From the Obama to the Trump State Department: Nothing Has Changed

27 Tammuz 5777

21 July 2017


The News on the Israel Street

Temple Mount news . . .

Following our blistering blog of yesterday in which your humble servant castigated our government for being “craven” and giving in to the threat of Muslim violence, I am only too happy to report that “things didn’t go as planned” at last night’s Security Cabinet meeting.

Yes, as we reported, the heads of Shin Bet and the IDF forcefully argued for removal of the metal detectors placed near the entrance to three of the gates of Muslim-access to the Mount. But quite unexpectedly, the Israel police adamantly argued against removal saying it would be a huge mistake in the long run. In this effort, they were joined by some of the hard-liners in the Cabinet, notably Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked.

At the same time, the IDF declared–though against keeping the metal detectors–that it would be able to deal with any unrest in Judea and Samaria should the need arise. And so in the end, presumably supported by PM Netanyahu, the Cabinet voted to keep the metal detectors in place.

For now.

So what is happening this morning?

*Five IDF battalions have been placed on standby for service as needed throughout eastern Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria as Fatah and Hamas/Islamic Jihad have all called for violent protests.

*The police have set up checkpoints at all the entrances to Jerusalem to stop Muslims from being bused in to the Mount.

*Already, very early this morning, 13 buses hired by the Islamic Movement’s Northern Branch have been turned back.

Check back with our “breaking news ticker” all day today for the latest updates.

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Meanwhile Palestinian terror continued unabated yesterday.

*Palestinian arsonists set numerous fires around Jerusalem, many of which are still smoldering at this hour.

In the Romema neighborhood of Jerusalem (picture source on photo).

In the Romema neighborhood of Jerusalem (picture source on photo).

*A Palestinian terrorist was shot and killed at the entrance to Tekoa yesterday when he tried to stab a female IDF soldier.

The dead terrorist at Tekoa yesterday.

The dead terrorist at Tekoa yesterday.

*Last night, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launched a missile towards southern Israel. Fortunately, the missile fell short of its target and struck a house in Gaza.

Speaking of terrorists . . .

Yesterday was the 66th anniversary of the assassination of King Abdullah I of Jordan on July 20, 1951. As you may not know, Abdullah was shot to death by a Palestinian terrorist while he was praying in the Al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem with his son Hussein (who was wounded).

Of course, the current King Abdullah is the grandson of King Abdullah I, and one wonders, given what happened to his grandfather, why the current Abdullah is so invested in supporting the Palestinians and stopping Israelis from having metal detectors for Muslim worshipers.

Well, it’s actually not too difficult to explain. Obviously, the current king does not want to have happen to him what happened to his grandfather.

Interestingly, a Jordanian legislator marked the anniversary of the assassination by posting this sick twitter post yesterday– in reference to the barbaric murder of seven Israeli schoolgirls by a Jordanian soldier back in 1997:

“They [the schoolgirls] were enemies, and they mocked the Jordanian people and deserved to die.”

This is just another sign of the perverted neighborhood in which we Israelis find ourselves.

And the Jordanians are always described as “moderates.” In fact, they are unrepentant terrorists–as was shown back in March when the murderer of the children was released from prison. In his first interview, he talked about how he would like to kill more Israelis.

Speaking of terrorists . . .

It turns out that the Iranians are paying monthly salaries to 86,000 Shi’ite mercenaries in Syria, according to the Institute for Middle East Studies.

Shi’ite mercenaries who are fighting to extend Iran to the Mediterranean Sea.

And where do the Iranians get the money to pay them?

From the “Democratic Party Nuclear Weapons Appeasement Deal” signed by the Obama Administration.


From the Obama to the Trump State Department:

Nothing Has Changed

At the risk of nauseating you, your humble servant invites you to read the following description of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

“Continued drivers of violence included a lack of hope in achieving Palestinian statehood, Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank, settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, the perception that the Israeli government was changing the status quo on the Haram Al Sharif/Temple Mount, and IDF tactics that the Palestinians considered overly aggressive.”

Where do you think this garbage comes from? The European Union? The United Nations? The Arab League? The Press Office of the PLO?

Keep thinking about the answer to that question as you read more:

“The PA has taken significant steps during President Abbas’ tenure (2005 to date) to ensure that official institutions in the West Bank under its control do not create or disseminate content that incites violence. While some PA leaders have made provocative and inflammatory comments, the PA has made progress in reducing official rhetoric that could be considered incitement to violence. Explicit calls for violence against Israelis, direct exhortations against Jews, and categorical denials by the PA of the possibility of peace with Israel are rare and the leadership does not generally tolerate it. In April, President Abbas condemned an attack on a Jerusalem bus and said he was against all forms of terrorist activity that affect Israelis and Palestinians. In November, he said, ‘Incitement can lead to violence, and we must end it in every place.’ During a speech to the Seventh Fatah General Congress in November, Abbas expressed his commitment to fight terrorism and to cooperate with regional and international parties in this endeavor, while reaffirming a ‘culture of peace and tolerance and the renunciation of violence and extremism.’ According to the PA’s Palestinian Broadcasting Company’s code of conduct, it does not allow programming that encourages ‘violence against any person or institution on the basis of race, religion, political beliefs, or sex.’ In practice, however, some instances of incitement took place via official media. There were also some instances of inflammatory rhetoric and the posting of political cartoons glorifying violence on official Fatah Facebook pages.”

“Culture of peace”, “renunciation of violence”. . . must be the United Nations, right? Or the PLO . . .

Keep reading:

“The PA maintains control over the content of Friday sermons delivered in approximately 1,800 West Bank mosques to ensure that they do not endorse incitement to violence. Weekly, the PA Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs distributes approved themes and prohibits incitement to violence. The PA’s ability to enforce these guidelines varies depending upon the location of the Mosques and it had limited authority to control the content of sermons in Israeli‑controlled Area C. A senior PA religious official met in October with prominent Israeli rabbis to discuss ways to increase religious tolerance in the region. As part of a policy codified in 2003, the PA provided financial packages to Palestinian security prisoners released from Israeli prisons in an effort to reintegrate them into society and prevent recruitment by hostile political factions.”

Ok so it has to be the PLO. Not even the United Nations can dream up such canards as “financial packages to Palestinian security prisoners.”

Well, think again.

All of the above came from the United States State Department’s “Country Reports on Terrorism: 2016” which has just been released.

As you can see from the above, Israel is totally to blame for all terrorism, and the Palestinians are doing everything they can for peace.

It is enough to make you sick.  

From Obama to Trump, from Kerry to Tillerson, it looks like nothing has changed.

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