A National Disgrace

Iyar 15, 5777

May 11, 2017

The News on the Israel Street  

Palestinian terrorism yesterday:  

With the weather becoming very hot in Israel, Palestinian arsonists continue their efforts to incinerate Jewish communities. Psagot, Mt. Hevron, Givat Ronen, Beit El, Bnei Yehuda, and Moshav Ranan all declared fire emergencies during the day. Eventually, all of the fires were brought under control.

Elsewhere, “rock” and Molotov attacks occurred at Nabi Saleh, Rachel’s Tomb, Shuafat, Nebi Elias, and a myriad of other locations.  

In yet another terror incident, a Palestinian from Jenin was captured with pipe bombs at the Salem Military Court. 

Each of these attacks was a hate crime of the most egregious kind.

(The above attacks were reported by Israelis on the ground via the Judea and Samaria Rescue Center, rotter.net, and hakolhayehudi).



A National Disgrace

The entire episode this week of the Facebook post of the hideous group B’Tselem in which the self-proclaimed “human rights” organization once again branded our IDF soldiers as “loading their rifles against civilians” and blasted our country for its “goal of advancing the theft of lands and the illegal settlement project, while trampling on the human rights of Palestinians by means of the army” begs the question of ‘why in the world is the IDF still collaborating with B’Tselem?’

And collaborating they most certainly are.

Here’s what Lt. Col Ronen Hirsch of the Military Advocate General’s Office had to say several years ago:

“During recent years, we have deepened the fruitful dialogue with B’Tselem, formulated joint operating procedures and ensured proper norms of conduct and ethics, all in view of the common interest of enforcement–especially related to . . .  complaints relating to the activities of IDF soldiers. “

Say what?

Can you believe that the IDF has reached the abominable situation in which it relies on B’Tselem to “ensure proper norms of conduct and ethics”? How can it be that a totally corrupt and unethical organization is sought out to establish IDF norms of ethical conduct? And how can it be that the IDF relies on B’Tselem for “enforcement” of “complaints” related to IDF soldiers?

It simply blows your humble servant’s mind.

How could the IDF General Staff have become so leftist as to sacrifice our soldiers on the altar of political correctness?

Actually, the IDF is almost wholly consumed with kowtowing to such organizations as B’Tselem. Another example is UNICEF that regularly accuses the IDF “of torture, abuse, kangaroo courts and systematic violations of minors’ rights.” And yet the IDF works hand in hand with UNICEF in Judea and Samaria.

It is a national disgrace that our IDF General Command demeans our own IDF soldiers by maintaining relationships with the likes of B’Tselem and UNICEF.

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