The Founder of BDS Arrested for Tax Evasion

Adar 23, 5777

March 21, 2017


Another step in the right direction . . .

The proposed V15 law became law yesterday. So named because of the V15 organization which used foreign funds (especially from the Obama Administration) to try to defeat Netanyahu in the last election, the new law states that:

*Any organization that is engaged in political activity is defined as “a body active in the elections.”

*Such bodies will be identified through examination of political advertising which attempts to influence how people vote in an election. Also any organization that keeps a voter database will be included.

*Such bodies must report their funding sources to the Israel Comptroller.

*Foreign donations cannot exceed 33% of total donations, and are capped at 600,000 ($166,000).

What’s happening in the neighborhood . . .

*Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who was thrown under the bus by President Obama and his minions in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, was finally released from a prison hospital and allowed to go home.

*In Syria, an Israeli drone was apparently shot down. Why such drones do not have a self-destruct device remains a mystery to israelstreet. Elsewhere in Syria, a Syrian fighter plane was shot down over Damascus by rebels.

*Over in Lebanon, a newspaper journalist who encouraged Israel to assassinate Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has been detained by Lebanese security.

It is amazing how governments around the world just don’t get it . . .

Take for example this morning the news that the Swiss government is funding the hideous group, UNRWA, to the tune of half a billion dollars.

What does this half a billion fund?

Perpetual Palestinian infantilism, perpetual Palestinian victimhood, and perpetual Palestinian hatred of Israel.

There is absolutely nothing redeeming about UNRWA. And nothing neutral in Swiss support of UNRWA.

It is amazing how Israeli citizens just don’t get it.

But, in fact, they really do. They know that by supporting BDS they are undermining our country; they know that by supporting BDS, they are working for a non-Jewish state of Israel.

How do they know that? Because that is the expressed goal of BDS–the dismantling of the Jewish state of Israel.

So when your humble servant hears today that Israel’s Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs, Gilad Erdan, is putting together a database of Israelis who are involved in or support boycotting, imposing sanctions or diverting investments from Israel, he says “It’s about time.”


The Founder of BDS Arrested for Tax Evasion

Omar Barghouti was arrested yesterday and charged with income tax evasion by the Income Tax Investigation Office in Haifa. A resident of Akko, Barghouti is director of the National Computing Resources company based in Ramallah–a company that rents and sells ATM machines. In that capacity, he is suspected of hiding away some $700,000 in income which he placed in bank accounts in Ramallah and the U.S.

Of course, he is suspected of doing this when he was not gallivanting around the world attacking and delegitimizing Israel in endless speeches which were paid for by sponsoring institutions and individuals. Barghouti is also accused of not reporting the huge revenues he received from those speeches.

According to tax authorities, a raid of Barghouti’s home this morning found numerous documents confirming the allegations against him. 

Following his arrest, Barghouti was released on bail under the condition that he not leave the country. On this latter point, Barghouti’s lawyer (Israeli Nir Eli) argued that such a restriction not be placed on his client because Barghouti is scheduled to go to Yale University in April to receive the Gandhi Peace Prize.

The Gandhi Peace Prize. What a joke.

Gandhi Peace Prize has devolved in the last ten years into a podium for anti-Israel incitement. “Prizewinners” include Kathy Kelly (2015) who has made a recent career of going to Gaza to rail against Israel, Medea Benjamin (2014) of violently anti-Israel Code Pink, and Ehud Bandel and Arik Ascherman (2011) of Rabbis for Everyone’s Human Rights Except Israelis (pardon the cynicism).

In your humble servant’s opinion, there are few people on Earth slimier than Omar Barghouti. In him we have an individual who was born in Qatar, grew up in Egypt, then moved to Israel in 2002 after marrying an Israeli citizen. Once here he took advantage of every benefit the country had to offer him including receiving a first-class education.

It was back in 2004, while he was still enrolled at Tel Aviv University, that he established the Palestinian Committee for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel urging the boycott of all Israeli universities including the one where he was enrolled, and one year later the World BDS Movement.

Slime. Slimier. Slimiest. That is the description of Omar Barghouti. 


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