Three Egregious Incidents of Palestinian Terrorism in the Last 12 Hours


8:00 am Israel time, Thursday, August 27 2015

This is not rocket science. 

The last 12 hours of egregious Palestinian violence in Israel are what happens when:

Israel kowtows to world pressure and releases Palestinian murderers on the street  . . .

Israel allows illegal Palestinians to roam freely around the country . . .

Israel changes the rules of engagement for IDF soldiers . . .

Israel allows terrorists to attack Jews on the Temple Mount with impunity . . .

Israel bombs empty fields and buildings when missiles are fired out of Gaza . . .

**Let’s take three terror attacks of the last 12 hours in chronological sequence, beginning with what happened at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem at 7:05 pm yesterday evening.

A Palestinian terrorist with a knife rushed at a group of Border Guards. Afraid to shoot him because of the newly changed rules of engagement, a Border Guard attempted to wrestle him to the ground. In the process, the Border Guard was stabbed in the leg and had to be rushed to Hadassah Medical Center.

It turns out that this was not just any Palestinian terrorist.

The terrorist was none other than 56-year-old Hebron resident Mahmoud Atta Mouamar. Mouamar is a convicted terrorist murderer and was previously sentenced to life imprisonment for the June 22, 1989 murder of Menahem Stern–recipient of the Israel Prize for History and one of the most prominent researchers on the Second Temple period. Mouamar stabbed Stern to death as Stern walked to the Jewish National Library in Jerusalem.

So how did Mouamar get out of prison so that he could kill again?

He was released in 2013 by the Israeli government in the third round of murderer releases that Israel agreed to–after being pressured by John Kerry and Barack Obama–in order to get the PLO to return to “peace negotiations.”

At the time of his release, Stern’s daughter protested outside PM Netanyahu’s residence and said:   “I think the release is immoral. Murder is murder, and these people are murderers.” Families of terrorist victims said at the time that if the government went through with the release, other Israelis’ lives would be put in jeopardy.

PM Netanyahu and his government did not listen.

By the way, Mouamar was apparently roaming around Jerusalem freely despite the fact that he had no permit to be in the country.

**Let’s move on to terror incident number 2. Between 7:05 pm and 9:55 pm, there were numerous “rock” and Molotov cocktail assaults on Israelis–in Hebron and in the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Silwan and Issawiya.

However, the worst attack took place in the A-Tur section of Jerusalem where a Border Police SUV/jeep was incinerated in a Molotov cocktail attack.

The SUV/Jeep after being hit by Molotov cocktails (picture: Walla).

The SUV/Jeep after being hit by Molotov cocktails (picture: Walla).

Miraculously, all of the Border Guards made it out alive.  

One Border Guard had to be treated for smoke inhalation--but at least he and his cohorts made it out alive (picture: Walla).

One Border Guard had to be treated for smoke inhalation–but at least he and his cohorts made it out alive (picture: Walla).

Why does terrorism like this happen? 

In your humble servant’s opinion, the problems in Jerusalem all stem from what happens on the Temple Mount. When Palestinian terrorists see that they can attack Israelis with “rocks” and Molotov cocktails day in and day out at the most sacred place in Judaism–even to the point of burning down the police station on the Mount–they think they can terrorize everywhere.

And they do.

**The final terror event that we will discuss this morning took place just after 2 am this morning, when terrorists in Gaza fired yet another rocket at the children, women, and men of the Eshkol region of southern Israel. 

As has become the custom of the IDF, no incoming rocket sirens sounded and no other warning was given. People were asleep in their beds when they were jolted awake by a nearby missile impact explosion.

At least, the IDF did not go through its usual rigmarole of claiming that nothing was fired. Of course that’s a little hard to do when residents immediately locate the missile remains:

The missile that hit southern Israel early this morning.

The missile that hit southern Israel early this morning beside Nir Yitzhak.

Why do these attacks continue?

Because of what happened after the above missile struck this morning. The IDF sent two airplanes to bomb an empty building in Gaza. They made sure there were no terrorists in the building before launching their “attack”.

The bottom line is simply that the terrorists know that there is no price to pay for firing missiles at Israel.

In a larger sense, there is no price to be paid for terrorizing and killing Israelis. Jewish life is cheap.

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