The Terror Attack in Jerusalem Yesterday

21 Tammuz 5777

15 July 2017


The News on the Street in Israel

Palestinian terror during the last week . . .

In the last seven days, 2 Israelis have been murdered and 14 wounded in Palestinian terror attacks using “rocks”, knives, Molotovs, and guns.

We continue today to report (Today’s Blog) on the gruesome murders of the two Border Policemen yesterday, but we should not forget:

*the soldier who was run over at the T-Junction near Tekoa

*the soldier who was hit in the head by an IED at Hizma

*the Border Policeman who had his eye socket broken by a “rock” near Hevron

*the Border Policeman who suffered a concussion when hit in the forehead by a “rock” in Abu Dis

*the two Border Policemen who were wounded by “rocks” in Silwan

And these were “just” the attacks on Israeli soldiers and Border Police. At least 10 buses carrying Israelis were attacked during the week, and there were dozens of attempts to murder Israelis throughout Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem.

Israelstreet thanks “Judea and Samaria Rescue” for elements of the above report.

The lunacy of the West knows no bounds . . .

As the second anniversary of the Democratic Party Iranian Nuclear Weapons Appeasement Agreement rolls around, the sheer idiocy of the West only seems to increase.

Yesterday, Jen Psaki, one of the most egregious apologists for the Obama Administration as White House Communications Director and State Department spokeswoman who somehow parlayed these jobs into becoming a Spring Fellow at Georgetown University and a commentator for CNN (actually the CNN part is no surprise), published “Obama’s gift to Trump: A lasting deal on Iran’s nuclear program” on CNN.

It is a remarkable piece full of self-indulgent flatulence and dangerous nonsense. Psaki begins: ” . . . Friday also marks two years since the conclusion of one of the most successful deals in modern diplomacy — the negotiation of the Iran nuclear agreement.”

One of the most successful deals in modern diplomacy?

She blathers on: “[The agreement] has given other Middle Eastern countries the space to pull back from the precipice of a nuclear arms race, shored up existing non-proliferation regimes such as the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and eliminated an existential threat to the United States, Israel, other regional allies and partners, and the global order upon which we all depend. It is working. . . The deal is actively improving the international security situation, because Iran is complying with the agreement.”

Can you even believe this nonsense? Is Psaki living in a cave?

The global order restored? An existential threat to Israel and regional allies eliminated?

With the money that the Obama Administration turned over to Iran, the Iranians have embarked on a broad offensive all over the region, taking over Iraq and parts of Syria, arming Hezbollah to the teeth, and building missile production facilities close to the Israel border in Lebanon and Syria. 

The Iranians, as the Gulf States (except for Qatar) and Israel know, have disrupted global order on a massive scale.

And that’s not all. One would have to be a complete raging imbecile to really believe that the intensely militaristic Iranians have really stopped work on their nuclear weapons program. If you really believe that the thousands of centrifuges in Iranian possession are not busily whirring away refining uranium in hardened underground bunkers, allow me to sell you sunny beachfront property in Antarctica.

And yet that is exactly what British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson believes. In an op-ed in the Washington Post published yesterday, Johnson included this remarkable nonsense:

“Suppose that apart from the massacre in Syria, the civil war in Yemen and the atrocities of Da’as in Iraq, we would have to deal with Iran as a nuclear threshold state? Imagine if the Iranian leaders were only a few months or even weeks away from reaching out for enough uranium to produce a nuclear bomb? The truth is that without the nuclear agreement signed two years ago, this horror scenario would have come true before our eyes.”

The fact is that Iran is a nuclear threshold state that is weeks away from being able to produce a bomb (they probably already have one).

After all, what are they building all of those ballistic missiles for?



The Terror Attack in Jerusalem Yesterday

Thousands of mourners attended the funerals of Staff Sgt. Maj. Ha'il Satawi, 30 of Maghar (on right),, and Staff Sgt. Maj. Kamil Shnaan, 22, of Hurfeish (on left).

Thousands of mourners attended the funerals yesterday of Staff Sgt. Maj. Ha’il Satawi, 30 of Maghar (on right),, and Staff Sgt. Maj. Kamil Shnaan, 22, of Hurfeish (on left).

Satawi became a father three weeks ago.

Sattawi three weeks ago at the birth of his first child.

Sattawi at the birth of his first child three weeks ago, a son who will never know his father.

Your humble servant hardly knows where to begin today as the horrific events from yesterday still reverberate across Israel, but let’s try to establish the chronology of what happened.

1. Three Palestinian terrorists, Israeli-Arab citizens of Umm al Fahm, traveled to Jerusalem sometime earlier this week. Two of them made a selfie of themselves standing in front of the Kipat HaSela (the Dome of the Rock). One of them subsequently put the picture on his Facebook page on Thursday with the caption: “Our smiles will be more beautiful tomorrow with the help of Allah.” 

2. Yesterday, following the usual sermon of incitement in the Al-Aksa Mosque, the three terrorists armed themselves with two pistols and a machine gun walked/ran toward the Lions Gate on the eastern wall of the Old City (where they got the weapons is still apparently unknown; however, 3 senior Islamic Wakf members have been arrested).

3. A security video shows how two of the terrorists rushed to the checkpoint at the Gate. One of the terrorists shot Sgt. Satawi from behind; the other shot Sgt. Shnaan who sat nearby. Neither of the Border Policemen had a chance to defend themselves.

4. The terrorists then ran back up to the Mount in an apparent attempt to hide in the Al-Aksa Mosque. They were chased by other Border Policemen. They were shot and killed.

5. The last terrorist to die, feigned death by lying flat on the ground, then jumped up, opened fire again, before being shot at point blank range (see video). The question can be asked why he wasn’t shot to death to begin with? Simple, following the incident of the Hevron soldier, Elor Azariya, who shot a Palestinian terrorist who was on the ground and was convicted of manslaughter for doing so, all soldiers and policemen are now hamstrung by political correctness. It was simply lucky that more policemen weren’t killed when the third terrorist popped up and began shooting.

Following this sequence of events:

*Almost immediately, Al-Jazeera television ran with this headline:

“At least three Palestinians killed in shooting in Jerusalem’s Old City.”

You will recall that one of the demands of the Gulf States is for Al-Jazeera to be closed because all it does is incite violence and terrorism.

*PM Netanyahu called an emergency meeting of the Security Cabinet. They decided to close down the Temple Mount “for security reasons” and canceled the remaining Friday prayers by Muslims. However, Netanyahu went to great lengths to state that “The status quo will be maintained.”

As we have noted many times on israelstreet, Netanyahu’s fascination and fixation on maintaining the status quo is incomprehensible. Why should a status quo be maintained that enables Jews to be denied the right of worship at our holiest place? Why should a status quo be maintained that allows the Jordanian Islamic Wakf to have de facto sovereignty over the Mount? Why should the status quo be maintained when the three terrorists yesterday apparently received their weapons from members of that very Wakf?

*Mahmoud Abbas’ own Fatah party was quick to claim responsibility for the murders of the Border Police. “Fatah al-Intifada” is the name of the group to which the terrorists apparently belonged.

*Shortly thereafter, Mahmoud Abbas disingenuously (given the previous claim) criticized the attack; at the same time, he demanded that Israel open the Mount to Muslim worshipers.


*Simultaneously, the Jordanian government issued its own declaration demanding that the Mount be opened immediately for Muslim worshipers.


*Shortly thereafter, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Hussein, issued a call for Muslims to overwhelm the checkpoints leading to the Mount and declared: “There is no force on earth to prevent us from reaching al-Aqsa and holding our Friday prayers.”

*Shortly thereafter, the Mufti was “detained” by the Police and interrogated for several hours.

*By 4:00 pm, a mere three and a half hours after they were killed, the funerals of the Druze* Policemen began in their hometowns.

*Shortly thereafter, PM Netanyahu and his security team announced that the Mount would reopen for Muslim prayers on Sunday unless other “security incidents take place.”

*Shortly thereafter, the PLO via Mahmoud Abbas’ office issued a statement that read in part “preventing Friday prayers on the Temple Mount is an act of Israeli terrorism.”

In sum, it is amazing how four hours after Israeli Border policemen were brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists, the Palestinians have once again portrayed themselves as victims. It is a portrayal that will be repeated time and again in the coming months in the halls of the United Nations and the European Union.

It is also amazing how craven our government has become. At the very moment that our own security forces have been brutally murdered, all that most of our leaders think about is Muslim sensitivity and making sure that Muslims in Judea and Samaria and around the world will not go crazy in violent demonstrations and terrorism.

Let’s hope that somehow, some way, our government comes to its senses, reasserts our sovereignty over the Mount once and for all, and lets the Muslim world of terrorists be damned.

Let’s hope that  Staff Sgt. Maj. Ha’il Satawi and Staff Sgt. Maj. Kamil Shnaan did not die in vain. May the memories of these Israeli Border Policemen be forever blessed.


*Addendum. In tomorrow’s blog, we will explore the presence of Druze Border Policemen in Jerusalem and elsewhere.


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