The Nonstop Media Campaign To Bring Down Netanyahu

8 Tammuz 5777

2 July 2017


The News on the Israel Street

More “leakage” from Syria? . . .

Two more missiles struck the Golan Heights yesterday in what the IDF continues to call “leakage”, a term used to designate accidental spillover from the fighting around Syrian Quneitra. This brings to 19 the number of such missiles and mortars that have struck Israel in the last week.

However, at least one report out of Syria declares that projectiles being fired out of Syria are not leakage at all.  It was reported yesterday that the Syrians were firing at a meeting between “Israeli officers” and the representatives of Jabhat al Nucera. The report went on to describe several Israeli ambulances leaving the site where the Syrian mortar hit.

On the subject of Israeli retaliation for the firing into the Golan came a rare admission from Hezbollah that IDF helicopter attack killed one of its fighters along with several Syrian soldiers near Samdania (east of Quneitra) on Friday. Hezbollah also confirmed that a Syrian tank and ammunition dump were destroyed.

The pathetic situation on the Temple Mount . . .

Following a Ramadan which saw more than a 1,000,000 Muslims bused in by Israel to pray at the Temple Mount and saw the Mount completely closed to Jews for the final nine days of the holiday, the Jerusalem Police proudly released numbers this morning showing how many Jews have visited the Mount since Wednesday.

And that number is . . . 232.

1,000,000+ Muslims and 232 Jews.

But this pathetic situation did not stop the police from bragging that the number of Jews on the Mount had doubled relative to last year.

Doubled? The truth is that the number was inflated by the 150 Jews who showed up on Thursday to commemorate the gruesome murder of Hallel Ariel by a Palestinian terrorist in Kiryat Arba on June 30th of last year. Your humble servant and his wife were two of that 150.

The police and Temple Mount activists both had the gall to call the 150 that went up on Thursday “a national achievement.”

What a pathetic joke.

By the way, now that Ramadan has passed, the Islamic Wakf has once again set the hours that Jews and other non-Muslims can come to the Mount, and they are:

Morning: 7:30 to 11:00
Lunch: 13:30 to 14:30

It should be said that those are the hours unless the Muslims decide to riot and close down the mountain to Jews.

In an attempt to stop any government from giving away half of Jerusalem in future “negotiations”. . .

This morning the Ministerial Committee for Legislation is considering a proposed law that would require 80 Knesset members to approve a division of Jerusalem.

Currently, a simple majority of 61 is all that is necessary, but the Jewish Home party is pushing a change in the law.

Let’s hope they are successful.

The terrorists in Qatar remain brazen as ever . . .

Yesterday, Qatar rejected the demands in the ultimatum from the other Gulf Countries. Emboldened by the presence of thousands of Turkish troops which have just been flown in, the Qataris declared that they would continue supporting those they had supported in the past, and that they would not close Al-Jazeera which they describe as “a source of national pride.”

The Qataris also announced that they were joining Tunisia and Lebanon in boycotting Wonder Woman because of the fact that it stars Gal Gadot, a Jewish Israeli actress.

Of course, this boycott is nothing new for Qatar. Qatar Airlines, which was just named the number 1 airlines in the world, refuses to let anyone with an Israeli passport fly on its aircraft. Why the world is complicit in this egregious anti-Semitism, your humble servant will leave it to you to answer. 

Hashtag “Saudis with Normalization” . . .

Your humble servant is not delusional, but an interesting phenomenon has sprung up on Saudi Arabian social media. Using #Saudis__ with Normalization, a number of Saudis are openly calling for the ending of hostilities with Israel. 

Here are three recent postings:

Abotamim @ AboTamim45

#Saudis__ with Normalization: we must normalize relations with Israel 🇮🇱 because we face a common enemy: Iran 11:40 – 27 Jun 2017 · Arar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Omar Al-Aliani @ OmarAlolyani22
# Saudis_ With Normalization:  there is
no blemish in peace; dialogue and agreement is the
last demand of peoples and nations and the best choice for all.
09:22 – 26 Jun 2017

Tired Mitib @MitibAlghamdi
# Saudis __With Normalization: we respect those who respect us. The Palestinians are treacherous people who have not respected us after all the billions that we have spent on them. فخرا يا اسرائيل🇮🇱🇸🇦 دمتم
01:24 – 27 Jun 2017

…hmm…The Palestinians are treacherous people . . .

How quickly the face of Europe is changing . . .

Do you recall that in the last few years that demographers predicted that Europe would change dramatically by the year 2040 because of the surge of immigrants?

It turns out that the year 2040 is now.

In a startling piece of information released yesterday, the city of Frankfurt’s Bureau of Statistics and Elections revealed that 51.2% of the city’s residents were born outside the borders of Germany.


And this does not even count the number of second and third generation residents of the city who were born in Germany but whose parents are not German. 

Of course, the story in Frankfurt is the story of many major European cities where more than two thirds of the young people are immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries.

Some of those cities are in Sweden where it was announced this morning that the annual Swedish Music Festival for 2018 has been canceled following the wave of rapes which occurred during the 2016 and 2017 concerts. According to police, the rapes (and other sexual attacks) were primarily carried out by Muslim immigrants to Sweden.



The Nonstop Media Campaign To Bring Down Netanyahu

Anybody who reads israelstreet regularly knows that your humble servant is no big friend of Benjamin Netanyahu. We criticize him here for a wide array of items ranging from not asserting Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount to not asserting Israeli sovereignty in Area C of Judea and Samaria.

Having said that, it may be difficult for a non-Israeli to comprehend the depth of animus that the leftist Israeli media has for PM Netanyahu and his family. For example, on Friday night, all three Israeli news channels 1,2, and 10 devoted a part of their newscast to new allegations being made by anonymous sources against Netanyahu–namely that he is being investigated for taking bribes.

Really? Anonymous sources again? No corroboration again?

This led to a statement from Netanyahu’s media advisor Nir Hefetz:

“On Friday evening, several channels miraculously simultaneously broadcast “leaks” supposedly from the police to recommend that the prime minister be brought to trial . . .

If there are no cigars then they look for wine. If there is no wine then they look for a newspaper. If there is no newspaper, then they look for submarines. If there are no submarines then they look for ships . . . 

Now the leaks are trying to forcefully paste the magic word ‘bribery’ . . . But there is no bribery, no breach of trust, nothing.”

Coincidentally, or perhaps not coincidentally, the Jerusalem Post magazine section on Friday posted a bizarre article about the “journalist” Igal Sarna.

Sarna, you may not remember, was the person who posted an inflammatory article about the Netanyahus on Facebook, was subsequently sued by them, lost the case in court, and was forced to pay damages of 60,000 shekels to the prime minister, 40,000 shekels to his wife Sara, and 15,000 to the court for trial expenses.

What was the inflammatory article? A posting on Facebook that claimed that late one night as the Prime Minister’s convoy was traveling on Highway 1 from Jerusalem to the Netanyahu’s home in Caesarea, it came to a sudden halt on the highway and PM Netanyahu was kicked out of the car by his wife.

The actual posting embellished the “account” with details:

“The prime minister’s motorcade–four black cars–stopped, with more and more bodyguards appearing–and a no longer young man was thrown out on Route 1, with screaming in the background, because a woman did not want him to be in the car with her, and by doing so mocked the security personnel and the entire country.”

If you can believe this, the article in the Friday Jerusalem Post revealed that despite the judgement against him, Sarna stands by his story (maybe he should be sued again)–and it reveals, inadvertently, how utterly corrupt the news media is in reporting fake news about the Prime Minister in his family.

According to Sarna, here’s the timeline about what happened:

1. One night a year ago, a childhood friend of Sarna who is now an artist, told Sarna a story that he had heard from a person in the Prime Minister Netanyahu’s entourage.

Are you following this? Sarna heard the story from a man who heard the story from another person who claimed to be in Prime Minister’s entourage.

In other words, the story was double hearsay at best. 

2. Sarna tried to verify the story by talking to the person that his friend had supposedly talked to but could not. According to the Jerusalem Post article, “he made several attempts to confirm the story, but to no avail.”

In other words, a double hearsay story that was utterly uncorroborated by anyone.

3. Sarna says that forcing the Netanyahus to appear in court was his grand achievement: “The two hours he spent in [the] Courtroom . . . were my victory.” He goes on to say that Netanyahu “didn’t look so well, his hair was dyed strangely.”

In other words, the Netanyahus sued Sarna for libel, went to Court to testify, had the judge agree with them and find Sarna guilty, and Sarna’s great victory was having Netanyahu testify.

Say what?

By the way, here is a picture of the “not-so-well looking” Netanyahu arriving to Court with his wife on the day of the trial:

A supremely confident Netanyahu and his wife Sara arriving in Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on March 14th of this year--obviously happy to finally get a chance to set the record straight (photo: Heidi Levine, Reuters).

A supremely confident Netanyahu and his wife Sara arriving in Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on March 14th of this year–obviously happy to finally get a chance to set the record straight (photo: Heidi Levine, Reuters).

So what is the point of this blog today?

The Israeli media will stop at nothing to bring down the Netanyahu government.*

Endless anonymous leaks, endless uncorroborate accusations, endless fake stories: these are the diet that Israelis are fed 24 hours a day. 

*Incredibly, the Jerusalem Post magazine story was extremely supportive of Sarna even to the point of soliciting his opinions about democracy in Israel. You can read the full article here.






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