Trump Is Upon Us: Here Go Down The Rabbit Hole, Rabbit Hole, Rabbit Hole . . .

Iyar 25, 5777

May 21, 2017



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Trump is Upon Us: Here We Go Down the Rabbit Hole

Here we go down the rabbit hole, rabbit hole, rabbit hole

Here we go down the rabbit hole, so early in the morning . . . 

(with apologies to the nursery rhyme “Here we go round the mulberry bush”)

Did you hear the news?

Prior to President Trump’s landing in Saudi Arabia, the Saudis offered concessions to their Shi’ite Minority, peace concessions to the Houthis in Yemen, and regional concessions to the Iranians.

Of course, you didn’t hear any of that.

The Saudis have more dignity and self-respect than to do any of the above.

But not Israel.

This morning, it was announced that Israel has developed a package of “relief measures” for the Palestinians. “Relief measures” is just another phrase that means “concessions.”

Some of those concessions include:

*Approval of Palestinian construction in Area C of Judea and Samaria

*Development of industrial areas in Jalamah and Tarqumiyah

*Renovation of the Allenby Bridge Crossing into Jordan and opening the Crossing 24 hours a day

And on and on.

All of these concessions were rejected during the last eight years on the basis that they would be a reward for terrorism. But now, suddenly, with Trump upon us, Israel wants to show that we want to create positive conditions for renewed “peace negotiations.” Whatever spine Netanyahu had in dealing with Obama, he has lost in dealing with Trump.

Your humble servant wants to throw up.

What are we getting for the concessions? Absolutely nothing.

What are we losing because of the concessions? Most dramatically, we are giving up sovereignty over Area C.

Are the concessions rewarding terrorism? Of course they are. Just look at the last three days during which more than 100 terror attacks occurred in Judea and Samaria. And of course, by making such concessions in the face of such terrorism, we can only expect that we will be hit with even more terrorism.

And this will happen whether Trump announces the movement of the American Embassy to Jerusalem or not (and his senior advisors have let it be known that he will not).

Here we go down the rabbit hole, rabbit hole, rabbit hole

Here we go down the rabbit hole, so early in the morning . . . 

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