And you think the Jordanians are moderate?

Adar 8, 5777

March 6, 2017

The news on the street in Israel


Palestinian terror on Saturday and Sunday . . .

There were more than 45 Palestinian terror attacks on Israeli civilians and security forces.

A shooting attack against IDF forces near Ramallah resulted in at least one terrorist being shot and killed. In another assault near Surif, our soldiers were attacked with grenades and IEDs; one soldier was wounded. At Ofra, an Israeli civilian was wounded in the eye when a “rock” shattered the window of a bus on which he was riding. Near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, an Israeli pedestrian was wounded by terrorists.

Other attacks occurred at Hizma, Michmas, Tursamiyya, Deir Jarir, Rachel’s Tomb, Al Jib, Atil, Burin, Psagot, Al Khader, Jalazun, Bir Zeit, Qalandiya, Beit El, Gush Etzion, A-Ram, Silwan, Azzun, Karmi Tsur, Ma’ale Adumim, Qalqilya, Hevron, and Abu Tor.

The beginning of the end of the American Conservative Movement . . .

The movement of American Conservative Jews (USCJ) voted this past week to allow its member synagogues to accept non-Jewish members.

In a statement reminiscent of that which we saw from the Reform Movement years ago, the USCJ blathered:

“USCJ, as a valued and trusted partner, is committed to assisting welcoming, vibrant, and caring Jewish communities to fully engage the spiritual gifts of all community members. We celebrate the diversity among and within our kehillot and encourage the engagement of all those who seek a spiritual and communal home in an authentic and dynamic Jewish setting. We call on all of our kehillot to open their doors wide to all who want to enter.”

These words sound the death knell of Conservative Judaism just as they spelled the ultimate death of Reform Judaism years ago: 

Diversity and inclusion (aka “engagement”).

The Iranian problem only grows worse . . .

PM Netanyahu, speaking at the 25th remembrance of the slaughter perpetrated by Iranian terrorists at the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires observed that “The Iranian regime continues to threaten Israel with annihilation. We estimate that more than 80% of our security problems stem from Iran. 

The shekel continues strengthening against the U.S. dollar . . .

The decline of the shekel against the dollar today.

The decline of dollar against the shekel today (graph:

Today saw the value of the dollar drop steeply by 0.384% to 3.6828. What are the possible ramifications of the dollar’s continuing decline?  A decline in Israeli business as Israeli products become more expensive abroad, a concomitant decline in the Israeli stock market, and the fear of recession.

All of which is why many economists are encouraging the Bank of Israel to intervene to prop up the dollar.

The hilarious debacle at J Street yesterday . . .

As previously reported on israelstreet, J Street is suddenly on the “outs” with no U.S. or Israeli government official willing to speak at the organization’s national conference. The highest ranking Israeli that could be brought in to speak was Ayman Odeh, the Israeli-Arab head of the “Joint List” (an amalgamation of Arab parties in the Knesset).

Odeh was apparently told by J Street head Jeremy Ben Ami to only focus his criticism on the Netanyahu Coalition and to not say anything about the Herzog-Livni self-proclaimed “Zionist Camp” party which leads the opposition.

So what did Odeh do? 

He not only blasted the Netanyahu Coalition but also blasted the “Zionist Camp.” This infuriated J Street President Jeremy Ben Ami so much that he refused to shake hands with Odeh after the speech.

In doing so Ben Ami issued this incredibly fraudulent statement:

“J Street does not interfere in the internal politics of Israel. Therefore our request to Israeli spokesmen – including those that we have had from the Likud,  Yesh Atid, Meretz, and Avodah- has been to leave the political divisions at home and to convene the issues relating to Israel’s policies and US-Israel relations.”


J Street does not interfere in the internal politics of Israel?




And you think the Jordanians are moderate?

Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Ilan Sela has ruled in the case of Knesset Legislator Shuli Mualem.

A determined Shulim Mualem strides across the Temple Mount. Note the man from the Islamic Wakf shadowing her in the background (picture: Arutz Sheva).

A determined Shuli Mualem strides across the Temple Mount. Note the man from the Islamic Wakf shadowing her in the background (picture: Arutz Sheva).

The facts in the case were straightforward.

1. One day back in November, 2013 Mualem went to the Temple Mount.

2. While there, Mualem was surrounded by the Islamic women known as the Murabitun. One of the women pushed Mualem and blocked her entrance to the Mount.

3. That woman was subsequently arrested by Israeli police and charged with assault and denial of access to a sacred place.

4. At trial, the lawyer for the Murabitun woman remarkably claimed that the Temple Mount is not a Jewish holy site.

5. In his decision finding the Murabitun woman guilty, Judge Sela ruled:

“There is no doubt in accordance with Jewish law, the Temple Mount is included in the areas of Jewish law and is holy ground. Not only is the Temple Mount a holy place, but it is a sacred place, the source of all that is holy.”

The final element of this case was the harsh statement of the Jordanian government yesterday which condemned the decision of the Court. The Jordanians said that the recent decision of UNESCO shows that Temple Mount has no sanctity insofar as Jews are concerned.


Well, not really. The Jordanians have always been among the worst of the worst. What they declared yesterday is directly in line with their ethnic cleansing of the Old City of Jerusalem of all Jews back in 1948-9 and their subsequent destruction of synagogues in the Jewish Quarter.


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