my heart . . . I want to take revenge on you. Every one of you, power-hungry murderers with blood on your hands. “

A disciplinary hearing has been set for the teacher.

The second is from Amir Hetsroni, a former professor (he was fired last August) who was kicked off a morning talk show last week after telling a fellow panelist that it would have been better for her parents to “rot to death in Morocco instead of coming to Israel.” He then added on Facebook that the only reason that Herzog/Livni lost was because of the votes of Jews who had immigrated from Muslim countries (read: Sephardic Jews), and that voting for Netanyahu was a sign of “mental retardation.”

**Meanwhile, Netanyahu’s attempt form a coalition continues today with some ministerial positions apparently beginning to be sorted out. Don’t be surprised to see Lieberman remain as Foreign Minister, Ya’alon as Defense Minister, Kahlon as Finance Minister, and Bennett as Education Minister.


It must be said at the outset today that many of us have been reporting on the malevolent and destructive nature of J Street ever since its inception. We saw from the beginning how its “pro-Israel, pro-peace” mantra was nothing than a ruse–a ruse designed to distract from its real mission of delegitimization of Israel.

We saw how it was immediately embraced by President Obama when he was first elected president back in 2008. We saw how it embraced BDS in its annual conventions. We have seen in the last few months how it has actively attempted to meddle in the Israeli elections in order to get leftists Herzog and Livni elected and in doing so has been embraced by the Israeli media.

So having seen all of this, what happened at the recent J Street conference in a panel discussion on “Liberal Zionism” should come as no surprise.*

The panel participants were: Peter Beinert, former J Street leader and current columnist of Israel’s ultra-left newspaper, Haaretz; Marcia Freedman, member of the J St Advisory Council and founding president of Brit Tzedik v’Shalom; Sharon Kleinbaum, rabbi of Congregation Beit Sinchat Torah in New York–the largest LGBTQ synagogue in the world; Stav Shaffir, self-styled Israeli social activist who held 3rd place behind Herzog and Livni on the Herzog/Livni party list in the recent elections and will be in the new Knesset; and Noam Sheizaf, chief executive officer of +972 Magazine.

In the eyes of J St., this panel was the elite of the elite, and its assignment was to discuss “liberal Zionism”. 

That question was fully answered by Marcia Freedman who declared:

“If we think about Zionism as an attempt to create a homeland for the Jewish people, rather than a Jewish state, then we have a lot of space in which to think about Zionism (applause), and we have a lot of space in which to think about what this country of Israel ought to look like in particular with respect to the Palestinians from whom we took the land. 

I think that’s another thing we have to understand and keep in mind always that we took this land and we displaced a people who are now struggling for their place in the world (applause) and we are opposing them.  I suspect that  it is the idea that, that the concept that somehow or other a Jewish homeland cannot create a secure refuge and center for the Jewish people unless we are the majority in that state is one that we really need to start thinking about.  . . .

What is required for that to happen however is for Israel to become exactly what it is not today, it must become a true democracy (loud applause) in all respects. If it were then a true democracy, in all respects, that guaranteed and fiercely protected the rights of minorities, including the governing rights of minorities, then  I think we can begin to imagine a Jewish homeland, a homeland for the Jewish people, in which we are a minority because we are a protected minority, and our mission of having a homeland and a refuge for the Jews in case of need, is secured by the state no matter who is in power (applause).

No Jewish state of Israel . . . a Jewish homeland in a state in which Jews are the minority and protected by Arabs . . .

What was the panel’s reaction to this suggestion? Nothing but quiet acquiescence, nothing but tacit approval. 

There you have it in a nutshell. The J St–Obama Plan for Israel. Undermine and delegitimize the Jewish state of Israel out of existence. It’s fine for Jews to have a homeland, but we must always be at the mercy of others–especially Arabs.

Can you even wrap your brain around this, dear reader?

Has history shown these people nothing? How detached from reality can these people be?

Your humble servant doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

*Israelstreet gratefully acknowledges the Elder of Ziyon for posting a video of Freedman’s comments.

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