American Reform Judaism’s Threat to Stop Donations To Israel

12 Tammuz 5777

6 July 2017


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror runs amok . . .

*A large explosion in Hevron late yesterday afternoon resulted in the death of one Palestinian terrorist and the wounding of three more. Apparently, a weapons production factory blew up.

*A policeman and a civilian were wounded in a “rock” attack last night in Silwan.

*Other “rock” and Molotov attacks occurred at Kfar Shiloah, Ma’aleh Shomron, Balata, Nabi Salah, Qalandiya (IDF soldier wounded), Beit Horon, Adam, Hizma, Tekoa, Gush Etzion, Funduq, Kedumim and numerous other places.

*Terrorists also cut down thousands of grape vines at Esh Kodesh. With a value of hundreds of thousands of shekels, the vines supplied the grapes for the Hatzvi Winery.

An export record will soon be set . . .

According to Israel’s Minister of the Economy, Eli Cohen, the deals that have been signed between India and Israel during PM Modi’s visit here will push Israeli exports past the $100 billion mark for the first time.

In making this announcement, Cohen said: 

“The economic world has changed; a world that was once based on Arab oil has become a technological world. In this new economic world, the State of Israel is a leader. Israel is now in 21st place in the world in terms of economic strength per capita. This great growth affects our society and our security.”

So much for the BDS boycott of Israel.

PM Netanyahu strikes again . . .

Following his shocking veto of the proposed “Jerusalem Law” several days ago, PM Netanyahu pulled the rug out from under proposed “Beit El” Law yesterday.

The law, which had been proposed by the heads of Eretz Yisrael lobby in the Knesset, would have promised to rebuild homes in Jewish communities such as Beit El, Amona, and Migron that had been razed by the government. The Law stated that such construction would take place immediately “without political considerations.”

Of course, for Netanyahu, nothing takes place without “political considerations”, specifically his political considerations.

By the way, how many times has Netanyahu made promises to Beit El–only to break them?

American rabbis in support of the termination of the Kotel Compromise . . .

We usually think that there are only Reform and Conservative Rabbis in the U.S., rabbis who adamantly support the expansion the egalitarian space that already exists at the Kotel.

Not true. 

In an open letter to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, more than 950 Orthodox Rabbis belonging to the Rabbinical Association of America have declared: “The Rabbinical Union expresses its support to the Chief Rabbinate that all prayers and religious matters at the Wall and its surroundings should be according to Jewish law and tradition.”

The Rabbis go on to state: ” . . . the RAA . . . congratulates Prime Minister Netanyahu for protecting the heritage and sacred traditions of the Kotel area by not accepting the introduction of foreign rituals at the Kotel. We must not submit to those who vocally and shrilly disrupt the unity of the Jewish people through threats and political coercion by disprecting the sacred Kotel traditions adhered to throughout the millenia . . .”



American Reform Judaism’s Threat to Stop Donations To Israel

Ever since the freezing of the so-called “Egalitarian Compromise” at the Kotel, choreographer and head of the Union of Reform Judaism Rick Jacobs has been threatening Israel with financial repercussions.

A study released several days ago notes that donations from American Reform and Conservative Jews constitute as much as 1% of the state budget.

However, the same study notes that much of this 1% does not actually go to the people of Israel as much as it goes to NGOs that actively work to delegitimize Israel.

For example, significant Reform “philanthropy” goes to hideous groups like The New Israel Fund which in turn is distributed to numerous smaller groups like Adalah, Rabbis for Human Rights, B’Tselem, and Breaking the Silence. Many groups like these actively support the BDS movement against this country and openly work to undermine Israel everyday. 

The study also notes that in recent years, donations to Israel have become less a priority as Reform and Conservative “money” has increasingly gone to social causes in the United States and elsewhere.

All of which makes Rick Jacobs’ threats largely as irrelevant as he is.


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