The Israeli Theater of the Absurd, Southern Style

Adar 21, 5777

March 19, 2017


*The media is doing everything it can to exacerbate the current rift between PM Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon concerning the Israel Broadcasting Authority, in order to bring about new elections.

In reality, Netanyahu has thrown Kahlon under the bus. First he enlisted Kahlon’s support to dismantle the IBA; then when Kahlon got on board, Netanyahu decided he didn’t want to get rid of the IBA after all.

*Meanwhile, Israel’s globetrotting season continues with President Rivlin in Vietnam and PM Netanyahu in China today.

*Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO awarded “Palestine’s” highest honor today to the UN official Rima Khalaf. Khalaf, the former head of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), wrote and published a report describing Israel as imposing apartheid on the Palestinians. She was subsequently forced to resign.

By the way, “Palestine’s” highest honor is called “the Palestine Medal of the Highest Honor.”



The Israeli Theater of the Absurd, Southern Style

It has been another installment of the theater of the absurd today in southern Israel. First we had this:

My telephone showing Incoming missile alarms for Zones 232 and 233 on the Gaza border.

My telephone showing Incoming missile alarms for Zones 232 and 233 on the Gaza border. This picture was taken at 12:01–after 3 other alarms had sounded.

Tens of thousands of Israeli men, women, and children went running to their bomb shelters.

Next, we had hundreds of reports from residents living in and around Zones 232 and 233 about hearing at least 2 explosions (some reported 3). 

This was followed by a yet another ludicrous statement from the Israel Defense Forces spokesman that it was all “a false alarm.”

As regular readers of israelstreet know, no one in southern Israel believes the IDF spokesman anymore. However, this lack of belief does nothing to relieve the sense of absolute exasperation and abandonment each time one of these attacks occurs–and they are beginning to happen at least three or four times a week.

If all of the above was not weird enough . . .

Guess what? Following the announcement of the “false alarm”, the IDF spokesman then announced that an unannounced military exercise will take place in southern Israel today. 

The exercise will involve a call up of reservists and the appearance of an increased number of military aircraft and vehicles.

The spokesman went on to say that there is nothing for anyone to worry about because “the exercise was planned in advance and is designed to maintain competency and IDF preparedness for emergency situations.”

Funny. Really funny. If you believe the IDF, southern Israelis never have anything to worry about.

Until the next war begins.

And even then, in the middle of wars, we have IDF commanders waxing metaphorical about anemones (flowers) and telling us all how safe we all are. 










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