The Incompetence of Netanyahu, Ya’alon, and Gantz: The Gaza War Report

Adar 1, 5777

February 27, 2017

The news on the Israel street

Palestinian terror in the last 15 minutes . . .

5:18 pm: incoming missile alarms have just sounded for Zones 223 and 224 on the Gaza Border focusing on Kfar Aza, Nahal Oz, Alumim, and Sa’ad. Two missile explosions have been heard by residents. Apparently the missile alarm went off after the missiles struck.

There are reports that in response IDF tank fire is now targeting sand dunes and empty buildings in Gaza.

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Beginning at noon yesterday:

A female terrorist tried to stab Border Guards at the Qalandiya checkpoint and was shot and lightly wounded.

Palestinian terrorists hurled “rocks” and Molotov firebombs at Israeli motorists at Beit Horon, Hizma, Al Fawwar, Beit El, Al Khader, Gush Etzion, Bir Zeit, Hevron, and Ofra among other locations.

Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli soldiers and Border Guards at Silwan, Tel Samaria, Amarin, Aisoowiya, and at numerous other places.

As noted on the breaking news ticker above, Palestinian terrorists opened fire on an IDF patrol near Efrat; one soldier was wounded and evacuated to a hospital. The terrorists, as usual, escaped.

The sickening expulsions from Ofra have begun . . .

The IDF and police forces marched into Ofra today to kick out the Jewish families living in the nine houses ridiculously ruled to have been built on “private Palestinian land.” This is a prelude to destroying the houses.

The soldiers march in to kick the Jews out (picture: hakolyehudi).

The soldiers march in to kick their fellow Jews out of their homes; you can see three of the houses in the background (picture: hakolyehudi).

Viciously anti-Israel NGOs have gone to the completely bogus Jordanian Land Registry and dredged up records “to prove” Palestinian ownership. In case you have forgotten, dear reader, the Jordanian Land Registry was created when Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria between 1948 and 1967 and ethnically cleansed the area of all Jews.

At that time, Jordanian officials divvied up Judea and Samaria to Palestinian settlements and individuals who had no right to the land in the first place. Nevertheless, the leftist Israel Supreme Court unbelievably recognizes the “legitimacy” of what the occupation Jordanian government created.¬†

Today’s Blog:

The Incompetence of Netanyahu, Ya’alon, and Gantz:

The Gaza War Report

Israel Comptroller Joseph Shapira issued his long-awaited report this afternoon. For the purposes of concision, let’s make a short list of its findings:

1. The report harshly criticizes PM Netanyahu and former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon for not informing the Security Cabinet about the full extent of the threat posed by Hamas tunnels.

2. The report harshly criticizes most of the members of the Security Cabinet for ignoring the threat, showing no interest in finding out information, and not questioning what little information was presented by Ya’alon and then-IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz.

3. The report harshly criticizes Netanyahu, Ya’alon, and Gantz for not presenting a coherent plan to deal with the tunnel threat.

4. The report harshly criticizes the disconnect between the defense establishment and the National Security Council which repeatedly refused to work together.

5. The report harshly criticizes IDF Intelligence Chief Gen. Aviv Kochavi for abject security failures.

In face of all of this criticism, does anyone deserve praise?

According to the report, only Naftali Bennett because he was the only one who recognized the threat and constantly tried to get more information from Netanyahu, Ya’alon, and Gantz. In fact, you may remember, dear reader, that Bennett became so frustrated with the lack of information that he went to the front himself, spoke with commanders who had uncovered tunnels, and thereby brought attention to the problem.

In your humble servant’s opinion, the report is not likely to hurt Netanyahu too much, but it may puncture a hole in the political balloons of Ya’alon and Gantz–both of whom come out of this looking like rank amateurs who incompetently managed the war. That they were utterly incompetent was a fact that all of us in southern Israel recognized before, during, and after the war.

One fascinating final tidbit. Guess who the egregiously left-wing and incompetent IDF General Staff has tapped to be the next Chief of Staff after Gadi Eisenkot?

Gen. Aviv Kochavi, the very person criticized for abject security failures.


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