Israelis Foot The Palestinian Bill, Again

Adar 5, 5777

March 3, 2017

The news on the street in Israel

A Congressional delegation to visit Israel . . .

It is being reported today that a small Congressional delegation from the United States is coming to Israel to meet with PM Netanyahu and evaluate various sites for an American Embassy in Jerusalem.

Why the Embassy has not already been moved has been the subject of much speculation in Israel. As regular readers of this blog know, your humble servant is in complete agreement with the head of the Republicans in Israel who lays the blame at Netanyahu’s door.

It seems odd that now, when one sees the Trump Administration apparently backing away from such a move, a Congressional delegation would be coming to Israel for the purpose of scoping out where an Embassy could be built.

But maybe it is not so odd. After all, Netanyahu is anxious to cover his rear end by seeking whatever cover he can for a possible Embassy move.

Palestinian terror in the last week . . .

According to hakolyehudi, there have been more than 130 Palestinian terror incidents in the last 5 days. The terror included “rock” attacks, Molotov attacks, missile attacks, shooting attacks, and stabbing attacks. Seven Israelis were physically wounded in these attacks and an untold number were traumatized.

Palestinian terror yesterday . . .

Terror attacks took place throughout Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem. Some of the worst assaults took place at Hizma, Sacaria, Rachel’s Tomb, Migdalot, A-Ram, Husan, Beit Furik, Deir Jarir, Halhul, the Hevron Hills, Ni’lin, Gush Etzion, Karmi Tzur, the Mt. Hevron bypass, Ma’aleh Adumim, the Husan Bypass Road, Alon Shvut, Ofra, Efrat, Hevron, Silwad, Abu Dis, Beit El, and Dehaisha.


Israelis Foot The Palestinian Bill, Again


Let’s see . . . what are some of the claims that we always hear? 

“Israel is trying to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians.”

“Israel uses extrajudicial executions to eliminate Palestinians.”

“Israel is trying to expel Palestinians by depriving them of water and electricity.”

“Israel kills Palestinians by delaying sick Palestinians at checkpoints.”

And the fraudulent list goes on and on.

Your humble servant was thinking about some of these today when this little piece of information came across his desk. In 2015, the last year for which there are statistics about this, 127,000 Palestinians were treated in Israeli hospitals.


More than 10,500 per month.

On any given day in 2015, there was an average of 65 Palestinians from Gaza hospitalized in Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv alone. Of course, we all know that the entire Palestinian leadership in Gaza and Judea and Samaria–along with their families–are regularly treated in Israeli hospitals.

Well, we all don’t know that apparently, but Israelis know it.

Because guess what? Whom do you think pays for the Palestinians’ medical treatment in Israel? If you guessed Israeli taxpayers, you would be mostly correct. Israelis pay 90% of all Palestinian medical costs.


Stop and think about this for a moment from the average Israeli’s perspective. Here we live in an exorbitantly expensive country in which the average family has trouble making ends meet every month.

And yet, we Israelis are expected to pay for Palestinian medical costs, electricity, and water. We are forced to pay the costs of people who are trying to kill us everyday with “rocks”, Molotovs, shootings, stabbings, bulldozer attacks, and missiles.

The situation is beyond absurd.

And to top it off, we are accused of mistreating the poor Palestinians.


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