The Absurd “Carrot and Carrot” Program of Defense Minister Lieberman

Tishrei 26, 5777

October 28, 2016


Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours

It was another day of “rock” and Molotov attacks at more than 25 locations some of which were the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood in Jerusalem, Hevron, Hizma, A-Tur, Hawara, Mt. Hevron, Umm Salmona, Al Khader, the Silwan neighborhood in Jerusalem, the Jerusalem tunnels, and at various locations in Gush Etzion.

Who knows how many Israelis were traumatized in these attacks?

The PLO and Hamas to reconcile?

Every year or so there is talk of PLO and Hamas reconciliation. You may remember, dear reader, that the last such attempt ended poorly when Hamas refused to allow the PLO to control the crossings into Gaza. To have done so would have meant that Hamas would have lost all the money it receives (or extorts) from those passing through.

Yesterday, PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas head Khaled Meshaal, and Hamas president Ismail Haniya all met in Qatar amidst talks of yet another reconciliation attempt. Apparently, the real point of the meeting was an effort by Abbas to shore up support for himself in his internal fight against Muhammad Dahlon–the man who wants to replace him.


Lieberman surveying Israel. Is he looking for more land to give away?

Lieberman surveying Israel. Is he looking for more land to give away?

The Absurd Carrot and Carrot Program of Defense Minister Lieberman

There was hope in many circles, including on this blog, that the replacement of Moshe Ya’alon with Avigdor Lieberman would mark an important turning point in Israeli policy. On the one hand, the hard-nosed Lieberman would supposedly tighten the screws on the Hamas terrorists in Gaza, and on the other, he would tighten the screws on PLO terrorists in Judea and Samaria.

Unfortunately, he has done neither–and, in fact, he is doing just the opposite.

Employing a “carrot and stick” strategy that is 100% carrot and 0% stick, Lieberman declared in an unprecedented interview with a Palestinian newspaper last Friday that given the right conditions, Israel is ready to turn Gaza into the new Singapore with its own airport and seaport.

What was nauseating about this offer (aside from the fact that Israel has no business in Gaza whatsoever) was that it came in the midst of continued missile fire from Hamas last week.

It was all carrot and no stick.

However, what took place secretly in the Netanyahu Security Cabinet on October 5th was even worse. 

Much worse.

It turns out that in that secret meeting, at Lieberman’s urging, the Cabinet approved numerous building plans for Palestinians in Area C of Judea and Samaria–an area under complete Israeli administrative and military control.*

Stop and think about that for a moment.

Not only does the Netanyahu Cabinet not approve any new building plans for any new Jewish homes in any Jewish communities, it also continues to raze fledgling Jewish communities that it claims have been built without “proper approval.”

To now grant Palestinians building permits in Area C is egregiously discriminatory.  

And the government knows it. Why was the decision kept secret? So that Jewish community members in Area C would not know what was taking place.

But back to Lieberman. Again, this approval was his idea as part of his absurd carrot and stick program. The only problem is that Lieberman is rewarding the Palestinians for massive terrorism–the more terrorism they commit, the more they get.

Lieberman’s strategy is not carrot and stick.

It is a “carrot and carrot” program that puts all Israeli lives at risk. 

***The vote in the Security Cabinet was 6-2: voting for the approval were Lieberman, Netanyahu, Deri, Steinetz, Kahlon, and Galant; voting against were Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked.

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