Danske Bank: Are American “State” Sanctions Against BDS Beginning To Bite?

16 Iyar 5776

Tuesday, May 24 2016


UPDATES 6 pm Israel time

…Palestinian terror so far today…

Another attempted stabbing occurred in the Al-Tur neighborhood of Jerusalem a few hours ago. No Israelis were wounded; the terrorist was subdued and arrested by security forces.

“Rock” attacks in such places as Hawara, Silwan, Mt. Hebron, and on Road 443; a riot in Qalandiya; a Molotov attack at Al Khader: Palestinian terror has occurred in at least 20 locations so far today.

…Is a summit in the works?…

There are reports that an Israeli negotiating team has arrived in Cairo to lay the groundwork for a three-man summit: Egyptian President Sisi, PM Netanyahu, and Palestinian unelected President Abbas.

Obviously, Sisi and Netanyahu are working together to forestall the so-called “peace conference” being put together by the French. For their part, the Palestinians are saying for the moment that they will not go to Cairo–and are looking forward to the festivities in Paris.

…The war in Syria grinds on…

Al-Jazeera reports that “a wave of anger” has swept across Iran following the deaths of so many Iranians in Syria.

One of the reasons of the anger is the way that the government has trivialized each death by offering his family a blanket in compensation.

A grieving family member receives a blanket. The question being asked by Iranians: "Is a blanket all our sons are worth?"

A grieving family member receives a blanket. The question being asked by Iranians: “Is a blanket all our sons are worth?”

Meanwhile numerous pictures are emerging from Syria showing how Russian installations have been hit in recent weeks by Islamic State:

Picture source: Stratfor.

Picture source: Stratfor.

As far as your humble servant is concerned, the more that both sides in Syria get pummeled, the better.

…More good news…

The hideous organization B’Tselem, which has been implicated in the murder of Palestinians who sold land to Jews, announced this morning that it will no longer cooperate with the IDF.

In B’Tselem language, “cooperating” with the IDF means supplying the IDF with edited and photoshopped videos in order to have the IDF prosecute soldiers for alleged “crimes.”

For example, the video that started the current proceedings against the Hevron soldier came from B’Tselem. That video was cleverly edited to remove all context from what actually took place. It was only when other videos not “produced” by B’Tselem surfaced that we were able to understand the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

What bothers B’Tselem is that the Israeli public has reached a point at which it immediately recognizes that any material produced by B’Tselem is a fraud–something that some of us have known for a long time.


It was big news in the international media and Israeli leftist circles back on February 1, 2014.

The headline in Israel’s ultra left-wing Haaretz newspaper crowed:

“Denmark’s Largest Bank Blacklists Israel’s Hapoalim Over Settlement Construction”

The subheadline read:

“Danske Bank states Bank Hapoalim is acting against the rules of international humanitarian law; bank already pulled investments from two Israeli firms”.

The article that followed read:

“Denmark’s largest bank decided to blacklist Bank Hapoalim because of its involvement in the funding of settlement construction. Danske Bank added Bank Hapoalim to its list of companies in which the company cannot invest due to its corporate accountability rules. In an announcement posted on its website, the bank stated that Bank Hapoalim was acting against the rules of international humanitarian law.”

The article went on to exultantly point out that Danske action was part of the “increasing pressure” being exerted on the Israeli economy by BDS. It cited the Netherlands’ largest pension fund PGGM, and the Norwegian Ministry of Finance as other entities that were boykotting Israeli businesses.

In short, the Danske decision was described as yet another major coup by BDS.

Now comes confirmation of a report from three months ago that the slimy Danske has taken Bank Hapoalim off of the blacklist. Not that we should care about what Danske does or doesn’t do, but its action is just one more crumbling brick in the boykott wall that BDS has erected.

What is more interesting is why Danske has returned to investing in Israel. Back in February, Danske announced that after talking with Bank Hapoalim (over the course of two years) it had determined that Hapoalim is acting responsibly in Judea and Samaria.

As if Danske Bank–which has been implicated in the sale of North Korean missiles to Iran–has any right to make any moral judgment whatsoever.

But now comes a different story.

Apparently Danske is worried about being boycotted and divested from itself.

Boycotted and divested from by whom?

Boycotted by state governments in the United States which have been busy lately passing measures prohibiting any economic connection to institutions or governments that carry out boycotts against Israel. 

It is indeed a happy moment to think that the actions taken by Israel’s friends in the U.S. are beginning to take effect. If you live in the United States (or anywhere for that matter), make sure that you contact your local representatives and press them to enact measures against BDS!

What have you done for Israel today?



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