President Trump’s Upcoming Trip To Israel: Fraught With Danger (To Israelis)

Nissan 30, 5777

April 26, 2017

The News on the Israel Street Today

Palestinian terror never stops . . .


*Another day another stabbing attack: this time at the same place as yesterday with the same results and carried out by a cousin of the Palestinian terrorist yesterday. Again, the attempted stabbing attack took place in Samaria near the Shomron Junction. No IDF soldiers were wounded, and the terrorist was shot.

*One hour before the above attack (at 12:10 pm), another attempted stabbing took place near the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hevron. The terrorist was disarmed and captured.

*Other attacks took place in such places as Qalandiya, Balata, and near Adam Square in Binyamin.


There were, as usual, numerous attacks targeting Israelis at Tekoa, the Tunnels Checkpoint, El Khader, Gilad’s road (an IED), Nahalin (arson), and the Gush Etzion Road (“rocks” and Molotovs) to name a few locations.

Speaking of Palestinian terrorists. . .

All of Britain is now in an uproar over the revelation that the murderer of the British student Hannah Bladon ten days ago will now receive a salary of more than $1000 per month from the PLO (aka Palestinian Authority).

What is particularly galling to the British is the fact that a large portion of the 25,000,000 ‎£ that the UK pays to the Palestinians each year goes to pay the salaries of imprisoned terrorist murderers. This morning the British Foreign Office issued the ridiculous statement that it was “working to make sure that no British money” will be used to pay the “salary” of the terrorist who murdered the British student.

A Jerusalem District Court rules against the Jerusalem Police . . .

You may recall, dear reader, that your humble servant reported that the Temple Mount was incredibly closed to all Jews on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day).

On Monday, three Israelis put up a sign at the entrance to the Temple Mount that read: “Holocaust Martyrs ‘and Heroes’ Remembrance Day: the Temple Mount is closed to Jews, like many places that were closed to Jews just because they were Jews during World War II.”

The sign was immediately removed by the police and the three were “detained” (aka “arrested”). 

Today, the Court ordered the three released and harshly criticized the police for attempting to abrogate the three’s freedom of expression. After the ruling, the lawyer representing the three said that his clients were considering filing a civil suit against the police.

Continued fallout from the episode with the German Foreign Minister . . .

See yesterday’s blog.

First of all we had Angela Merkel’s office issuing this pathetic statement today:

“The chancellor finds it regrettable that a meeting between Foreign Minister (Sigmar) Gabriel and Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Netanyahu did not take place. It should not be problematic for foreign visitors to meet with critical representatives of civil society.”

Critical representatives of civil society? Breaking the Silence and B’Tselem travel the world advocating that IDF soldiers be tried as “war criminals”, and undermining Israel at every turn.

Second, a “Rivlin is not my President” movement has arisen in Israel following his submissive meeting with Sigmar Gabriel.

You can add your humble servant’s name to those in that movement.


President Trump’s Upcoming Trip To Israel:

Fraught With Danger (To Israelis)

It appears now that President Trump will arrive in Israel either one day before (around May 21) or one day after (near the end of May) his trip to Europe next month.

Obviously, the meeting will take place after PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ visit to the White House on May 3.

Your humble servant doesn’t have much to add to this except to say that meeting at the White House as well as Trump’s visit to Israel is fraught with danger for Israel. 

It is a danger inadvertently signaled by White House Spokesman Sean Spicer as he waxed metaphorical about the Abbas visit:

“The two [President Trump and Abbas] will use the visit to strengthen the commitment of the United States and the Palestinian leadership to an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians that will end the conflict.”

Really? How naive can one be?

Not only will Abbas never agree to a “Jewish” state of Israel, but also the Palestinians will never sign on to an agreement that leaves their so-called “5,000,000 + refugees” living outside of Israel.  

There is no end to the conflict anywhere in sight. What is in sight is yet another round of concessions from Israel.

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