“Hear O Israel”: Say the Shema and Go to Jail

Adar 9, 5777

March 7, 2017

The News on the Street in Israel


Palestinian terror in the last 5 hours . . .

Following a Monday which saw more than 30 “rock” and Molotov firebomb attacks on Israeli children, women, men, soldiers, and Border Guards, the last five hours have seen:

* A stabbing on the Road 60 near the tunnel checkpoint to Har Gilo. An Israeli man was attacked but survived; the terrorist escaped.

Stabbed in the upper arm, the man still managed to call authorities.

Stabbed in the upper arm, the man still managed to call authorities.

*Palestinian terrorists attacked a bus near the Mt. Hevron bypass and cars at Ofra and Makel.

*On the Gaza border, IDF sappers have neutralized two IEDs meant to blow up a patrol operating near the border fence.

Please note that the above information is gleaned from sources on the ground as reported through rotter.net and hakolhayehudi.co.il.

As if the horrific trial of our Hevron soldier was not enough . . .

. . . now, the IDF prosecutor is appealing the sentence handed down to the Elor Azariya.

You read that correctly.

As if the 18 month bogus sentence is not enough, the prosecutor has decided to appeal the sentence, arguing that it was too lenient.

As Azariya’s lawyer said this morning:  “This is contemptible and vindictive, nasty and mean . . . This appeal proves what I claimed from the start: The prosecution, to be precise the military prosecutor, is thirsting for Elor Azariya’s blood.”

There is no end to the Azariya saga–a saga that should have never happened in the first place.

The first Israeli operational use of the F35 . . .

It is being reported today by a French newspaper that the attack Israel mounted on the night of January 12 near Damascus was carried out by F35 aircraft. The targets of the attack were a missile storage warehouses and a battery of Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missiles positioned near Bashir Assad’s presidential palace.

By all accounts, the attack was a success.

The Germans are now warning us . . .

If you can believe this, the Germans are now threatening Israel that sanctions may be on the way because “Netanyahu does not listen” to them anymore. In an interview with Reuters, a senior German official said that “the relationship between Germany and Israel is at a new low” because of continued Israeli construction in Judea and Samaria.

The same official laments that the situation “will only get worse” while Trump is president.

Your humble servant has only one thing to say to the Germans: Germany is the last country in the world that should be warning the only Jewish state in the world about anything.

What unmitigated gall.


“Hear O Israel”: Say the Shema and Go to Jail

It never ceases to amaze me that a Jew cannot pray at the holiest site in Judaism, a site which is supposedly under the complete sovereignty of Israel.

Just think about how absurd that is.

The Foundation Stone is under the Kipat HaSela (aka The Dome of the Rock). Jews believe that it is the place where God created the first part of the world, where God took the material from which Adam was created, where Cain, Abel, and Noah made sacrifices to God, and where Abraham readied to sacrifice his son Isaac.

The Foundation Stone is also the place over which the First and Second Jewish Temples were built. It is the specific place where the Holy of Holies stood in both Temples–and during the time of the First Temple where the Ark of the Covenant rested within the Holy of Holies. Also during the time of the First Temple, the staff of Moses rested within the same Holy of Holies beside the Ark.

I mention all of this today because two days ago, Adar 4, is the date on which Jews believe that Moses died. To remember this fact, some orthodox Jews ascend the Mount each year to celebrate the “hillula” of Moses.

And what happened on the Temple Mount two days ago, and again yesterday has now become the nauseating norm. Each person who tried to bow toward the Stone (from 30 meters away outside the Kipat HaSela) and each person who tried to say the Shema was detained–arrested–by the Israeli police.

By this morning, all detainees had been released, but the entire event underscores the absolutely pathetic collusion between the Israel police and the Jordanian-based Islamic Wakf. At the very moment that Jordan proclaims to the world (see yesterday’s blog) that Jews have no connection to the Mount, Israel works with the Jordanians to reinforce that fraudulent canard.

It is unbelievable.




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