The IDF Chief of Staff’s Shocking Statements Today

Adar 24, 5777

March 22, 2017


Palestinian terror today . . .

A Palestinian terrorist was shot and killed while trying to plant an IED near the southern Gaza Border fence.

Palestinian terror yesterday . . .

Beit Fajar: 2 IDF soldiers wounded by “rocks”; Tamra: Israeli police car attacked; Neve Daniel: bus assaulted; Al-Khader: Israeli motorist and family attacked and treated for trauma; Kiryat Arba: Israeli pedestrians pelted with “rocks”–these were just 5 of more than 30 terror incidents on Tuesday.

Dangerous news on the “peace front” . . .

There is every reason to believe reports that Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner has held secret meetings with former British PM Tony Blair over the last few months. The gist of those reports is that Kushner is urging Blair to get involved in a new round of “peace negotiations”–as an envoy for the Trump Administration.

Here’s a question for you today: what’s the difference between Tony Blair, John Kerry, Tzipi Livni, and Itzhak Herzog? Answer: there is no difference. They are all manifestations of the same person: a person who is willing to make concession after concession to the Palestinians without demanding anything in return.



The IDF Chief of Staff’s Shocking Statements Today

It is frankly amazing how one IDF Chief after another has no problem relegating the situation on Israel’s Gaza Border to secondary status. Whether it was Gabi Ashkenazi or Benny Gantz or is current Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, the general philosophy of the Chief of Staff is that the problems of southern Israel are just a minor annoyance.

In this context, Eizenkot’s comments today at a meeting held to discuss the 2014 war with Hamas were not surprising.

But they were nonetheless shocking.

A sample:

“During Operation Protective Edge, the IDF had to deal with – for the first time – an underground threat of over 30 terror tunnels. A third of these tunnels infiltrated into Israeli territory. Thirteen IDF soldiers were killed when terrorists entered the tunnels . . . The [current] tunnel threat is serious but not existential or strategic.”

Say what?

13 soldiers killed less than 2 years ago. Tunnels built under Israeli communities with exit points under kindergartens. Reports that Hamas has rebuilt tunnels to a more advanced state than they were in 2014.

The tunnels are not a strategic threat?

Who is kidding whom?

On the other hand, what was even more disturbing than Eizenkot’s statement about the tunnels was this statement:

“The IDF is currently fighting on five fronts: Gaza, Sinai, Judea and Samaria, Syria, and Lebanon. In addition, we are preparing to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat. We cannot properly deal with every one of these threats.”

We cannot properly deal with every one of these threats.

What a dramatic declaration about the woeful state of our defenses. And of course it is true. What would happen tomorrow morning if Hezbollah suddenly launched 100,000 missiles at us from Lebanon? Or if Iran sent 3 nuclear missiles at us targeting Tel Aviv?

Disaster. A complete unmitigated disaster.

And what would happen if by some unusual circumstance Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic State, the PLO, and Iran all decided to coordinate an attack?

We all shudder to think.







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