The Trump Administration Goes To Bat For Israel

Adar 22, 5777

March 20, 2017


More than 60 Palestinian terror attacks on Saturday and Sunday . . .

Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli civilians at such locations as the Ni’lin, Kiryat Arba, Silwan, Gilad Farm, Benjamin, Hizma, Al Khader, Kiryat Netafim, Beit Hadassah, Ein Yabrud, Tekoa, and Makel.

Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli soldiers and police at such locations as Deir Jarir, Al Hadagra, A-Ram, Hevron Hills, Shechem, Budrus, A-Ram, Mazmoriya, Kedumim, Tel Rumeida, and Sebastia.

Talk about an exercise in disingenuity . . .

The IDF announced today that the following communities will have tests tomorrow of their incoming missile warning systems:

Beer-Sheva, Netivot, Ofakim, Dimona, Arad, Mitzpe Ramon, Yeruham, Omer, Meitar Rahat, Lakiya, Hura, Tel Sheva, Segev Shalom, Aro’er, Nir Moshe, Nir Akiva, Pa’amey, Bilu, Mabuim, Tidhar, Beit Kama, Bar, Dvir, Tarabin al-Sana, Mishmar Hanegev, Renan, Gilat, Eshel,Sayed, Molde, Sensei, Um Batin, Darijat, Abu Krinat, and Sde Boker

Why are such exercises disingenuous? Because the IDF is increasingly not using warning sirens to alert citizens to incoming missiles. Just take a look at the recent missile launches from Gaza during which at least half of the communities affected were not warned.

The Syrian situation becomes ever more complex . . .

Fresh on the heels of another IAF strike on Hezbollah forces in Syria overnight as well as a reported Israeli drone attack that killed a militia commander affiliated with Iran comes word that the Russians are ordering Israel to cease all activities in Syria.

Whether that word is accurate or not cannot be verified, but what we can be sure of is that the Russians were not very happy about seeing their anti-aircraft missile shot down by an Israeli Arrow interceptor missile the other day.


The Trump Administration Goes To Bat For Israel

(like the Obama Administration never did)

To be fair about it, the Obama Administration defended Israel in a wide range of venues over the last 8 years. But it was a defense that was not absolute.

For example, until the egregious vote in the UN Security Council in December of last year, the U.S. had regularly spoken out for Israel in venues such as the United Nations Human Rights Council whenever the subject of Israel came up for a vote. But where the Obama Administration did not go to bat for Israel was in the lead-up to those votes.

Hundreds of UNHRC reports were allowed to be written, approved, and disseminated without U.S. objection. What is more, the U.S. only tepidly if at all expressed disapproval of the infamous UNHRC Agenda Item Number 7 which permanently reads: ‘Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories’.

In this context, it was shocking yesterday when the U.S. State Department forcefully spoke out against Agenda Item Number 7. Mark Toner of the State Department said this: 

“The United States decided not to attend the Council’s Item Seven General Debate session. It does not serve the interests of the Council to single out one country in an unbalanced matter. Later this week, the United States will vote against every resolution put forth under this agenda item and is encouraging other countries to do the same.”

Can you imagine such a statement coming out of the mouth of former Secretary of State spokesman John Kirby?

It would have never happened.

The fact that it happened yesterday is a remarkable breath of fresh air.


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