Dumb and Dumber

Iyar 3, 5777

April 29, 2017


Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day, will begin at sundown tomorrow night. At 8 pm, a siren will sound across the country to commemorate and honor the 23,544 soldiers, security guards, and victims of terror who have been killed defending Israel or because they were Israelis. At some time during the next few days,¬†Israelstreet encourages you to take one minute, stand at attention or sit quietly, and similarly pay tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for Israel.

The News on the Israel Street Today

There is no end to rank stupidity. Everywhere your humble servant looks today, all he sees are statements and actions that are just plain, garden-variety, dumb.

Let’s take two examples:


1. Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Al-Safadi said this yesterday:

“If Tel Aviv withdraws from the territories of Palestine, the¬†territories occupied in 1967, the Arab states will be willing to provide security guarantees.”

First of all, Al-Safadi, like so many of his Arab brethren cannot bring himself to call Israel “Israel.” After 69 years of existence, modern Israel is “Tel Aviv.”

And “Tel Aviv” is just what Al-Safadi uses in public. In private, he undoubtedly replaces “Tel Aviv” with “the Jews.” After all that is how all Arabs refer to Israelis. Whenever a Palestinian terrorist attempts to kills “Israelis”, the Palestinian public applauds the effort to kill “Jews.” Whenever Mahmoud Abbas speaks in Arabic, he rails against “the Jews.”

Second, we have Al-Safadi repeating the canard “the territories of Palestine.” There were never any territories of “Palestine.” That the Jordanians themselves believed this was amply illustrated by their occupation of “the West Bank” between 1948 and 1967. The Jordanians called “the territories of Palestine” the “West Bank”–denoting the idea that the territory was actually Jordan. The idea that Israel will ever “withdraw” from all of Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem is a joke.

Third, have you stopped laughing yet about Al-Safadi’s notion that the Arab countries will provide “security guarantees.” The Arab countries cannot provide security guarantees to their own citizens much less to anyone else.


2. Israel unveiled a plan yesterday to build a railroad into Gaza through the Erez Crossing “to help ease Gaza’s humanitarian crisis.” This came at almost precisely the same time as Hamas fired 5 missiles into the Mediterranean to test their accuracy and explosiveness as a prelude to the next war with Israel.

In addition to the train, Israel announced that part of its “humanitarian plan” will be to increase the number of men from Gaza who will be permitted into southern Israel to work in towns and on farms. All of these plans–about the train and the workers– were announced by the IDF head of the Land crossings Department at the Ministry of Defense.

Sometimes your humble servant just wants to howl at the moon at the sheer idiocy of the IDF and the Israeli government. I mean, how stupid can we be?

It was just 3 years ago that we fought an extended war with Palestinian Hamas in Gaza. In these three years, what have we seen? A massive reconstruction of the tunnels in Gaza, a massive rearmament of Gaza, a continued firing of missiles into southern Israel, and weekly attempts by Hamas terrorists to infiltrate Israel.

And the IDF wants to alleviate Gaza suffering? And put Hamas terrorists into our midst?

Just plain stupid. Dangerously stupid.

Dumb and dumber. That’s the story today in Israel.

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