Netanyahu Kneels To Germany: The Appointment of Jeremy Issacharoff

Iyar 18, 5777

May 14, 2017



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The News on the Israel Street  

It was just two weeks ago that PM Netanyahu refused to meet with the German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel. You may remember that the reason for his refusal was that Gabriel refused to cancel his meeting with the abominable Breaking the Silence group. Because of his ultimatum, Netanyahu was widely denounced in the international media–and within Germany especially by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Just to say it one more time (how many time have we written this?), Breaking the Silence pays disgruntled soldiers to travel around the world to trash IDF soldiers and demean Israel at every chance. One of the foremost of such speakers is Breaking the Silence spokesman Dean Issacharoff who has been roundly denounced by IDF veterans groups as an outright liar. One such group, Veterans on Duty, recently accused Issacharoff of spitting on them.

All of which brings us to an outrageous decision this morning in the Knesset.  

The Knesset’s ministerial committee, approved a new Israeli Ambassador to Germany. And that new Ambassador is none other than Jeremy Issacharoff, the father of Dean Issacharoff.  

Unbelievably, it was PM Netanyahu (who also serves as Israeli Foreign Minister) who personally approved the appointment. 

This entire appointment of Issacharoff is disgusting on so many levels that your humble servant hardly knows where to start.

1. What message does it send to the Germans? 

2. What message does it send to the IDF?

3. What does it say about Netanyahu?

4. How in the world does the appointment serve Israel?

5. How can it be that Netanyahu would implicitly support Breaking the Silence after condemning them?

I leave it to you dear reader to answer all of these questions.




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