Policemen stabbed, Missiles Fired, Mount Supported, BDS defeated, Mobileye bought

Adar 15, 5777

March 13, 2017

The News on the Street in Israel

Two Border Policeman have been stabbed . . .

A Palestinian terrorist stabbed two Border Policemen at the Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem at 4:45 am this morning. The Policemen were “moderately wounded” and have been hospitalized; the terrorist was shot and killed.

Tsava Adom: Missile warning sirens for Zone 232 in the Gaza Envelope sounded at 9:01 am . . .  

Tens of thousands Israelis were sent running to their bomb shelters this morning by sirens warning of incoming missiles from Gaza. Almost immediately afterward, the IDF spokesman issued its usual statement that the sirens were a false alarm, but of course, no one in southern Israel ever believes the IDF spokesman about anything anymore. By tomorrow morning, as usual, we will find the missile impact point(s).

Meanwhile, over in Palestinian Gaza, a Salafi group affiliated with Islamic State issued a statement declaring that it was responsible for the missile firing(s).

Palestinian terror on Saturday and Sunday . . .

More than 40 terror attacks took place ranging from attacks on IDF forces at Jalazun and Beit Ummar to ones on Israeli cars and buses at such places as Beit El, Ein Yabrud, Givat Assaf, and Al-Khader.

Good news at the Temple Mount . . .

Two Israeli Ministers, Miri Regev and Ze’ev Elkin, are in the process of setting up a two million shekel per year fund to internationally publicize the integral connection of the Temple Mount to Judaism.

Specifically, a new “Temple Mount Heritage Foundation” will work with the already existing Western Wall Heritage Foundation to combat the dastardly lies disseminated by UNESCO.

BDS suffers several setback in the U.S. . . 

As state after state in the U.S. passes laws forbidding any state contracts with any organization and business that supports boycotts against Israel, BDS on college campuses is also falling on tougher times.

Not only did New York pass new regulation prohibiting state funding of BDS groups on campuses in that state, students at the University of Illinois and Ohio State University voted late last week to reject BDS initiatives on their campuses.

The largest buy ever of an Israeli start-up . . .

It was announced today that Intel will be buying Israeli technology firm Mobileye for 15.3 billion dollars. Mobileye specializes in providing the technology for driverless cars.

Not only is this purchase the largest ever of a Israeli tech firm, it is also the largest ever of any company focused on the self-driving sector of the market.

So much for boycotts and divestments.


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