Adar 1, 5777

February 27, 2017

The news on the Israel street


Palestinian terror this weekend. . .

From Saturday until this time today, there have been more than 60 Palestinian terror attacks targeting Israeli men, women, and children.

At 4:50 am this morning, a missile or missiles fired from Gaza hit the area around Sha’ar Hanagev. The reason we say “a missile or missiles” is that the IDF spokesman indicated a single launch, and local residents reported hearing two explosions. No alarm was sounded.

Israelis traveling in cars or buses were assaulted in numerous locations such as Ofra, Al Khader, the Golani Junction, Silwad, Tekoa, Adam, Sussiya, Makel, Mt. Hevron, Hizma, Ma’ale Levona, Binyamin, A-Ram, Qalandiya, Azzun, Neve Dvash, and on the Husan Bypass Road.

Israeli soldiers and police came under attack at Silwan, Qalandiya, Kedumim, Silwan, Shuafat, Tur, Bir Zeit, Issawiya, and many other places.

Thousands of protesters at the Kotel today . . .

The scene at the Wall.

The scene at the Wall.

Today is Adar 1. On the first of every month, the Women of the Wall arrive at the Kotel to carry out provocative acts in violation of the religious sanctity of the Wall and plaza. This morning they were met by thousands of yeshiva students who poured out to protest the degradation of the Kotel.

The Ofra saga begins . . .

The Israel Supreme Court, acting as the High Court, ordered the process of destroying nine homes in the Ofra community to begin. The Court rejected a petition from the homeowners pleading that their homes be sealed and not destroyed.

And, in a nutshell, that explains why the composition of the Court needed and needs to be changed. 

Speaking of changing the composition of the Court . . .

This weekend, former Justice Tzipi Livni launched a blistering attack against current Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked because of Shaked’s integral role in placing conservative Justices on the Court.

Not one to take an insult lying down, Shaked replied this morning that she was elected to serve the people and that their agenda was her agenda. She went on to point out that Livni had pushed the appointment of “leftist” judges throughout the judiciary–none of whom were supported by the people.


15 Hamas Attack Tunnels. At Least.

The incredible news about Hamas tunnels . . .

Despite all IDF General Command declarations to the contrary, it was revealed by various sources this morning that Hamas now has “at least” 15 attack tunnels that run under the border of Gaza into Israel.

15 attack tunnels. At least.

Can you believe this? Despite all the talk about machinery to detect tunnels, despite all the talk about an underground wall to thwart tunnels, and despite all government assurances to residents in southern communities that they have nothing to worry about–despite all of this, Hamas has built at least 15 attack tunnels directly into Israel.

Tomorrow, the Comptroller will release a report about the 2014 war with Hamas which is expected to sharply criticize PM Netanyahu, then-Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, and then-IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz as being abysmally negligent in their confrontation of the Hamas threat before the war–and in their conduct of operations during the war.

In the case of Benny “Do Nothing” Gantz, you may remember that he gave his infamous “Anemones” speech near the end of the war encouraging residents of the South to return to their homes. Shortly thereafter, more Israelis including four-year-old Daniel Turgeman were killed by mortar fire. More than this, Gantz and Ya’alon were both afraid to even visit the southern communities as the war came to an end for fear of being fired at by Hamas.

And, in your humble servant’s opinion, Netanyahu, Ya’alon, and Gantz employed a disastrous strategy that left IDF soldiers vulnerable to mortar and tunnel attacks–which is how most of the IDF soldiers were killed. 

Your humble servant is no fan of the Israeli Comptroller, but let’s hope that his report sets the record straight.



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