The Saturday Five: Facebook Is Beyond Disgusting

Adar 6, 5777

March 4, 2017

The news on the street in Israel

1. The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron was the scene of another thwarted stabbing attack this afternoon. Border policemen noticed the terrorist acting suspiciously and stopped him before he could carry out an attack.

2. Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who has just been roundly and accurately criticized by the Comptroller General for his egregious mishandling of the Gaza War in 2014, announced that he will now be forming his own political party in order to run for national leadership in the next election.

3. Even as the General Command of the IDF absurdly applauded Hamas yesterday for “trying to stop rocket fire” from Gaza, Hamas test fired more missiles into the Mediterranean yesterday in advance of a new war with Israel.

4. A European Union “diplomat yesterday” in regard to the Trump Administration’s apparent ambivalence toward Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria: “There can be no business as usual. Things have to be said very clearly to the Israelis.” If and when that conversation takes place, Israel must tell the utterly corrupt EU to funding organizations that delegitimize Israel.

5.  Facebook allows terrorism again: a few days after Facebook once again decided to allow “terrorist posts”, Fatah spent yesterday on its Facebook page honoring the 15th “anniversary” of homicide bomber Mohammad Drahma who blew himself up in Mea Shearim on March 2, 2002. That blast massacred eleven Israelis including 6 members from one family.

The victims of the barbaric attack were:

Liran Nehmad, 3 years old

Shiraz Nehmad, 7

Shauli Nehmad, 15

Avraham Nehmad, 16

Gafnit Nehmad, 32

Shlomo Nehmad, 40

Avi Hazan, 37

Ya’akof Eliahu, 5 months

Tsofit Eliahu, 23

Oriah Ilan 1

Lidor Ilan 12

All of the dead victims except one were a mother or a child.  The bomber blew himself up alongside a group of women with baby carriages who were waiting for their husbands to leave a synagogue following a bar mitzvah.

To think that Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah would honor such a pathetic excuse for a human being is beyond disgusting. That Facebook would allow such a post to be put up is also beyond disgusting.



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