The Technion: A Continued Source of Inspiration and Excellence in Israel


9:00 am Israel time, Tuesday, June 30 2015

**Ramadan: Day 12 (yesterday):

Palestinians celebrated Ramadan with two more major terror attacks yesterday.

The first occurred in the early afternoon near Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem when a Palestinian woman from Bethlehem pulled a knife out of her bag and stabbed a 20-year-old female IDF soldier in the neck and body. She was subsequently wrestled to the ground, and a search of her bag found more knives.

The frantic scene at Rachel's Tomb yesterday as MADA medics rush to take the wounded soldier to a hospital (picture: MADA).

The frantic scene at Rachel’s Tomb yesterday as MADA medics rush to take the wounded soldier to a hospital (picture: MADA).

She declared that she wanted to kill Jews.

The soldier remains in “very serious” condition this morning.

The second occurred late last night just before midnight when a car carrying Israelis near Shilo–at the Shvut Rachel junction–was attacked by a terrorist or terrorists. In the ensuing gunfire, all four Israelis in the car were wounded–one critically, one seriously, and two “moderately”.

The side of the blood-drenched car (photo: Tazpit).

The side of the blood-drenched car (photo: Tazpit).

The terrorist(s) escaped.

**Palestinian terrorism in all directions:

Meanwhile, other incidents of terror took place all over Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem yesterday with fires set by Palestinian arsonists, “rocks” thrown at cars, buses, and the Jerusalem light rail, and arrests made at checkpoints of Palestinians carrying everything from knives to automatic weapons.

The Jewish community at Eish Kodesh was attacked by a mob of Palestinians, and an incoming missile warning siren blared in the area around Gan Yavne which is near some Israeli security installations.

In sum, the Palestinians feel like they are immune from arrest and capture, and a general atmosphere of lawlessness prevails.

No more so than at the Temple Mount in Judaism where Palestinians raised the flag of the Islamic State yesterday.

In front of Judaism's holiest site, the Foundation Rock under the Kipat HaSela (Dome of the Rock).

In front of Judaism’s holiest site, the Foundation Rock under the Kipat HaSela (Dome of the Rock), Palestinians display the Islamic State flag in celebration of Ramadan.

What did the Jerusalem police do about the flag raising? Absolutely nothing.

**How to keep the “children” of Gaza busy during the summer:

Meanwhile, Hamas opened registration for its annual summer camps for terrorists yesterday.

A picture from a previous year's summer camp in Palestinian Gaza. Registration for this year's camp took place yesterday. The camps begin in two weeks (picture: Haaretz).

A picture from a previous year’s summer camp in Palestinian Gaza. Registration for this year’s camp began yesterday. The camps begin in two weeks (picture: Haaretz).

These “Pioneers of Liberty” camps operated by Hamas’ military wing are divided into three age groups: 15-17, 18-25, and 25 and over.  Children under the age of 15 are used by Hamas for digging tunnels.

The camps focus on two main subjects: Islamic scripture and how to kill Israelis. About 20,000 attended the camps last year.

**A new security fence for Israel:

PM Netanyahu announced yesterday that work will soon begin on a security fence to extend northward from Eilat up the Jordanian border for 30 km. It is specifically being extended to the area in which the new Eilat airport is being built.

Israelstreet has often reported on the porousness of the Jordanian border, and we can expect the security fence to be further extended in the coming years.

**President Obama to the rescue again:

The utter hilarity surrounding the Iranian nuclear negotiations reached a new height (or depth) yesterday with Russian reports that President Obama has sent another secret letter to his “Supreme Leader” friend, Ayatollah Khamenei. 

According to the Russians, the letter urges Khamenei to tone down his anti-agreement statement at least until the document is signed. The Russians say it was passed to Khamenei by Iraqi PM Haider Abadi.

By late afternoon, the Obama Administration was dissembling as usual with a senior official parsed that the Russian report is “not accurate”.

Not accurate? What part is not accurate? That he sent a letter? That he pleaded with Khamenei? That it was delivered by the Iraqi PM?



As you may not know, the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, is the oldest university in Israel. Located in Haifa, the university was established in 1912 and opened its doors in 1924.

EinsteinOne year before its opening, its new buildings were examined by Albert Einstein who subsequently founded the first Technion Society.

While at the Technion, Einstein planted the first tree on the grounds–a tree that was meant to inspire “the Nobel spirit”. That tree still stands.

Currently, the Technion has 565 faculty members and 13,800 students spread throughout 18 academic faculties, 52 research centers, and 12 teaching hospitals. Some of its most famous faculties are Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnical and Food Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Science, Mathematics, Medicine, and Physics.

Its equally famed multidisciplinary centers include Nanotechnology, Energy Research, and Space Research.

Long recognized for excellence, its faculty has fulfilled Einstein’s dreams with 4 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry and countless research projects that have benefited the world such as robotic surgery, desalination and water recycling plants, and life-saving pharmaceuticals.

Its alumni have changed the face of Israel–most recently by being the driving force behind Israel’s defense (the Iron Dome and Magic Wand) and the Israel hi-tech boom.

Yesterday, some statistics were revealed that show how staggeringly important the Technion is to this country:

*In the last 20 years, Technion graduates have created 1,600 companies which generate $30,000,000,000 (billion) dollars per year. Of these companies, 53% are engaged in information and communication technology; 24% are engaged in the life sciences; 8% work in the semiconductor field; and 6% are involved in “cleantech”.

*In the last 20 years, Technion graduates have created more than 100,000 jobs.

And all of this is just in Israel.

Outside of Israel, more than 150 Technion graduates have founded companies which have created more innovation and tens of thousands of jobs.

This morning, israelstreet tips its hat to the Technion–a continued source of inspiration and excellence in Israel.


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